World of Warships – German Battleship Impressions Tier 3-6

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I was going to title this GerBBies and You. Or GerBBer Time. Or Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. I think the title I ended up with is better.


  1. im dreading the konig really want a bayern and the bismarck cuz secondary
    builds are always absolutely hilarious :D

  2. I’v been holding off the the German BB and waiting to see what happens and
    Business Tire 5/6 is good not sure why it is just have more fun I think

  3. I’ve had lots of fun deleting cruisers with the Kaiser.

  4. Btw biz, if you are interested: You pronounce the Bayern like ‘Bye-yarn’ :)

  5. the Nassau is a grind. I kept getting 300xp games. the he does start fires.
    but gun range is less than cruisers and saw a lot of Kohlberg’s trolling
    is. the Kaiser is more fun at least with decent range and good XP
    generation so it’s not a grind.

  6. I found the Nassau pretty bleh, the Kaiser pretty good, the Konig even
    better, and the Bayern an utter piece of crap.

    Tirpitz at tier 6. which means the guns never hit anything, still over pen
    literally everything IF they hit, is never top tier on my server (always at
    least 3 T7s a side) and have a 0.5/10 chance to actually do substantial

    Get in close? lose half your health before you cna do any decent damage
    because it also cant take a hit. Given it 30 matches, and its still just
    not working.

    Last match i had before i decided to just free xp past it was 288 rounds
    fired from ranges of 17 to 8km, only 27 of those hit, for only 23k damage,
    19k of which was only done because i got tired of my team sitting back the
    whole match and the guns constantly straddling or giving me overpens,
    charged in to at least try and do something, and lost half my health before
    i found a broadside New York at 8km around a corner, and only 4 of those
    rounds hit.

    I really can not stand it, and i both can not stand or understand how
    everyone else is saying shes a great ship, or how Aerroon can claim shes
    the “New king of tier 6″….

  7. so far grind until konig is quite enjoyable

    they are a little slow and sluggish but the guns hits hard even sometimes
    the dispersion is awful

    i liked these germans more than same tier USN and IJN

    now gonna take my sweet time grind my way to bismarck

  8. Hey Business6 the tier 10 German Battleship has a 1.05km turning radius

  9. Business6 to be honest and saying my personal point of view on all that
    news related to WOWS i must say that …

    I am in critical moment of playing WOWS. I always wanted to play
    battleships here. That is single reason that i even considered being here.
    And i was hoping that new – german battleship line will let me maybe feel
    happiness playing them. USA battleship with 21 knots on tiers that i play
    (i never play higher then tier 7 for now) are useless. Japanese battleship
    are just good ship but … with no armor, i mean paper armor and then do
    not work for me. I was hoping for german bbs but i just … all the time
    fail in battles after battle that in most of them no matter what i do team
    was not able to win and my play (0 damage or 1 trillion damage) was just
    not important to battle result at all…

    I tend to win A LOT I MEAN A LOT in carriers, not always after i do big
    damage, sometimes after i do just … spot, or hurt enemy destroyers
    gameplay in many ways that helps my team. But … it is boring as hell and
    i did not entered here to play carriers …

    I am very close to moment to just stop play and only watch videos of
    players who kill 14 enemies, do 300 000 damage in battleship in battles
    where enemy were they should be for our player to be a hero … I start to
    be pissed of this game.

    Battleship play just sucks, carriers are op (no matter what anybody will
    tell you that is true up to tier 7 FOR SURE), op but boring as hell …

  10. Really like the look of the König. Looks a little like a German Kongo.

  11. Really like the look of the König. Looks a little like a German Kongo.

  12. Impressions. Good title.

    I’m holding off on starting the line, so I’ve been fodder for 3 days (T5
    cruisers). Stats have tanked, but having lots of fun.

  13. i dont need a buff! I love the nassau XD! Great german BBs! Great overview

  14. I Free XP’ed up to the Bismarck Tier 8. I had been waiting on it for some
    time and have thoroughly enjoyed my Tirpitz. Bismarck is far more
    satisfying. Went Manual Secondary build (for now at least) and its a blast.
    With modules, flags and skills I’m at a 10.6 Km secondary range and its
    great. about 25% of the damage (at least) comes from secondary and fire
    damage. Add Hydroacoustic and you can push the tempo and into caps and be
    ready for DD’s that torp or hide in smoke. Still adjusting and getting used
    to the feel as it feels strange to be able to be THIS aggressive in a Tier
    8 BB. LOVE IT. Business, if you ever have a Tier 8 and want to tag along to
    see, I’m game.

  15. Alexandru Izvoranu

    Hey Biz, wanted to say that i loved the Nassau, and loved when I could
    shoot Kawachi’s, it felt so good. Actually getting citadels :)). The Kaiser
    on the other hand…… bad, so BAD, amour was good but guns, my GOD, 9 km
    from CL’s full broadside, in the citadel area, all shells but all
    straddled, not once, not twice but three times in a row. Love the Koenig,
    fully researched in 2 games :)). Still grinding 4 the Bayern. GL along the
    line and keep up the videos man.

  16. The GK turtleback though, Damn thing Eats Yamato salvoes with ZERO citadel
    hits at close to medium range

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