World of Warships – German Destroyers

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I’m having real troubles with the Destroyers, I just can’t consistently be successful in them. This particular game I’m trying torpedo acceleration with the , it seems to work well enough. I’m hoping that someone will have a good suggestion to help me succeed in German Destroyers and share the improvements. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX German Z-46 Replay


  1. Same problem here, i don´t really know what to do with Ger DDs. Gave up at T6, waiting for changes, buffs…

  2. Ok, so remove stealth fire but at least increase shell velocity.

  3. They used to be great like the one game in z-46 you showed us once. They penalty after firing main batteries gun really hurt them.

  4. WoWs MushashiAHBECE

    Why are the guns of the german DDs that bad?

  5. John Angelo Tenorio

    Why do many people play IJN DDs? A: Kantai Collection

  6. UnexpectedInquisition

    Your total flood/total torp hit ratio seems fine. Just unlucky you failed to cause a flood @10:20.

    I play Japanese DD frequently, as it was the first line I worked on when starting WOWS. I spent my first month in WOWS power leveling myself to the Shima.

    For now several Japenese DD play well, if you know how to play them. Yugumo, Akizuki, Shiratsuyu, Fubuki, and Kamikaze (Tiers V-IX, although the other tier V-IX Japanese DD are pretty bad, as is the Shima.) are all very solid and competitive; but with the changes and removal of stealth firing, I think Russian DD will be king, with US not too far behind. German and Japanese DD will just be even worse and no longer competitive…:/

    To answer your question at the end – I think many people play Japanese destroyers because when they think first start playing and think destroyers they think torpedos, and when they ask “Who has the best torpedo” they are often told (incorrectly) that the Japanese do, and that the Japanese are super sneaky ninja boats to boot. They hear that the Tier X Japanese DD can fire 15 of them and say “Well, gee, that must be amazing!”. Not knowing that experienced players would rather have Fletcher torpedo’s any day…And everything else about the Fletcher as well.

    I do have to say, my Yugumo is amazing currently, and far better than the Shima. 5km stealth fire buffer, best stealth, f3 torpedo’s if something gets close, and the guns are very Zao-like. If you kite away, you can easily beat anything but a Russian DD 1v1 in a gunfight; while also being able to stealth fire like crazy. I will be very sad, when this becomes an awful, pointless ship after next patch.

  7. UnexpectedInquisition

    Maybe squadron a german DD with a russian DD, so that you can hunt other destroyers in their smoke? Solo, its by far the worst ship line in the game.

  8. CynicallyObnoxious

    I think maybe lowering the 20% range penalty to about 15% would be a good trade off

  9. wg survey asked that I used german dd some time ago, I said no. Why would I play a german dd? just today nailed one of em on my khabarovsk. line is garbage

  10. This game is rapidly heading the same way as World of Tanks. Non-premium ships are going to become worse. The solution – an expensive premium ship? We’ve already seen The Belfast. Expect more of the same. Unfortunately only premium ships make big money for Wargaming. That’s the “free” to play model.

  11. why a lot of ppl still play IJN DD even if its bad….. you have no idea 😀 i wonder why …… hahahahahaha

    i sure 80% doesnt even care, even when they know it is bad

  12. As a player who regularly plays destroyers from T5 to T10 I have found the best solution for the German DDs is to Ignore them completely. I have limited time and don’t want to be stuck playing crappy ships. I can grind through a less than Ideal ship if the next ship is better. But I don’t see anything worth spending my time on in the German DD line. I see them in game and I sink them. I even play with div mates who are working through the German DD line and its all frustration and pain. Why bother with crappy ships. Maybe if enough people abandon a line WG will look at it for fixes. Sadly it seems WG is more concerned with nerfing Destroyers than making them fun.

  13. I got unsubbed from u…

  14. torps have went down hill big time since i started a year ago.. I started with the shima, my first tier 10 i used to play it all the time and i loved it, I hate it now and have not played it in about 4 months probably, fuck the whiney bb captains. Here is some advice. Dont drive in straight lines, change your speed, and dont sit still. But they complain because there are a lot of old men who play the game and just drive in straight lines then get torped then bitch to WG about it.

  15. You caused a flood at 10:20. His damage con just came up. You can see the flood tick a few times.

  16. Well I don’t play German DDs, but I don’t think you’re gonna get better with Yuugumo. That ship struggles as well.

  17. If this change goes through I’m probably not going to play my DDs anymore =(
    r.i.p. my fletcher and gearing

  18. I like my Gering, strongest in the game now lol

  19. You asked if it’s normal for a torp focused DD to not score any torp hits in a match? Yes this is quite common. Often my Kagero only scores a single torpedo hit the entire match. Part of the problem is the short range guns, short range torps, and slow speed means I can easily be taken out of the action if the enemy just decides to retreat instead of push. And sweet christ, when there is CVs, concealment goes out the window when your accidentally spotted, and your torps get lit up well in advance. Even when I line up the perfect barrage from 6km away, it’s very easy for all the torpedoes to miss the broadside BB if they just execute a minor turn, as they often do in the course of a battle. IJN torp’s high detection means that even good salvos will be dodged, they seem to only be effective against smokescreens.

  20. To be fair, historically, tiny guns couldn’t do shit to well armored targets, stealth fire allows tiny ass guns to obliterate even the toughest of ships. So the stealth fire removal is a lot more accurate, and may actually enforce that destroyers are suppose to be escorts / scouts and not lone gunslingers.

    Currently, so many ships in the game can be played like a different type (DD, BB, Cruiser),I think it’s a step in the right direction that each ship have their respective types enforced. I think world of tanks is much better at this, but warships has the Khabarovsk, which is more like an agile cruiser than anything like a DD, but on the flip side there’s the Zao which is played like a current-meta-DD, it stays hidden and mainly uses team spotting Intel to engage targets. Another example is the dunkerque, that is as much of a BB as the Cleveland is a destroyer.

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