World of Warships – German Destroyers

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Destroyers were just added to the 0.5.15 PTS going on and I decide to show them off as I’ve done with previous lines. Each has different characteristics worth exploring, I give my opinion of the ships. The stats are hidden, which prevents me from discussing anything in great detail. Hopefully the model previews shall suffice and I hope you have a fantastic day!

Tier X German Destroyer Ship Replay


  1. Second!! WOW

  2. the square liferafts have yellow oars for paddling.

  3. Note on the Tier 2…… BOW FIRING TORPEDOES!!!!!

  4. Those rails are for ‘depth charges.’ They also show ‘rocket propelled’
    depth charges on individual racks on the higher tiers instead of the rails.
    And those things you asked about are life rafts for the crew, the oars are
    a dead give away. As for the radar emitters, I’m betting those are part of
    the gun fire control system. If these have sonar, you won’t see those
    because they are below the waterline under the ship. I’m thinking about
    getting involved with these since they look like they’ll be much like
    playing US destroyers.

  5. WarGaming get the period correct flags for Russian/Soviet ships without
    mods. It would be pretty nice if they could manage it for any other nation
    too. Kreigsmarine flags on ships that were almost too early for WWI… yeah

  6. It will be interesting to see if they might add German Aircraft Carriers to
    complete the Tech Tree maybe.

  7. Where is the Z1 though?
    I’m no pro when it comes to ships, but maybe these things could have nice
    AA when you look at all these 2cm autocannons on the Z52.

  8. Ah yes, the forward facing bow. As opposed to the side facing bow. Or the
    rear facing bow.

  9. X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X

    9:25 These should be inflatable life boats.

  10. Those are rafts, and the yellow things in them are paddles.

  11. To be honest these ships don’t seem to interesting as the the other DD
    lines, I want more lines like IJN DDs!

  12. How do you switch the hud off in the port?

  13. how do you enable viewing unresearched ships in full color? i got it
    enabled but it went greyscale again after a certain update

  14. Floaty thingy that you will need when the ship goes down.

  15. Also Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing all have radar at the top of their

  16. the 52 is a paper ship

  17. Damn Notser you’re blind 😀

    Look at Gearing again. On the top Gearing has radar :)

  18. Kilian Hanich (Kuhluh)

    Until Tier 5 or 6, these ships are Torpedoboats.
    Germans had at this time no destroyers.

  19. Fun fact: The T-22 is the representation of the Elbing-class torpedoboats,
    the ships that the 13th Destroyer Flotilla (which the ORP Blyskawica and
    the HMCS Haida are the only remaining survivors of) fought in the Channel
    in 1944.

  20. Life rafts with oars strapped to them.

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