World of Warships- Get Ready To See This Rare Ship A Hell Of A Lot More

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the Tier VIII Premium Russian battleship Lenin, who will no doubt be the star of the upcoming Tier VIII Clan Battles Season.

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I can also see borodino making a show with 12km radar which is basically des moines replacement for tier VIII. Also has decently punchy guns with good long range accuracy.

  2. Gustavo Cabrerea

    They say Lenin himself resides in the ship, hand crancking the turrets of this mighty ship himself.

  3. Krzysztof Narloch

    6v6 is most likely due to the fact that WG noticed that less people played the clan battles. Some clans had problems getting the 7 people to play during the summer.

  4. Very good ship have it right from when lenin was out

  5. Why play the “second best” T8 BB when you have “The best” T8 in form of Massachusetts 🙂
    I know that Lenin can have Kuznetsov.. but both are superbly good, and I prefer massa playstyle

    • Александр Ванюков

      Without CVs involved Amagi is the best Tier 8 BB.

    • @Krzysztof Narloch
      of course she’s an option, she kicks ass even uptiered. the rework hurt her secondaries but just think of them as long-range flame barrels now, you will set fires no matter what. just dont invest too much into them, the range skill at most

    • @Richard Blalock but massas secondaries are very subpar compared to the German BC and the French Flandre

  6. Rename “Lenin” to “Lennon”, move it to the britsh line, AND people will play it a lot more I guess …

  7. The Lenin feels actually well balanced. It’s very powerful from the front, but very weak from the rear. And the side can be devastating to you or the enemy, depending on who shoots first. It should be said though, the Lenin is a bit allergic to torpedo’s.
    If you expect torpedos coming your way, go nose in towards them. 2 torpedo hits are often enough to take away nearly half the health you had (depending on who’s torpedos it were). Halland torpedos might still hurt a lot in this ship.
    Also, the reload of the guns is a bit painful, it can be as long as 30 seconds. Best to stick with the shells you have loaded.

  8. Jacobo Hernandez

    Call me mad but… I try the Atlantico on the next Cw XD

  9. The reason there wasn’t a lot of hype surrounding Lenin is because the consensus at the time was that Vladivostok was just better. I’m glad I picked it up when it was on its way out because it’s a banger of a ship. I once brought a Monarch from 75% to 0 in a single salvo.

    • I disagree. I don’t think there wasn’t any hype about that ship due to a different Tech tree variant.
      I think it has more to do with the fact that it existed at the same time as the Massachusetts.
      Every list for recommended premium BBs has the Lenin, but it’s always behind Massa. Even when their removal was announced and the decision was Lenin or Massa, players would go for Massa. Probably because players just like secondaries.

  10. Brandon Sheffield

    Lol, you just described my game plan, been playing Lennin a lot when the tier 8 Clan Battles were announced. Also, doing the kidd, loyang, Orlando and Mainz.

  11. I have had both it and the Vladivostok for years now. The Vlad is a far stronger ship with a w/r 10% higher.

    Good luck in hiding your sides at all times. LOLz

  12. Who didnt say Lenin was russian bias it was easily top 3 tier 8 bbs at the time
    I get trolled by rng in incomparable pretty often so even for accurate bbs rng still exists. Dont have slava yet so need to see if they are the railguns people claim

    • Oh, they definitely are. Problem is you need to go full broadside to get your guns all firing, and that heavily opens you up to getting chunked for massive damage. The speed of the shells makes up for the sniper role that it’s forced to take though.

  13. Lenin is a beastly ship. Just be patient, and keep your nose in towards the enemy. You don’t even have to turn 30 degrees to bring the third turret on target, and it rotates through 360 degrees. If there’s a CV in game, stick close to someone with good AA and remember your fighter. I win a lot of fights in this one, and using island cover to ward a flank is almost always a good idea. She’s very accurate for me under 9km range, but pretty good at landing telling hits out to 16km. You can make some credits here.

  14. I think the one ship more popular then Lenin will be the T8 Alaska, the Congress, 10km Radar for 46 sec, hydro and tough armor layout plus a heal

  15. Why should “rare” ships be a thing at all? I got the Puerto Rico when it came out and that fucking sucked so I’m fine seeing it come back and be more available particularly bc it might get looked at some more again as right now it’s a damned tinderbox with subpar guns.

  16. About time they did some other teir then teir 10 in cb

  17. They are very weak, US heavy cruisers can have there way with your side all they want

  18. Already have the lenin before. I say…he’s a decent ship for me.

  19. Yo nací para adorar a Dios

    Hi, I have a doubt. Will the Puerto Rico cruise ship be in the shipyard for this update?

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