World of Warships German Destroyers Apology – Massive Changes

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Guys, I’m sorry. I had to yank my other video. Apparently to much changed between the 24 hours the embargo was lifted and the ships were released.

These ships are no longer stealth firing beasts. In fact, I don’t know what they are anymore. I am going to have to replay them as the line is entirely different.

It’s always hard when an embargo lifts so close to a line’s release. This sort of thing happens. So again, sorry.


  1. Thank you was just in a stream where we uncovered this… so bad…. WG is
    losing it. Alabama then this. And the fact the nerf was on the DL makes it

  2. +NoZoupForYou you have nothing to apologise for. Wargaming needs to get
    their shot together with these ridiculously short notifications/releases

  3. No harm no foul homie…..Keep doing what you do.

  4. To be honest with you man Wg like to sneak changes into new lines a day
    before release anyway because think of it this way you guys show us how
    awesome the new line is and then they nerf the ships before release without
    telling you all (check the detection range after shooting) on the T10

  5. playernameistoolong

    I didn’t watch your previous video…guess i missed out.

  6. Didn’t this happen with the RN cruisers too? They changed things
    drastically very shortly before release, then a ton of the ships were
    miserable to play and even the ‘good’ ones felt gimmicky and frustrating at

  7. The ships as describe seemed pretty OP, so I feel for community guys but
    game wise sounds like the right move.

  8. the ships on this line do not feel very good now

  9. This isn’t your fault Zoup. <3

  10. I like the T-22 a lot, LOT ! , but i play it like a Russian with less
    engine and more torp range

  11. not your fault. it should already be expected that until something gets
    released everything is subject to change. Im really surprised of this
    sadistic attitude WG has torwards you ppl. One would think that they would
    greatly value your advertising of the game and keeping gamers interest
    alive. this is a complete WG pr fail. Anyway now its clear enough with the
    jap changes and the upcoming branch for the Russian DDs and these new
    german ones…they probably plan to redefine DD gameplay. I expect
    something good to come out of this in the end. Too many BBs and DDs but too
    few cruisers in game there past months. That needs to be addressed , maybe
    this is a step towards the right direction…hopefully. Again WG are
    complete assholes for treating you this way. Probably there might even be
    some internal WG miscommunication or major fuck up. If I were you I would
    expect a serious apology from them. These channels all you guys are
    maintaining and working hard on deserve a lot more respect especially since
    most of you guys are making this for a living. WG needs to remember that
    next time and not bite the hand that feeds them. Without you guys most
    gamers would be oblivious about this game as if its player base isn’t
    limited already. Don’t sweat it man. We are your subs for a reason. You got
    my loyalty as a sub for whatever its worth. I see no reason to blame you
    for anything

  12. No apology needed Zoup. This all falls on the shoulders of WG. As far as
    I’m concerned, WG cannot offer any explanation as to why they did this.
    They did it to keep the Russian and Japanese DD line superior to the rest.
    That’s how they operate.

  13. NP, it’s like when WG nerfed the Sigma on Arizona literally 12h before

  14. Right now i am installing the update that contains the German DDs (EU
    server, late). Good that a threw a look at YT… And no blame on you, Zoup.

  15. all good, thanks yo. not seeing many on the seas

  16. Not your fault, I’m more irked at WG than anything.

  17. Not your fault. I expected them to be nerfed at some day anyway. 😉

    But WG EU has some new shit running. You allget the extra mission to earn
    ships and camos (you otherwise couldn’t get). Ha we can buy these camos. Oh
    wait we only can buy these camos no second xmas campaign for EU.

  18. Oh my god why are people apologizing for WG. They fucked up so stop sucking
    their duck about it.

  19. This is absolutely on Wargaming, Zoup. You can only work with what you’re

  20. It’s not your doing the fact is like the Uk ships they re hall them and no
    heads up. I put the blame on world of warships team. Yours is not the first
    today to say your sorry so with all the ones out here on you tube to do
    there testing and thoughts on them. To find when live there almost all diff
    then when you got to test them.

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