World of Warships – German Battleships III-VI

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– 00:06
Konig Albert – 01:34
Kaiser – 03:23
Konig – 05:19
Bayern – 07:

We look at early German Battleships from tier 3 tier 6, I’ve enjoyed the German Battleships since they were added to the game. Nassau, Konig Albert, Kaiser, Konig, and Bayern are discussed plus the German quirks. HE shells get 1/4 penetration, Turtleback , Dispersion, and Fast Turrets. I hope the added builds can give some direction for those trying to figure out what to do. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!


  1. Good video Notser! are you going to do a live stream today doing battleships from the American tech tree?

  2. IFHE effects the secondaries on the gneisenau and khurfurst, and one more fun thing, the low tier frenchi has sooooo less armour that citadeling them using BB caliber guns is extremely hard as they just go through the damn ship.

  3. 1:39 That’s pretty racist Notser :/

  4. notser what is your conputer set up? im really wondering what gpu you use as your fps is really high.. i have a crapy laptop and im trying to build a pc, and i wanna know what GPU you use

  5. Yue Hin Alex Lai

    5:26 You’ve probably missed something important on the Konig. It just feels much more accurate even after the nerf and won’t spread out randomly like the Kaiser, where sometimes you shoot like a shotgun with two pellets and sometimes you get two shells stuck together(“legendary accuracy”). In the Konig however, you get a fairly tight grouping of shells and they spread out in a much orderly fashion. You can land citadel hits so much easier. You even killed an Omaha with one shell. This ship also holds its own the best against tier 7 ships in tier 5. Yep the 305 can’t pen battleships anymore but man, if you see more cruisers with poor armor like Myokoes and PepsiCola, you can get triple devastating strikes in one game easily.

  6. Which ship(s) are recommended for the upcomming ranked season?

  7. Lower tier German bb might be a bit too strong.

  8. I’d that hey increase the SB range of the Gnei and the Schar too

  9. Well I sold my BAYERN as soon as i unlocked Gneisenau. BAYERN for me was too boring and I never really had any fun battles in it.

  10. Hey notser,could you please answer me this?
    sometimes it shows me a penetration ribbon but the target takes no damage.why this happens?
    i also citadel someone and he took 0 damage.I have the replay if you want

  11. German battleships are fucking famous for smaller caliber, more accurate guns. To have their trademark be “Fast reloading poor accuracy” is a mockery of history and altogether a shit joke, made by a shit developer, from a shit country.

  12. Thx great video

  13. Vladimir Efimov

    Bayern looks good but it’s actually crap. The guns are hopelessly inaccurate and the ship feels slow and sluggish. I hated every minute of the grind with it, fortunately the higher tiers are worth the effort.

  14. You forgot to mention that the Konig has a torturous 60 second turret traverse

  15. Tier 6 Ranked? holy shit I have a reason to buy my Farragut back finally! My Love!

  16. Thanks Notser for doing this…love the tier 6…going to tweak my build off your video…. Mach sehr gutte

  17. Pewterschmidt23 Lord

    The Konig is one of the best battleships in the whole game

  18. how to set it back????

  19. Hi Notser, what BBs (lines or ships) would you recommend taking Fire Prevention on? If any at all?

  20. I’m used to seeing ads at the start of your videos, but I didn’t get one this time. Did you forget to monetize or something?

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