World of Warships- German DD Split: 10/10 Idea, 5/10 Execution

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Hey guys, today I share my final thoughts on the German DD line after playing them quite a bit over the last week, enjoy!

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  1. TBH, I feel as though they need some more tools, like speed boost or (improved?) heal, and main battery reload booster added to what they have already. Or hell, they could have been the thing to add (short range) radar to German ships. Make them worth a DD slot by being really good at ambushing, otherwise move them to using cruiser slots in MM since they just seem to sit back more like a cruiser than a DD. Of course none of that will happen (we all know WGs approach to anything German) and this line will be forgotten like the British cruisers. ZF-6 is great, they should have been more in line with it, this is ultimately really disappointing.

    They probably need more armor and health too. Maybe they could have reflective smoke that dampens radar or something to counter all the radar cruisers have, you know, like ships IRL had it could be their gimmick that they block radar.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Just giving them a decent heal would make them so much better

    • I would fear the day that WG puts these ships into cruiser slots. You would have even less utility in your team. This line was a net loss for the game. They are plain useless, actively hurting your team, and they even nerfed the old DD line by taking 150mm guns from them.
      They could give them MBRB but they will still be worse than french DDs. They could give them the KMS Hydro, but they cant deal with DDs well. They could give them heal, but the Khaba would still be superior.
      The whole problem is the AP focus. AP is a situational ammo type you can play against. You cant do anything to BBs in general, you cant do anything to ships bow on or kiting away. DDs in general are already opportunists and spotters. However this split can not capitalize on mistakes. The torps are the worst I have ever seen on any DD, you dont have the DPM to kill DDs caught off guard. You have to shoot AP because your HE is some tier 3 DPM, yo you wont set fires or break modules on DDs. All you have is AP firepower on a lone unaware CL from 8km. If they have a single brain cell, they will just turn in after the first salvo, killing your AP and sink you. Even if they had great HE, the Khaba would still be better with heal, speed and HE shattering side.
      I cant see any situation where this ship could be better than other options. Just play a Khaba or Kléber.

    • @Yhorm The Midgetwell the t8 z got a 50k AP dpm buff or sth like that

    • ap dpm is better on Z-23 now, but in the other hand she became kinda crappy at setting fires on enemy battleships, from 12% fire chance per shell to 6%

  2. Its more like…
    5/10 Idea
    0/10 Execution

    • It is a cruiser killer that can’t kill cruisers, so where should the point come from, as it has no real other abilities. Everything else it can’t do either. SO more a total fail than anything else.

  3. Lichtningstrike games

    good concept, terrible execution. WOWS in a nutshell

  4. The moment WG tried to sell me tech line ships, i denounced the execution of the release

  5. Flamu said it best in his video on the Felix Schultz , he would not like to see this ship on his team for a match, that’s says it all about this horrible ”DD” split line. This says a lot about WG & their current disconnect with the game they are supposed to be developing . I can only imagine what would happen to this ship if a barely competent captain in a FDR turned up with his rocket planes. This line now is clear evidence that WG no longer even pay lip service to their supertesters & CC’s with regards to evaluating new lines , that or the worse thing is that WG don’t care at all now which if true will only lead the game downhill from here on out .

  6. 0:44

  7. Every secondary of a german BB is more worth than these new ships.

  8. wonder if they would add the first dd line with the spotter planes, then it would really start to feel more like small heavy cruiser

  9. 7km Aa uff

  10. Weren’t these DDs based on the Spähkreuzer designs of plan Z? I feel like they were given their overall role and appearance.

    • The Spahkreuzer was a pretty terrible idea anyway, so hooray for realism I guess

    • @IRATVS MAXIMVS as a gun and run, and “oh-I-am-here-follow-me-to-my-fleet” kind of ship, it would be pretty decent, and irl those 150s would blast DDs out of existence, with a few salvos.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA one on one maybe, but it would have to run from anything like a Town class, and a pair J classes would most likely sink it. While displacing less.

    • @IRATVS MAXIMVS the Spahkreuzers were designed to operate in packs as I heard so a pair of Spahs would handle the J class. The only thing I see beating this class are cruisers which is kinda obvious but in terms of DDs, the Shimakaze if it was put into full scale use, coz irl those Japanese guns were pretty good. Even the Battle class could beat these. And I really think this could have been good at his role if the M class cruisers weren’t a thing, coz the M class has an extra turret, more survivable, same top speed, but can actually fight cruisers and destroyers, and a pair of these would be frightening for any cruiser coz this gun does have a fair rate of fire.

    • Elbing is Spähkreuzer 1940

  11. The Enemy CV in chat was so savage and funny when answering to a guy from SLM’s team. Look at chat in 9:23

    • @bodasactra I know, but Immelmann isn’t that strong especially with things like MVRs, FDRs, Midways, etc.

    • @bodasactra Also hate for a CV was countered by some savage replies so its savage.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA You don’t get it, its not just the damage, its inability to defend yourself and no ability to return damage. That is exactly what a hack grief does in many other games. Add to that the perma spotting changes the whole nature of the match eliminating some of most fun and engaging aspects. Knowing a majority of the players would rather not see a CV how does one use it and not feel like a shit. Plenty of OP ships piss people off but none have the impact on the game play fun like a CV.

    • @bodasactra I know that

    • @bodasactra I just pointed out that the guy was pretty savage. I didn’t say he did anything right, or CVs are underpowered. So chill. Jeez.

  12. As you indirectly alluded to, now that Random games routinely have 6 BBs per team, there aren’t going to be many Cruisers to go after .

  13. In Germany, they were classified as “scout-cruisers” (roughly translated from “Späh-Kreuzer”), scout-CRUISERS. I have no idea why WG thought, “hey let’s make them destroyers that are completely useless as destroyers”……

  14. I assumed they were sub hunters, given the fact that subs are on the horizon, but I haven’t played them, do I wouldn’t know.

  15. Nice vid Sea Lord. Well said.

  16. Take up a traditional destroyer spot, with all its team utility, for a niche a cruiser hunting specialist ill equipped to fill its already dubious role? You used the perfect word in describing them, weird. Good work, +1 like!

  17. Ways to fix this line:
    1. Make them actual cruisers
    2. Give them hydro to watch for torps and special heal to outlast their target as well as keeping the smoke and dfaa
    3. Make their torps faster and have more range because those things won’t catch anything other than an unaware bb
    4. Give them a better turning radius and less concealment. Can’t really scout if you have terrible kiting ability and concealment

  18. Really seems like WG has it out for KM ships.

    Odin is basically a large cruiser in a BB slot, unable to do BB things.

    The new KM DDs are small cruisers that can’t do HE dpm, in a DD slot, and unable to do DD things OR cruiser things.

    Edit: now some WG employee is gonna be scraping feedback and realize they fucked up letting the Shultz do the AA trap.

  19. It feels like they are trying to pull form the CA/CL to add to DD pool by making it act as a CL

  20. They really need to make a special slot for hybrid ships in mm. Though this is the same mm that thinks blow outs are perfectly ok.

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