World of Warships – Get Mad

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In which I get restless during my summer break and post a video anyway. Because that’s just the way I roll.

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  1. Praise the Gnome! When the world needed him most, he returned.

  2. Hope you’re having a good time relaxing Jingles! Take care!

  3. ATL South Productions

    If there’s one thing Jingles is known for, its being crap at taking time off 😂

  4. The Farming Gopnik

    Don’t be so hard on yourself Jingles, you’re our favorite gnome overlord.

  5. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    Jingles: features Trenlass

    Trenlass: thanks my dude, I really appreciate it

  6. Jingles posting when I’m not sleeping what sorcery is this?

  7. The DD “buff” is probably in preparation for submarines, because they are basically weaker destroyers.

  8. So typically Jingles…
    Taking a break and still upload videos
    We love you for it 😀

  9. He said, “I see no gods up here, EXCEPT FOR ME!”

  10. Trenlass balls is so massive that it crush the enemy braincells

  11. Jingles is like Ghandi in Civ. He is so Crap that he is ultimately amazing

  12. The most impressive thing about the replay is the 2 solo caps he got while firing all the time.

  13. Trenlass: “You don’t seem to understand. I’m not locked in here with you. YOU’RE locked in here with ME!!!”

  14. That’s probably the most aggressive Mino i’ve ever seen

  15. Trenlass: “Call a repair ship! But not for me.”

  16. Get featured by jingles :O my life is now completed. Thank you so much! I will now go back and farm more salt

  17. Cameron McAllister

    “We outnumber you 5 armour to 1”
    “Yes, do you see your mistake?”

  18. Local British light cruiser literally to angry to die. “He’s just fucking insane, I ain’t touching that shit” grim reaper.

    • Павел Коровкин

      he grounded himself for 20 sec in 12 km with Iowa and tirpitz, and broadside to amagi on other flank. he is not too angry to die, they are too potato to kill.

    • I could practically hear BFG Division playing in the background while watching that display.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      He is just lucky ! , honestly so many ships and one erase him is just miracle , yes he can have skill in aiming & tactics , but he have NO control over opposite players , and if opposite players are lame or afk , is this still skill or just pure luck ?

  19. *Trenlass’s HP gets lowered to near death*

    Trenlass: Call an ambulance, but not for me.

  20. Trenlass: “God is dead, and I killed him.”

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