World of Warships – German Battleships Sneak Peek

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!” they said. “You can show the stats of the but you’re not allowed to actually them, just present the facts on each ship. No complete gameplay footage, just a teaser video.”

Hmmm… challenge accepted.


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  1. Might as well just not have done a video. What’s the point of looking at
    stuff if you can’t say anything about it. They should have just given out a
    flyer with the stats on it

  2. how do i send jingles replays of wot and wow? plis i will give u bois a
    tank of bleach

  3. It felt really weird reading weird spelt wierd 😉 thanks for flirting with
    the line to give us some context on the BBs… wargaming has some wierd
    restrictions sometimes 😉 how is it any skin off their nose if the testers
    have opinions? Especially this close to public release? SMH…

  4. Friedrich Der Große and the Großer Kurfürst has 420mm guns, BLAZE ‘EM and
    PRAISE ‘EM at tier X! I can’t wait to suffer through the tree till tier 7!

  5. is the kongo an anime show or something other then the kongo from arpeggio?

  6. So Bismarck doesn’t take torpedos well… That’s interesting considering
    how it was the battleship class that took torpedo hits the best. Comparison:
    Tirpitz gets hit by a Tallboy: 800 tons of water flows into the bow of the
    Yamato gets hit by a single 227kg bomb (at Leyte): 3,000 tons of water
    flows into the bow of the ship.
    Musashi gets hit by a single torpedo: 4,000 tons of water flows into the
    bow of the ship.
    Littorio gets hit by an air-dropped torpedo: 1,600 tons of water flows into
    the bow of the ship.
    Roma has 2 near misses from 908kg AP bombs: 2,350 tons of water flows into
    the bow of the ship.
    What the actual Fuck Wargaming?!

  7. Evangeline Anovilis

    Well, König being a bit lacking compared to Kongo was not exactly
    surprising. But at least one got some ships to look forward towards after
    that. Is there a point in grinding Tier IX and X other than some
    masochistic inclinations? Because they practically are ships that have
    lousy accuracy, yet they are so huge they most likely are hard to miss. And
    I’m not sure whether it’d be useful to try brawling with a ship that has
    godawful turning radius, because if there are any cruisers or destroyers
    around, they might just end you.

    Thinking about it, maybe try exchange the accuracy upgrade for secondaries
    upgrade, try get so close you can just unload the guns at point-blank range
    and hope the secondaries finish off whatever destroyer gets close before
    they launch torpedos?

    Anyway, while your voice was missed, a very entertaining video to watch.

  8. Wasnt it the modern and accurate fire control system that made the Bismarck
    a good ship and enabled her to sink the Hood so quickly? Why are the german
    guns so inaccurate?

  9. ah i see so they shit on german vehicles ….. again….. like wot. i am

  10. I am convinced wg shafts BBs with things like shit accuracy and overpenning
    to make playing cruisers as easy as possible, cruisers are literally better
    at everything atm and their lack of armor pretty much doesnt matter because
    of the ridiculous overpenning mechanic this game now has (I’ve seen many
    cruisers take over 5 hits straight through the lower hull when they’re
    broadside on to a battleship only for all the shells to overpen and do shit
    all damage). their lack of armor doesn’t matter, yet a bbs overabundance of
    armor doesn’t matter when you can just spam HE and do more damage than a
    citadel hit overtime with fires. not to mention the far superior dispersion
    and fire rate of cruisers compaired to any battleship.

    I was thinking these ships would be very accurate to make up for the fact
    they mostly have 4 x 2 main guns. but no. we cant have that can we? not
    unless the ship is japanise like the amagi or the yamato. the germans had
    pretty good accuracy with their guns in real life…

    also, why the fuck do the last 2 ships get the radar consumable and the
    americans don’t??? the british an US had the best radar during ww2 all the
    BBs up from the Colorado have radar on them. if they dont also add this to
    the high teir US BBs that really stupid.

  11. Thank you for having the balls to stand up to the NDA, Jingles. We
    appreciate the sneak peek. And you even managed to make it entertaining.

  12. I’m pretty annoyed about Gneisenau’s secondaries. They suck after you
    upgrade the hull. Not only do you lose them in total number, but the damage
    is only 1500 which isn’t “powerful”, and the fire chance is a horrific 5%
    (which blows because the fire chance is half the reason that HE is
    desirable for secondaries).

    The stock secondaries are far better because you get more of them and much
    better fire chance on all of them. idk why they’d fuck with them on the B
    hull. they were fine. Now if we want the good secondaries we get fucked on
    HP and rudder shift. Great.

  13. Am I the only one not excited for German battleships lol. Like, can I have
    the USS Alaska or something

  14. Dominic Robertson

    They don’t look so good stats wise, but they sure are pretty looking ships

  15. well, they officially lost their fucking mind. You can show all the stats
    but not say anything about them?! Thats the dumbest shit i have heard all
    day and hear a lot of dumb shit. So youre saying that he can show me the
    stats but not tell me “good” or “bad”. Do they think we are so fucking
    stupid that we cant compare them on our own WHAT?!

  16. Jurgis Vaičiūnas

    Tier 10 is definitely going to be called YO Moma

  17. Eimantas Sileikis

    I know its a long shot, but can Jingles, or anyone for that matter, tell me
    what song plays during Kaiser stats?

  18. Watch this, the Russian tier 9+10 battleships are going to better than all
    of the other ships combined…

  19. what’s the point if you can’t talk about what is shown?

  20. War Thunder just realsed their Ships teaser. Are you at least going to make
    a video of the war thunder naval gameplay once it releases? :O

  21. Sorry Mr. Jingles but these conditions are a bridge to far. I understand
    the need for NDA’s, embargo’s and all these things, I have no problem with
    that whatsoever.

    But they can only tell you WHEN you can release info. You can’t let them
    tell you WHAT you say. Please don’t work under these conditions again.

    I’ll take a pass on this, but I’ll be back for the “uncensored” reviews.
    Thanks for all the entertainment.

  22. The Großer Kurfürst will receive more hp before she is being released, will
    be around 106000 hp. Still, so many things wrong with that one…
    But I see Jingles is also biased against Gneisenau’s choice of guns. They
    are not different guns than the Scharnhorst…they are better guns. Guns vs
    battleships. Which you need on a battleship. That’s why the premium version
    has the historical armamaent to have fun raiding other cruisers but not
    being able to be on equal terms with other battleships. While the Gneisenau

    And that you don’t like the T9, okay…but people would rather play the
    Izumu? …sigh…I think it needs a german to master the german
    battleships. Give them to me and let me show you. ^^

  23. Damn it Jingles it is spelled humor not humour! The extra U is Useless!!!
    😛 Jk GO MERICA!!!!

  24. Bismarck with low accuracy, well if that isn’t a contradiction…

  25. Um… so what’s the reasoning behind forbidding to speak your opinion about
    the ships? Who gives a shit? I don’t get it.

  26. i guess the historical stuff will have to wait til the individual ship
    reviews? I would love to listen to the dreadnoughts in WW1. I guess
    Seydlitz and the battlecrusiers be more premium ships or until they got a
    battle cruiser sub line?

  27. Not going to lie, these ships look beautiful but the stats look hideous. No
    plans on getting these anytime soon.

  28. On the context of ships, WAR THUNDER KNIGHTS OF THE SEA, SHIPS ON THE

  29. Resurrected Eagle

    Jingles you evil master mind :D

  30. Deutscheland Deutcheland Uber Alles

  31. I’m sensing a lot of not-so-carefully-hidden salt here, Jingles…

    Off to Belarus gulag with you!

  32. Umm, Jingles.. Tirpitz 34 concealment Bismarck 22 concealment, not exactly
    better stealth

  33. undertakernumberone1

    Derfflinger will loose a 1VS1 with the Kongo when it comes… when the
    armour viewer is finaly ingame or gamesmodels finaly show the german BBs
    armour and the BELT IS NOT 350mm from Kaiser to Gneisenau I WANT A FUCKING

  34. Disapointing in a funny way thy jingels.

  35. Jingles are you gonna forgive dem Gaijin? They are releasing ships soon *goes
    back working in salt mines carrying other injured miners in WoT*

  36. So basically a line of BB’s that will be a horrific grind from start to
    finish, and when you get to said finish you’ll end up with a piece of
    shit!?! Nicely played WG….didn’t see that coming! The Dirpitz should have
    been a dead giveaway with the terrible gun accuracy.

  37. Kongou is only comparable to Gneisenau or Bismarck, Because of her Burningu
    rabu! :)

  38. i was luaghing my ass of during the whole commentary XD even with all the
    faults i really want to play the germans

  39. What is the point of this video?

  40. It seems, repeat seems, that these German Ships follow the WG tradition of
    providing lots of hit points for other Nations to farm on a regular basis.
    Just like German Tanks. Are there Russian Battleships available? If not I
    would bet you a dollar that they are coming and they will mop the ocean
    with these German turds. RUSSHA !

  41. The Currywurst. Well Wargaming, just rename the ship. No one will call it
    different anymore.

  42. Hey Jingles if you like, I could voice commentary for you since I’m not a
    WGEU member nor did I sign any agreements saying that I can’t say anything
    bad about the new German ships. Plus I live in the WGNA region.

  43. I”m looking at this and..
    I see no reason to start the german bb line.
    I’m sick of all these ships with horrible dispersion.
    I dont expect to snipe from max range, but when closer and i’m missing
    ships the size of land masses, it gets annoying.
    Just way more fun to play cruisers and just go around pew pewing. Oh i
    missed, no biggie. I’ll just fire again in 3 seconds.

    When you aim it up in a battleship and shoot and your shots all go to the
    next zip code and nowhere near where you’re aiming, then you have to wait
    for 5 minutes to load up to miss again. Yeah, frustrating.
    Of course while other battle ships having no problems smacking the shit out
    of you from long range.

  44. i want german destroyers

  45. Jingles – your videos are something that keep me going – was hit by a car 3
    weeks ago and have had a bit of a rough time going through recovery but im
    getting there slowly :)

  46. that kantai Kongo made giggle oh jingles

  47. leonidas samouladas

    is it me or the devs are cocking it up consistently lately? The russian /
    soviet cruisers and the the german BB lines have at list one totally
    useless ship and many weird ones that at least seem that need some fixing

  48. So basically, the tier 9 is garbage and the tier 10 is just barely
    serviceable. Oh well. Bismarck!

  49. sefhyro space pirate

    istn the tier X those secret german superbatleships they where planning to
    build after the bizmark and sister tirpitz ?

  50. It’s funny that the tier 10 can be seen by planes further away than ships

    It’s never going to hide anywhere

  51. Their PR should go shoot himself!!!

  52. There’s just so much empty space on the deck of the Grumpy Cauliflower that
    could have been filled with 37mm flak guns.

  53. Official HUNT3R Gaming

    I thought the German battleship doctrine was precise accuracy slowish
    reload not crap accuracy

  54. Will you be doing a slightly more in depth review of these when you can?
    Not that this wasn’t “in depth” lol, but come on, I know you want to voice
    those opinions. That’s part of what we love about you

  55. Still doesn’t excuse your bs rant from Monday Jingles. Still very poor
    taste, and awaiting your apology to NA supertesters and contributors.

  56. Complains about NA and NDAs. Does this and basically breaks it himself.

  57. The hillarity.

  58. Mikael Falkenberg

    I don’t guys. I am very very hesitent if i am going to spend a single
    minute on the german battleships. I thought thy were going to better then
    this. Especially at tier 9 and 10.

  59. Gotta love how WG just makes shit up about real ships, don’t you?
    The expedition to the wreck of the Bismarck, for example, demonstrated
    conclusively that damage from torpedo hits in the final battle in fact did
    minimal damage; her torpedo belt’s effectiveness was high.
    Guess WG’s extensive research missed that well hidden piece of info.
    Oh, wait, no, here it is:
    Go to around 1:18:00 for the part that looks at watertight integrity.
    But, no, guess the Germans have to have shit torpedo belts for ‘flavour’,
    and crap range (ironically the 11″ guns of Scharnhorst had some of the
    longest ranges of any naval guns; approximately just short of 45,000
    yards/41km, and of course scored a hit with them at 24km on HMS Glorious.
    Again, WG reasons.
    Yeah, it’s a game, so they’ll make shit up…but does it have to be shit
    with absolutely no bearing whatsoever on what is sometimes well understood
    Sounds like tiers 9-10 are a waste of time, which is fine because the game
    play at those tiers is frequently horrendous from what I see on many
    videos. Not sure why anyone bothers going past tier 8, and I think 5-7 are
    the most fun anyway (played from Alpha, quit a while ago).

  60. To the people complaining about accuracy. YES, the German WW2 era
    battleships (Bismarch class, Geneisenau class) had very modern fire
    control, and were probably the worlds most modern battleships, when they
    were build. And that was in the 30ies. They are placed against ships that
    were build much later, so it makes sense that their accuracy isn’t as good.

  61. Izumo is not bad

  62. So you can’t commend on the stats or show gameplay. Guess just about
    everybody missed that part of the message. 😛
    Also we got some Youtube drama with Noster who was blatantly wrong which is
    nice. See what I did there? :P

  63. jeova0sanctus0unus

    Well… seems like the Japanes will have to do all the Naval heavy lifting
    in the Future as well, as far as the Axis is concerned.

  64. Jingles, as you are EX Navy, and obviously enjoy ships and find them
    interesting. I have a game for you good sir, You mention that you are old
    and crap, but try to learn how to play From The Depths, You build Ships
    Planes tanks, you make thee engines the guns the armour ANYTHING AND
    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BUILD IT!, it is a difficult game to try and learn
    but for £15 from Steam, and that fat Youtube Dollar! well pounds but fuck

  65. So.. what we get is basically this:
    Play German BBs til tier 8. The rest is rubbish.

    Being a IJN BB driver, I got a bit discouraged to try the german BBs when I
    saw their range (Kawachi feelings…) but taking into consideration that
    their are more of a close range fighters.. Meh, I guess I will take a spin.

    And the Izumo is not bad, she is just… “different”.

  66. with those restrictions u should wargaming Tell go fck yourself, because
    this wasnt enjoyable to watch

  67. So big targets with bad armor where it counts, not so good guns, lower
    range than others but have ok rudder shift… good to know.

  68. Stripping Kongo iz fun! do moar dat! XD

  69. Obrist Vinnie Louis

    i don’t plan on grinding unless a) add health according to size or b) make
    the dank guns accurate

  70. Germans have a peculiar sense of humour

  71. lol finally ii subscribed to ur channel

  72. Currywurst ftw xD

  73. seriously, this ship seems to be paper, i know, it will not be easy to hit
    the citadell, but you deal your damage anyway, you have almost 10 k less hp
    than the other tier 10 battleships and the torpedo protection is
    rediculous, i thought, this ship was supposed to come with strong torp
    protection, evene higher than yamato, around 60% but 25% are nothing…

  74. Well I, as a German, am very upset about these ships. All I’ve seen is
    TERRIBLE Accuracy bad guns bad armor and bad turning circle. What I know
    Germany for, is good engineering. German Tanks, have good guns, very
    accurate with good penetration and ok Armor. The Russians for example known
    for using Mass, not Quality have these Derpy guns, with bad gun handling,
    and these strange suspension sound which somehow makes them feel like they
    work, but surely aren’t high tech with only the best of the best Resources
    Now German BB’s do not feel like (at least what I have seen in Videos about
    the new BB’s and felt in the Derpitz) this German engineering high tech
    stuff Germany is know for. Just my Opinion so far.

    Now to another subject:
    You once, when talking about the personal Missions that came out and people
    abusing the System (like drowning the tank after having done 3000 dmg to
    complete a mission that said “deal 3k dmg and finish the match without any
    module damaged,

  75. I think you voiced an opinion on the König. Also, still no SMS
    Schleswig-Holstein as a Premium?

  76. Hmm anyone else slightly disappointed?

  77. well lets hope some buffs will come soon too the high tier german BB’s.
    after all you got too test them too see how they play and by the looks of
    it the high tier once are a bit underwelming. oh well atleast the tier X
    russian BB when it comes will kick yamato’s ass. cuz russian bias.

  78. The tier 10 it’s like double the length of the Yamato OMG

  79. Imagine the H-44 in this game :))) how big :))

  80. So once you’ve hit tier 8, you can stop? Gotcha.

  81. I don’t get why you can’t have an opinion? The Tier 9 is shit, okay, that’s
    fine, we understand that it’s a new ship Wargaming and you won’t get it
    right first time. Jingles telling us that you made something that needs
    fixing doesn’t mean that we hate you or that we’re going to stop playing
    the game, we just know that you need to do a bit of work on the ship to
    make it balanced and better. In fact opinions would be better here, letting
    him talk about how bad or good a ship is will help raise any changes that
    need to be made and make the community known of them, which can only be a
    good thing right? As that way, we can help adjust them, give our two cents
    on what needs to be changed, since after all, we are the ones playing the
    game. So if Jingles tells us that the range is terrible on the Tier 9 BB,
    we can compare it to what WE play at Tier 9 and help make suggestions on
    how to change it to make it more balanced?

  82. One of your best videos so far. Thanks mate.

  83. absolutely brilliant…… loved this review very much. I kinda like the
    German line, will make sure to get me these.

  84. Looks like they took the size from the H44 for that thing, though the
    forums seem to be identifying Kurrywurst as H41, which was only 21m longer
    than Yamato.
    H44 is said to have been a design the size of the Queen Mary II and would
    have made Yamato look like a DD by comparison, with its 50.8cm guns.

  85. Well played and well done

  86. Please no creepy anime bullshit.

  87. well if noting els tier 10 looks epic

  88. “…it´s like having an Atlanta strapped to each side”
    “…because this ship IS Himmelsdorf”
    Man, had to laugh out loud and got funny looks from the other ppl in the

  89. Anyone else reading this with Jingles voice going on in their heads?

  90. kongo is the farthest thing from op as it gets. first good battleship on
    the jap line is fuso. and even then new mexico is better.

  91. What is the second song used.

  92. I think at tier 10 they should have put in the H44 Battleship.

  93. German craftsmenship is really fantastic. Regardless of the combat
    performance of their ships, vehicles and planes…they all are made
    exceptionally well and are just gorgeous.

    Most of these ships are almost worth it just to stare at in port.

  94. Well I guess I migth aswell stop at tier 7… since I already have a
    tirpitz 🙂
    Gneisenau look seexy as fuck though.

  95. That Bayern refit. I think I’m in love.

    PS: The Bismarck also has 7km stock range on its secondary guns compared to
    IIRC 5.5km on the TIrpitz.
    PPS: The dispersion stat is the dispersion at max range. I’m pretty sure
    accurracy at same range is identical an the same guns on ships with
    different max range. IE, the one with the higher max range has worse
    accurracy at said max range, but the same accurracy as the ship with the
    lower max range when firing out to that lower range.

  96. that’s one huge t10 wow I thought moskva was taking the piss

  97. that’s one huge t10 wow I thought moskva was taking the piss

  98. Jingles should love the Dunkirk then, all her guns are in the front.

  99. BISMARCK FINALLY…also why are you playing the german national anthem, it
    is really unfitting here. Please dont do it again.

  100. Jingles you bastard! Your tier IX “observations” made me laugh so hard I
    spewed coffee out my nose and onto the screen. Great vid, keep up the
    good….er work?

  101. I forsee alot of balancing issues with the Currywurst
    Its such a large target, torps will almost always hit and still has less
    health than a yamato….
    I understand how a smaller ship can have better armor, but more mass should
    = more HP

  102. The Music… classic. I really liked it. I am from Germany and it fitts
    perfectly hahaha amusing 😀 But my god, the Tier 10 … so big… I head
    People talking about another BB 2x the size of it… Tier 11 As they called
    it. Just think about the Rat in Wot. This would be a beast.

  103. Specter Washington

    What the hell is WG thinking with the T9 and T10? Granted, the T3-T8 BBs
    look quite adequate stats-wise, but at this point, the Friedrich der Große
    and Großer Kurfürst look like giant (have you seen the size of them?)
    floating turds. I mean for one thing, given their sizes, one would think
    that they would at least have a sizable amount of HP. BUT NO! The fucking
    gargantuan Großer Kurfürst has ONLY 88K, AND a next to worthless torpedo
    belt! Look, I realize this is all subject to change, but the fact that
    these ships are being tested with their current stats suggests that SOMEONE
    at WG thought it was a good idea. No wonder they didn’t let community
    contributors voice their opinions. This is just fucking mental.

  104. EARLY SQUAD, ASEEEMBLLLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. i am german and i laughed tears at tier 9 and 10; absolut brilliant sneak
    preview, thank you !!! Cant wait to play them.

  106. So you mean to say that the currywurst is going to be a firing range for
    the other ships?

    But at this point, I could see the looks of the DD captains when this sails
    into range.

  107. Thanks for the lols Jingles. WG really do love to stand on their own dick.
    They only achieve some measure of success in spite of themselves. They’re
    the Ryanair of the gaming world. These ‘review’ vids you do are pure gold.
    I miss them, when you don’t do them, both in WoW and WoT.

  108. Jingles you sly devil you ;)

  109. I wish they called it the H44 anyway so I can relive Navy Field days

  110. Not the same without your dulsid tone’s jingle’s….but now i have to find
    out for myself….to the test server….so much for sleep before a night in
    the slat min’es…..

  111. i read it all in your voice

  112. Why do I get the feeling you might be slightly annoyed with Wargaming’s
    restrictions here?

  113. Bismark and Carolina otp

  114. so looks like what ive been saying for weeks turned out to be true tier 8
    is the pinnacle after that is just meh.

    really disappointed they managed to fuck up the german bbs so badly…

  115. should have used the microsoft word voice

  116. tbh, it could be pretty swag playing world of tanks on the currywürst. i
    don’t really care if it is going to be low tier to make everything look
    bigger, not that any of the tier 1-3 guns can harm the ship anyway lol.

  117. T9 and T10 = German quality fail

  118. Remember people, if you just look at the stats then the Tirpitz citadel
    armor doesn’t look so tough either… but it has that nice turtledeck armor
    scheme which isn’t counted in these stats.

    And so do ALL the german BBs, if WG modeled them correctly. :3

  119. Katia Mariza Lazaridou

    hahahaha omg I haven’t laughed like this in ages xD ty so much Jingles
    :P…. I really lover your video it made my day, after a tiring day at work

  120. Hmm… Actually Jingles 😉 it is a turning circle Radius so the T9 and T10
    both need around 2 kilometers to turn around!!! And now I’ll let the others
    reply with shotgun noises to this comment!!! :)

  121. What is it with T3 BBs and wing turret setups?

    PD: Strip Kongo to the underwear? Oh Jingles, u so silly :P

  122. Very good choice of musics … I’d love to get the list of it please :)

  123. von Hindenburg (Xhebalanque Izli)

    Now I am hungry for Curry Wurst.

  124. I hope all of this b*llsh*t facts will be changed soon! Poor Germany line
    (if they really mean it) T_T

  125. Michael Margerison

    Enjoyed the sleazy music for the tier 10

  126. Will they put King Geroge the Sixth Battleships and Hood Battlecrusier in
    the game to go up against the Bismarck. I need to re do when Full INarego
    is off

  127. Thanks for the video Jingles. I look forward to getting these. By the way,
    what was the song playing while you were in the Kaiser and the Currywurst?

  128. An OKish line, fun to play, hug lovers, but overall the worst line in term
    of performances, from what we know now ^^

  129. Logan Brandenburg


  130. Dat currywurst

  131. nassau looks like a land barge.

  132. I love you man!!!

  133. Russian game devs are comedy masters


    lmao on the Kongo part xD

  135. I liked this before I watched it, because I knew, yes I knew, it would be
    that gooood. Thanks RA Jingles- I have some idea what to keep my eye

  136. Ok so they need to buff German Battleships, they are just not good enough.

  137. Max “WKN” Mustermann

    Jingles, what are you talking about? Fritz gave his ships far better
    citadel-armour, than these idiots from WG did, because of some
    wodka-balancing-issues. E.g. Kaiser, König and Bayern should have 350mm
    You don´t believe? Read some books, Tommy! 😀
    There are rumors WG has issues with some of the values they set for the
    German BBs and they should change. I hope these rumors are correct and they
    give them their historic values. Only compare König and Kongo- without its
    350mm belt, König will be crap, compared to the 8″ belted Kongo!

  138. I’m like 95% sure you technically broke the rules with this video, at least
    as I understand those rules since you’re the one that explained them.
    Still, thank you, Jingles, for putting your Jingles on the line for this
    one. Lets hope are merciful.

  139. Ya know, with jingles liking the TOG II and now the currlywurst I’m
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    are among the few that I can watch without getting annoyed.Thats a
    compliment right? Must have something to do with my genetic code (I am
    German). I was always hoping the best and yet expected the worst from WG
    for ze German ships. Let’s say playing WOT had left an impression and bad
    taste. After watching your video it appears the BB’s are only for
    enthusiasts. Funny they advertised them with “german accuracy”. I had no
    idea until now that was a terrible thing. When I read about the hightier
    BB’s getting hydroaccustic search I was like “great, we are fucked”. I will
    play that line depite having so many, if not all things working against it.
    If they dont fix it im done with that company for good. I never looked back
    to WOT and won’t hestitate for WOWS either. Damn im mad now, might invade
    Poland to relase some steam. Thanks again, have a nice day and keep up the
    good work Jingles. Regards

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  152. BTW, Has anyone got info about the repair party consumable specially on
    TVIII onwards? does it repair 14%, 20% Yamato-like repair, or even more?

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  157. Sooo … the supposed thing for german BBs is being a good dpm, tough to
    crack brawler, but they get terrible torpedo protection (have fun with
    Isokaze/Minekaze and Shimakazes respectively), big turning circle radii AND
    bad ruddershift response times.

    Welp, pretty much looks like the german BB line stops at tier VIII, because
    the tier IX and X stats are simply not competitive with the USN and IJN
    equal tier ships.

    I mean … the tier X is the biggest and heaviest BB, yet gets the least
    amount of hit points!?
    The good news is the stats may still be subject to change as I heard the
    devs (from russian forum Q&A) were looking to increase at least the health
    to 105k.
    Still, more health is going to mean it takes the enemy one or two more
    salvos/torpedoes to sink you, since more or less everything else about the
    ship is still uncompetitive unless they change that too.

  158. It takes 2.1km to turn the big sausage around, 1050m is the turning radius,
    not the
    diameter. so that’s 3 Himelsdorfs turning circle as that map is 700m

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  164. Wargaming decided that the Yamato wasn’t big enough, so they had to come up
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  165. well that was boring. We’re here to get your 2 cents on something, and by
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    will found that less than a week. Really stupid to control youtube’s

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    feel to play. take that away and theres not much left. this a stupid move
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    gain many more each days.. so screw them!!! :-)

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  176. Not comments, simply textual translations of statistical information into
    an accessible format. Look left, I said that with a straight face.

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    those during WWII. ;)

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  191. Hey Jingles, thanks for the preview.
    Most of the stuff I sort of knew or expected, but the one thing that I
    really loved was unfortunately only shown once. How much a given ship bleed
    power in a turn. You have been the only content creator to chime in on this
    aspect now and then. To me powerbleed is one of the most important stats
    that are invisible to us until we actually play them. It can make an
    otherwise fast and maneuverable ship have a issue with turning around. If
    it bleeds to much speed in the turn, it doesn’t really matter if the circle
    is small, the rudder is fast or the ship is fast… It will take an eon to
    reverse course.
    I have found that the ships that bleeds the least power (to a degree;
    Colorado bleeds very little) are the ones I prefer. But I can’t see the
    stat anywhere.

    So thank you for mentioning this now and then, when nobody else does (that
    I know of at least).

  192. To be honest this literally means almost any CV player will now target the
    German BBs due to the absolutely horrible torpedo protection system.

  193. And the moral of the story: don’t put such ridiculous constraints on
    content creators. They’ll just make a great video anyway, make everybody
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    Also, that German Tier X. Holy. Crap. I never thought we’d see a ship that
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    sure it’s bigger than some islands in the game! xD

  205. none of the youtube testers seems to notice/comment on the up to 44% fire
    chnce of HE tho ?

  206. Since someone mentioned Kancolle; Jingles, the word is that the first RN
    ship will be introduced soon, and it’s likely to be one of the “Queen
    Elizabeth”-class Super-Dreadnought battleships. Which would you think it’ll
    be? Liz herself? Warspite? Malaya?

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    caliber but long range and accurate guns and put them into the game with
    not so good armor, low speed and lower calibre guns with less accuracy and
    short range? They compleatly missed the point of the German Imperial Navy
    right there 😀
    The WW2 BBs on the other hand do sound a lot better (historical speaking)
    but i just cant shake the feeling that WG just wanted some Brawlers in the
    game and happened to look at a german flag 😀
    I am fine with german BBs beeing brawlers and all but whats the point when
    you dont give them what they really need to brawl ^^ So far the USN and the
    IJN BBs seem to do their jobs better than the germans ^^

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    GurkhaGR ✌?️

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    Der Große” and more “Freidrich Der Scheiße”?

  218. Why does everyone hate on the Izumo, it’s a great ship

  219. haha i love how jingles’ idea of ‘no commentary’ is to put it in text
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  221. So… Wargaming basicly decided to give germany a h44 hull with h41 guns at
    tier X? The H44 hull was what dwarfed the Yamato and that proposal was
    meant to get 50.8cm guns, while even the H42 proposal had 48cm guns in
    mind. The H41 was the one supposed to get the 42cm guns and that was mear
    20 meters longer. That doesnt look like 30 meters longer to me, that looks
    like 80ish meters to me which would be the H44. Granted the Yamato is quiet
    far away it still looks like roughly 1/3 smaller than the Kurfürst. I get
    that Wargaming probably didnt want to go bigger than the Yamato, but why
    give germany that ship in the first place then with hilariously small guns
    in comparision to what was supposed to be put on it.

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    that’s shutter than a ICYMI, that’s just perfect

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    If your opinion happens to be in video form so what?
    Would think they would be more likely to fix broken things than silence
    valid opinions on a topic that needs to be discussed…….

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    perfectly, it made a surprisingly nice change of pace! It reminded me of
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  229. __________________________________
    | Windows [-][口][×] |
    | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
    | Windows has detected that you did 9/11 |
    | Is this true? |
    | ______ ______ _____ |
    | | Yes | | maybe | | Yes | |
    |  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ |
     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

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    sireeeeeeeeeeeee. Uh hu, no bias.

  231. Tceinheit Freitag

    How can WG do this… The Großer Kurfürst is 40% longer than the Yamato? I
    asked wikipedia and … total length: Yamato 263m Großer Kurfürst 175,4m!
    Thats a realy terrible mistake…

  232. Wait for sovjet BBs… i think they can fly, like in WWII.
    Superiority through Stalins will.

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  238. So, summarising: the German battleships are fine up to and including
    Bismarck, but the Tier 9 and 10 have serious problems…it’s especially
    weird about the inaccurate guns, given that even the Admiralty commented on
    the extreme accuracy of Kreigsmarine gunnery!

  239. Daniel Grabovskiy

    Bismark doesn’t like accurate guns…but the Bismark was the most accurate
    in ww2….k I’m out

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  241. “German Accuracy”


    I’m done with this branch of the Tree, thx for the….warning? Jingles

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    in port but as unavailable a short while ago and it seemed huge. Not only
    the T10 but the T9 as well. These things can house a football (soccer for
    you imperialists!) match on their decks.

  243. This video is the result of a particular jealous british gentleman who grew
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    a rebellion.

  244. Umm….I could be wrong but, just because its in text form instead of voice
    doesn’t make it *not* an opinion or comment about the stats o_O
    and then you added comments/opinions about the ships in voice anyway!

    IM SO CONFUSED!!! =(

  245. I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t get taken down; you were careful,
    Jingles, but still managed to get impressions in. Given how draconian WG EU
    can be, well…

    Anyway, thanks for the preview.

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    hell yeah!”

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  248. Well, at least it was just Kongous damaged CG xD

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  251. But you have to admit that all these german battleships look pretty nice

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  254. Man Germans sure like things big Maus E100 in WOT Now in WOWS with the
    German BB’s But they do look damn good i dont care how they perform. Cant
    wait to get back to the grind for them.

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    axed him..

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    “Was first on a Jingles video!” very curious… anyway i’m not about to
    make a useless comment so, well done Jingles! I was cringing at some
    moments thinking the WG lawyers were ready to pounce but overall you did a
    great job in explaining the german BB’s… factually :P

  259. NA hope!
    EU strikes back!


  260. ThePeople'sPanzer

    Why would they make them inaccurate when German Naval gunnery was
    historically so good?

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    the gross (great/big) in their names at least.

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    everything with captions.

  278. Luca Pietrogiovanna

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  279. I suppose the German BattleShips are Like French Heavy Tanks..

  280. Deutschland, Deutschland über alles
    über alles in der Welt
    Wenn es steht zun Schutz und Trotze
    Brüderlich zusammen hält
    Von der Maas bis an die Memel
    Von der Etsch bis an den Belt
    Deutschland, Deutschland über alles
    über alles in der Welt

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  282. I would say challenge completed! Your rebellious tendencies are

  283. So are the German battleships worth grinding for?

  284. first I thought this would b quite boring considering all the restrictions,
    but then I realised, its jingles

  285. The kongo part is pretty lewd

  286. If the old legends are true. The mighty jingles shall with his good hart
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  287. Can’t wait to get my hand on these. My favorite nation in the game, all
    others can be removed from the game and I wouldn’t miss them at all. ^_^

  288. i think i just fanboyed my pants when the Bismarck appeared…..
    “Snuff” yup…

  289. So early….. Might even get a response from old Jingles!

  290. btw, do we have to play kolberg again to grind nassau, or will we start
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  293. my god the gneisenau is long

  294. Jingles! We’ve got a ship for you to review, but you can’t test the ship,
    know it’s name, or actually use it in a game at all!
    Jingles: “Hmmm….challenge accepted.

  295. And everyone complained about the US BB’s being too slow…

  296. Who else is eating ice cream?

  297. Something unusual happened for me today… I had FUN in war thunder…
    weird thing. and they might kick their idiotic CEO soon

  298. So the Konig is the one that jingles said is the same as a stock battleship
    of the same tier when the Konig is fully upgraded?

  299. I guess I wasn’t early enough…

  300. Jingles ppl left and right are posting video reviews about each ship, and
    now that WG themselfs posted stats of German BBs on official site, surely
    you can do whatever you want…right?

  301. When i hear Jingles talking about Wargaming EU sometimes i think they dont
    want any video rather just a post on a facebook page without any comment.

  302. Kommissar's House

    Err… Jingles… with the Nassau, you showed the upgraded configuration,
    then showed it again…

  303. Apologies again for the interruption when you were recording.

  304. good one

  305. Last time I was this early Jingles still replied.

  306. Someone download this incase it gets taken down

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    tell you not to release any videos

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