World of warships – Get them all

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  1. What mode of gameplay is this? Is this co-op?

  2. That was fantastic Sunday Funday game!! Keep em coming, they are speshul.

    • Have ya thought about an all CV match? I think the FPS would drop to 5 with all the planes, just like the torps with the dd’s in the ocean map. Just trying to give some ideas. Cheers Flambass!!

  3. nevermind i see its training

  4. Lol, Flambass you now have to reward yourself! A six kill carry and still not enough.

  5. See Toaster is running the Team Aware mod.

  6. strong eurobeats at 10:04 😀

  7. Yep Flambass can’t resist the carry even in Funday.

  8. 1 minotaur vs 12 khaba challenge when

  9. AntlanticStrawberry

    New vid :3

  10. John Chucky Tomlinson

    GG, beautiful tripple strike, love your Sunday Fun day.. Look forward to your next vid…thank you as always….?

  11. A tripple baby! Nice work

  12. Does anybody know the song that starts around 03:30? Shazam just won’t pick it up…

  13. Krumpiiiiraaa gospođo, kruuuumpiiiiiraaaa! 😉

  14. ToughAncientSpark

    How do you get in on these battles?

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