World of Warships – German Destroyer Warning

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The destroyers have been released in 0.5.16 on the North American server and they have added a interesting change. The gun concealment while firing was nerfed between testing and the live version. I talk about my frustration with having irrelevant content and how I’ve tried to compensate for the change. Hope this is interesting and you have a wonderful day!

Tier VI German Replay


  1. Wargaming have already said that they are intending to remove
    stealth-firing ability from everything in the game.

  2. I think WG goofed and gave the 128’s the same bloom as the new 150’s, where
    the first mistake was that the 150’s had the original 128 bloom.

  3. No need to apologize Notser. This wasn’t your fault. That solely lies with
    WG for not being forthright with the Community Contributors about the
    upcoming monster nerf they had planned. Further proof in my book that these
    people cannot be trusted.

  4. wait europe doesnt get the same campaigns? you fucking kidding me?

  5. Fuck the grind for it.. I just want to buy the Graf Spee

  6. Well it was clear as day that you cannot have a destroyer with 150mm guns
    and a potential 3.5Km stealthfire zone

  7. i spent 45 pound to free xp to tier 8 ?. not your fault notser just wg up
    to there dirty tricks again .

  8. they are good at screwing shit up. the british cls are a joke. I used up
    700,000 plus xp to open up the german dd line up to tier 9. Im thinking of
    uninstalling and forget about it

  9. I don’t get it notser. Why can’t you still bully destroyers. They spot you
    everyone spots you so what difference does the gun spot make? ?

    Personally I hope wg make all ships bloom when firing as invisi fire is a
    silly mechanic.

  10. Why does firing penalty even matter?
    You gonna be detected anyway when brawling other dds. U not gonna shoot
    other dds at 11-12km anyway. This is a really minor change so that you
    can’t long range stealth fire harass.

  11. Maybe WG should add a new captain – Putin. The way they treat the Content
    Creators and the customer/player is pretty russian-esque in some ways…

  12. Is it just me or do I feel as an Europian that we get a little bit
    discriminated by WG?

    First the Takao, 3 other servers get it for (75000?) xp, we get it for *50*

    Now the Graf Spee,
    they can get that ship and other T6 ships for free with campains, but we,
    Europians have to pay for it.

    Not because we are Europians that we don’t get the same rights as others?

  13. So weapon bloom isnt changed by AFT? have you switched back and tried it?

  14. Was this your german dd the gaede? i was in battle with you today.

  15. Actually this looks itsy bitsy real to because it is clearly possible to
    see a destroyer firing at you from 11Kms away. And I see the problem is
    with match making because in real life flotillas they had more destroyers,
    less cruisers and even lesser BBs but here we sometimes have only 1 or 2
    DDs which is not quite right.

  16. So I just played the German destroyers yesterday (EU time zone) and they
    are not fun to play….The most Soviet destroyers are better to play….

  17. Hey notser, excited for the stream today :)

  18. your an assfucked bitvhson bringeng them to nerf german destroyers

    eat shit and root alive

  19. Any ship line is alpha until release. It sucks, but that’s how it is.

    Oh, and remember the skill tree is about to be overhauled, so let’s see
    what happens then.

  20. You know what else I don’t understand with WG when the test server goes
    live on world of tanks we get to test new tank lines in wow you don’t wtf
    is that about? WG needs to either make the sonar lower on these ships and
    bring back some invisi fire as right now they are inferior to all other
    nations in the game

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