World of Warships – German Battleships VII-X

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– 00:06
Scharnhorst – 01:34
Bismarck – 03:23
Tirpitz – 05:17
Friedrich Der Grosse – 07:10
Grosser – 09:04

are the top dogs when it comes to brawling, I discuss the late tiers and take them out. Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Friedrich Der Grosse, and Grosser Kurfurst make up the late tiers. I discuss different builds, weakpoints, strength, and playstyle. Hope this can help you out and hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Even with hydro I still manage to eat even the worst torps ever. xD
    Bismarck secondary build& brawling is such fun!

  2. I mean, playing my Tirpitz somehow I doubt it really has 32mm bow armor. I’ve received multiple citadels while bow-on to a target. Had a NoCal smack me for 30k from a salvo with me bow-on from about 9km out. I then returned fire with the forward guns and despite him being under 10km and 100% broadside, two shots dunked in the water, one bounce on his belt, one overpen through the superstructure. Lovely. Still a great ship, but damn is there a hole in the bow? It’s not the only time it has happened to me.

  3. 10 km secondary gun? really? is that a module upgrade or a commander skill?
    mine still 7 km

  4. The German BB’s are a blast to play. They encourage brawling while discouraging sniping, and to me, that is more enjoyable. Thanks for doing this video for those who may not be familiar with the line yet. Keep up the good work!

  5. did I see Zoupy in pink on the GKF section????

  6. Man, this makes me want to Grind my Bismarck! Love these Notser! keep doin em!

  7. The FDG I’ve just unlocked and it really pales after the Bismarck. Armor is very chewy, it’s quite a bit less maneuverable and if you want the rear guns to fire you need to overangle and battleships will have no problem getting through the meager belt armor, especially given how big it is.

    If people are shopping for one of the premiums I’d say Scharnhorst all day. It’s top tier most of the time due to OP tier 7 MM. It’s ungodly fun once you realize you can’t use the guns like on a true BB and you can pull sick torpedobeats with rudder shift mod, it turns like a lower tier USN BB that goes 30 kts 😀

  8. Awesome video – great series – can you do US BB’s soon please

  9. retard proof line

  10. Mmm in my opinion the Gneisenau is very accurat, also i’d like that they icrease the SB range too.for the Gnei and Schar

  11. Notser , you forgot to mention that the Kurfurst can bow tank Yamato shells! Unlike other tier ten ships, it has reinforced bow armor.

  12. Hey Notser, great Video (as always) and I love it when you speak German :-)))

  13. Филип Пешић

    That dark, evil, classical outro is just sooooo good. 🙂

  14. Why care about air detection, when planes only can spot up to 11 km ?

  15. Great video! When are you thinking you’ll do the American ship lines?

  16. You sooooo cannot use The Mighty Jingles signoff line.

  17. I hope WG will replace the gun selection of the T10 with historical 480mm guns at some point. Because it’s just stupid right now to have a american Montana clone as the german T100 when even the Brits get a more german-like ship as T10 than the germans. >.>

  18. Speaking of tailoring, after my Secondaries-Build captain from Gneisenau got promoted to the Bismarck, I made an AA-Build with Gneisenau. Originally just for fun and testing, but it’s an AA beast (way over 90 AA rating) and now with all those lower tier Kaga & Enterprise planes, it’s even more funny.

  19. I do believe the FdG have worse vertical dispersion than the Bismarck.

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