World of Warships- Germany Suffers No More!

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Hey guys, today we have an almost record setting match in the Super German battleship Hannover! Enjoy!

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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. I wish I could see more replays of the Columbo!

  2. Impressive effort. I suck at Gerry BBs so nice to see someone having success with them. The Hannover is based on the H-42/43 proposals with the 19 inch guns. However the proposed H-44 type were to have eight 50.8 cm (20.0 in) guns. For the final design, H-44, the length rose to 345 m (1,131 ft 11 in) between perpendiculars, the beam increased to 51.5 m (169 ft 0 in), and draft rose to 12.7 m (41 ft 8 in) as designed and 13.5 m (44 ft 3 in) at full load. The displacement for H-44 was 131,000 t (129,000 long tons; 144,000 short tons) as designed and up to 139,272 long tons (141,507 t) at full load. Given that the name for this monster was rumoured to be Der Furhrer I doubt we will ever see it.

    • Jesus that monster would sadly have gotten sunk by the whole RAF i would have been a hell of a show but that steel would have been better for more tanks and planes.

    • In short, the H-44 would have been the largest warship to ever exist, hell, not even Gerald R. Ford is of that size and displacement

    • Thanks for the history that is very interesting reading as i drink my morning coffee. When the Hindenburg went by the Hanover in the game (made Hindenburg look like a DD), i was more than impressed by her size! Your right we will never see the Der Furhrer.

    • @Ottávio Basques Agree so large that it couldn’t be laid down in any dock Germany possessed or sail through the Keil canal. Not to mention the huge amount of fuel it would guzzle. Donitz put a stop to these flights of idiocy. May be fun in a game but practically pointless.

    • @w ramsey I was thinking they could if they renamed it like Grossdeutschland or Germania although both still have Nazis overtones. Its a silly ship design. Imagine the turning circle on that monster given it is loner than either the GK or the Hannover.

  3. Graf Heinrich Von Darkholme

    loved the part when the ship said, Hannover the Goods now!

  4. More live replay commentaries, please?

  5. Great game and didn’t even have to sail very far to achieve it!

  6. That’s a good use of that ship! I wish I can get better at using preussen and schlieffen lol

  7. He stayed in the same place all game while the enemy team paraded back and forth broadside to him!

  8. I thought you were gonna say they are buffing the German BB dispersion a little.

  9. Kaworu Ikari Von-Einzbern

    Rudol from Jojo would be so proud of him.
    He would say “German science is the finest in the world!”

  10. Hey, this is my replay! I am running almost full secondaries except slot 6 which I use Reload. IFHE secondaries. We recognised we were facing the enemy strong side push, so I decided to set up to kite and hold the flank as long as possible to allow my team to push the other flank. It worked out well!

  11. Awww, I was really hoping this video was going to tell me they’ve fixed German BB dispersion!

  12. Don’t know why people think being a brawler means you rush 2 or more ships by yourself when everyone else is moving backwards. You don’t last long being focus fired on by 2 or more ships

  13. Yes, he’s using IFHE. I also spec’d IFHE on Gunther too. low fire chance but it racks up damages gradually. Better than DOT fire thing.

  14. PickelJars ForHillary

    Oh boy!
    A super ship dominates randoms.

  15. Awesome game i enjoyed it immensely!

  16. he stood there menacingly

  17. Hahahaha!!! Great replay! Glad to see some German earned citadels!! I can never seem to get my German BB’s to connect to the cits.

  18. Christopher Hanton

    i got my personal best in my japan super bb 256,125 damage game

  19. I may hate 8-gun battleships, but… damn, do I wanna try this.

  20. This never happens when I play. What I mean by this is that the enemies are never this stupid to continuously show broadside, multiple times, after being clipped.

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