World of Warships – German light cruiser Mainz

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New tier 8 German premium cruiser that so many of you wanted to see, Mainz. It’s a light cruiser armed with 12x150 guns that 38 without IFHE, rapid firing guns with good range and good initial shell velocity, decent HP pool, A LOT of torps and NO ARMOR.

If you think you’ll brawl or hunt in this ship, you’re dead wrong. This is sniping and kiting ship. Anything else will result in loss of HP with not much to show for.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Love your videos man, keep it up, always a treat and your input is super valuable for playing the game

  2. “ships that like to stay in the back and let the team the work for them”
    Thunderer, GK with spotterplane, Repu, essentially 90% of the BBs.

    The Mainz looks fine! Nice video Flam!

    • Why would anyone push in a BB when there is CVs murdering you from the air, HE cruisers sitting in smokes and behind islands at 18 km and a torpedo soup. You’ll get torn to shreds in a BB before you even accomplish anything. That’s why you wait out the game until you know the enemy’s positions and then push.

    • @Lay Lobinson sure, there are guys like you but the majority is urgh :3

      @stefanos haha, true

    • @Cicono just because you are pussy and leave your DDs and cruisers unsupported doesn’t mean that everyone is…

    • @Cicono Sounds to me u don`t like it much in a BB, if i`d be on ur team i wouldn`t
      like to see u in a BB as well. Maby go play cruiser for a while and figur out how a
      BB is most usefull to them, and than try again in ur own BB.
      Because what u say now is that there is an excuse to hang back full health
      being useless.

    • @Mr Meeseeks maybe yoh just don’t understand how to play BBs. Pushing in within the first 5 minutes and sacrificing all your HP to a Smolensk is not going to get you anywhere. I’m not saying you’re supposed to stay back all game. I am saying you should pick your pushes carefully and don’t rush in like an idiot.

      However none of that changes that the meta is an absolutely cancerous shitfest at the moment. Playing BBs is for the most part rather masochistic (unless you’re in a Thunderer of course) because at the moment your main focus is not to deal damage but tank.

      Also I do play a lot of cruisers and sometimes DDs and I can say that cruisers at least are objectively more fun than BBs.

  3. Oh wow…look…at T8 battle in a T8 ship, incredible!

  4. Prinz Eugen seems more fun to me honestly

  5. I want her but I’m not gonna spend any excessive money right now.
    Hope she stays in the regular store.

    • Not been spending a cent for 6 months now…..WG don”t deserve any of our money, the way they gouge (PR) and ruin the game (CVs, subs, Balans…..)

    • @RS2Russ same, specially when you compare this ship with the new Russian T8 ship it just shows the bias WG has.
      The Russian ship has a higher caliber with almost the same reload, better ballistics, higher health pool, radar, better AA, better torps and better armor

    • @RS2Russ It is best to not spend too much on WG, enjoy the game for what it is, and just have fun with others. If you take WoT or WoWS too seriously, it sucks the massive D. Agreed.

  6. So the Clan brawls were awesome, haven’t had so much fun since the single ranked. You gonna do any videos on the brawls?

  7. The renaissance man

    My Yamato loves Mainz, already since yesterday got myself 2 dev Mainz strikes, they were playing while listening to firestarter by Prodigy.. me I was listening to BIG GUN AC/DC … ROFL.. keep them comin you wallet warriors

  8. How dip you switch your aim from one gun to the other?

  9. He’s a savage, touching his face all through the stream

  10. I liked this video as it showed some aspects of play I’m still working on (and the reason I’m at only 50% win rate). I still do not do well controlling overall speed. Like the Cleveland being fired at in the start who slowed down (so his shots missed), backed up then rammed it forward (again missed shots). Being able to control that speed like that using the incoming fire and targeted by indicators to aid you in your movements is something I believe better players have mastered and I still do not do as well with. Oh I’m changing course most of the time so no straight lines (which means more difficult for them to hit you). But when I’m CA vs CA fight, I have a higher shell arc (more time in the air), and I’m firing and missing as he suddenly slows down or speeds up it’s almost as if they have a mod telling them where the shells will land and they are dancing the shells (LOL). I’d love to get that good and “troll” others with a CA 🙂

  11. wait, Mainz ate a bunch of planes and the carrier didn’t even get an attack off? How long until WG notices and nerfs Mainz like every other german ship

  12. I’m so very on the fence when it comes to this ship. Her rate of fire is crazy, and she can pen 38mm USN BB decks *without IFHE*, which is golden as she ends up setting a ton of fires too. And her AP DPM is monstrous even by Tier 10 standards. But I think they applied too many cons. Extraordinarily poor concealment by even heavy cruiser standards, let alone light cruisers. Slow and sluggish, so less capable of open water firing like Russian CLs. 25mm plating, while normal by CL standards, isn’t great for a ship that’s supposed to be from a line known to brawl. Her HP is more than okay and is on the higher side for her tier. No heal sucks … but is also normal for tier 8. We’ve just been spoiled by some tier 8 cruisers with Repair Party, but most still do not. Mind you, her armor is still pretty good by CL standards due to the 40mm bow and aft waterline armor, meaning she CAN yolo torp by ambushing enemy BBs. While they can still aim high and land a bunch of regular pens, citadels are not gonna happen up close while this ship is angled.

    In the end, I think I’d be most comfortable if she ever a) got the 27mm plating everywhere treatment Hipper has, or b) 11km concealment or less with full conceal build … 12km concealment is battleship levels at this tier and very garbage.

  13. “I want 150k God damn it…” **BLAP!** 😂

  14. Commander Porthos

    There a tier 8 Italian cruiser that has moving smoking enhance torpedos and spotter planes!!! The ultimate cruiser.

  15. i one shotted a Mainz with my Jean Bart, one broadside and he went back to port

  16. Only Having watched world of warships for around a year now, ( mostly jingles then you) I have really grown to appreciate the content you make and the dedication towards streaming. Tis something I have wanted to do for a while but never pulled the trigger on it till recently lol. Im limited to playing the legends console version but your gameplay and passion for the game has inspired me to start making some of my own! Thank you Flambass for the content you provide and wether you think so or not, you inspire people! Cheers and GG

  17. cccooooooolllllllll

    I have seen a lot of mainz recently, they seems to have a good AA capability.

  18. So it seems like a German Cleveland with better range, ballistics and HE performance; torps instead of radar.

  19. All the noise of plates and crockery knocking together, does he live in a canteen?

  20. the wiki says that this ship has 3 smokestacks but here it has 1? wargaming isn’t being accurate with the design

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