World of Warships- Get Ready For A Lot More Paper Ships

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Hey guys! Today we discuss the future of paper ships in the game and how inevitable we will be seeing more of them. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Last time I was this early all the British battlecruisers were still in one piece.

  2. A Spanish techtree would add tons of legit, non-paper ships:
    DD line: T2-T10 Cruiser line: T1-T7 BB line: T3-T4 CV line: T4 and T7
    And you can squeeze out a few more ships reverting to real projects envisioned back in the time, without having to pull utter fantasy ships out of the nose.

    • @ll THUNDER ll For the most part, the Soyuz is paper. The Russians had only just barely started building it when the project was cancelled and what little of the keel that was built scrapped. Same thing with the Montana, the US had started build them but stopped to focus on CV’s and DD’s.

    • @ll THUNDER ll never finished nor put into service. scrapped on the slipway.

  3. I am all for more Ships and new Nations! Can’t wait for a Canadian line with commanders saying “Sorry” everytime you hit a cit.

  4. Until the RN line gets battlecrusiers i wouldn’t say its fully fledged

  5. N HW - Cinematic Productions

    I like paper ships. It’s cool to see something unknown, instead of the ships which every single naval game always presents.

  6. Personally, I really don’t care whether a ship is a paper design or not. I only care when the ship is properly imbalanced or not fun, regardless of whether it was laid down or not.

    • Agreed. People bitch and moan too much in this game.

    • @Jesse G ikr, I only agree with the bitching about subs and cvs, but other than that, I cringe when people say things like dutch airstrikes, SAP shells, literally ANYTHING new that comes out, people bitch and it sucks because I sometimes feel like I cant avoid it

  7. Most of the fertile ground of real steel ships left is found in Aircraft Carriers and Submarines, which explains the hard push for those ship types right now. The Commonwealth should still be getting a tech line soon, probably cruisers, and it will probably be shared between Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The upside to the commonwealth is they can do destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers with mostly real steel ships, although as you noted, most of the ships were British built.

  8. Starting a new Canadian line with Littlewhitemouse’s original design for the “Nunavik” would be one hell of a PR move just saying.

    • Personally, I’m getting a bit chapped at the lack of Canadian ships. Why would Spain get a line before Canada. Canada at the time the game portrays had a larger Navy than many nations who are already represented in game. So what if they aren’t “perfectly unique” compared to the RN ships? Would the Spanish ones really be so unique? I bet they float, and have a few guns and radars and whatnot. The Canadian ones could have unique attributes just like so many lines, even though they are all just boats. I would appreciate them not just being “worse versions of the RN counterpart”.

      The player base has asked no more CV and subs, and yet there is a huge Navy from WW2 that is not represented at all in game. Many players have repeatedly asked for Canadians to be represented, many players ask for more real steel ships. This is an obvious win for WG, if only they didn’t hate their players.

  9. While I would prefer to have real historic ships in the game, I don’t have a problem with paper ships as long as they are not OP.

  10. Paper ships aren’t bad. They are only bad when they go full petro. Relaxing on the 1950s ships would help. also not using ww1 models for T10s.

  11. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    United Kingdom

  12. ОСКОМ is Nazbol Gang

    Real steal ships are of course preferabl, but I’m absolutely fine with paper ships so long as they fit in with the game and are balanced.

  13. The only real problem with paper ships is the timing of their releases and the concepts used on them. When a line full of paper ships releases and uses an idea it removes the ability for a historic line to feel as unique.

    Take for instance Russian CVs, beyond paper really simply due to the fact that there are barely even Russian CVs in modern times. More importantly, though is that both the USN and IJN have CV line splits owed to them. The Russian CVs used the idea of mass single strikes and now if they use that idea again it feels less exciting or unique. Can you imagine Akagi with a mass strike setup, for example? How cool would that be? The UK was famous for its dam busters but skip bombers were also used on Russian CVs. There are two unique and fitting gimmicks, with some historical precedent now used up. Dutch airstrikes could have been linked to IJN light cruisers with a bit of historical precedent due to the Japanese taking out ships like Repulse and Prince of Wales with land-based aircraft.

    The fact that WG is admitting they’re having a hard time adding in ships in lateral tech trees and are heading toward moving horizontal (Tier 11/Super Ships) just reinforces this.

  14. Freedan48 Blackstar

    I would love a full commonwealth tree with creeping smoke as their feature. I love the Haida and the Perth for that.

  15. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    The problem with Australia, NZ, or Canadian tech tree is that for real their ships are pretty much just UK, or USS ships , and for now the only Commonwealth character is that crawling smoke and that just not enough.

    Paper ship is never a problem , paper ships that are spec way out of being balanced is the problem

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