World of Warships- Get These Before They’re Gone For Good

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Hey guys, today we have some clarification over whats happening with the perma camos we bought after the Camo/Economy rework.


Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. The post battle reduction is being removed and replaced by an equal % of credit income eg if a permanent camo gives -10% post battle cost reduction then after the update instead of -10% it will give a +5% increase which is an equivalent % increase in credit. Now if you have -50% post battles cost and 10% credit bonus camo like the kobyashi camo then that will be replaced with a 50% credit bonus. All this is mentioned in the dev blog how did you miss this?

    • @R.S.W. K Ok i have checked the data and done few experiments on my ships found a few mistakes in your assumptions and will be posting this under every similar comment you posted under this video just because I don’t like misinformation and you have made a huge mistake (intentionally or unintentionally debatable)
      1) the service cost is not 180K it is divided into two categories service and ammunition (ammunition is 60k to 90k so not insignificant)
      2) The -50% cost reduction doesn’t reduce ammunition costs it only reduces service costs.
      3) This mean that a t10 ship service cost is not 180k but only 90k (since the bonus cannot effect the ammunition cost so mentioning it is mute)
      4) With these numbers if we do the math then you actually get more credits in the new system compared to the old system. you can do it yourself if you don’t believe me.
      i hope what you did is an honest mistake and not just rage blaming.

    • @HidesHisFace for good battle u will be better revarded but most players are bad so its downgrade income for them in credits, they will only earn all kind exp faster, so play more to get more credits to spent on ships which u are able to buy faster, buy camos, buy flags and other staf from premium shop

    • @Piotr Kawka i m not very good , but i found it pretty bad for cruiser and DD at T10, those are the 2 first ship to be spotted and deletec early game, sometime will doing little dmg themself, like a HenryIV will be spoted early one before it can found a target because of opposit DD and will be nuked by BB before it fire enought shot to repair the cost of service.

    • I rather have a multiplier on credit than 50 reduction in service cost. The service cost is stagnant.

    • @R.S.W. K You don’t earn 90k… Unless you do absolutely horribly.

      I myself am just about average, especially considering I have a horrible habits of tunnel vision and overextending.

      I just did some basic live testing on my Yama. No premium account, no flags, no boosting camos – nothing boosting the earnings.
      So… Without camo, we are talking 180k service cost. In addition, the battle cost me something like 70k in ammo supply.
      That is roughly 250k cost – on a pretty underwhelming game where I did just about 100k damage – so just above my own hitpoint pool (god bless the abysmal RNG and Kremlin broadsiding me having Star Wars levels of plot armour, but I digress).

      That is an earning of around 175k. That is a loss of 75k.
      This is safe to indicate that on a decent game you’d still be making a marginal profit.

      With a current premium camo and no flags – we have 90k service cost, same 70k ammo resupply – 160k total cost.
      175k earning is boosted by 20% (so additional 35k). Total earning of ~50k.

      Now let’s consider the same with new proposed camo. You get ~263k earning with 50% modifier. Minus the 250k cost.
      You earn only 13k.
      On a pretty bad battle and a loss on top of that.

      So yeah, your average Joe is going to be horribly screwed over by this in a long run – especially considering you won’t be able to stack bonuses to the same levels as before.

      Also – premium/special Tier 10 ships basically have built in reduction if service cost of 50% – so they have base service cost of 90k (45k with boosted camo), but their ammo cost remains unchanged.
      So… Let’s consider if my Yama was a special ship.
      Currently, with 45k cost + 70k for ammo and 210k earning – that gives 95k pure profit.
      With new camo – 90k + 70k cost – 263k earning – 103k pure profit.

      So… Basically – for a very average battle – on top of the current camo changes, WG would have to also give the service cost reduction to not screw average Joe Over. But it will still benefit the better players in the end.

  2. I’d like if they were to make customisation of ships similar to how war thunder does customisation, that when you play a certain tree you unlock decals and camos for the ship that you can play around with pretty freely, one of the few things I think wt is better at than world of warships

    • I agree. Some numbers or other designations to put on the hull freely and some skins you can put on ships, similar to that one on the Bismarck where it has holes in it or something similar. that would be nice. Lot of work to put in game I imagine but the art department on this game is great so I’m sure they can make such things.

  3. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Edit: I missed the drop down menu explaining how to Kobayahsi camo will function in the new system. Bonus is as follows (this is for Kii, Roma, Ashitaka):

    +45% credits
    +100% commander XP
    +100% XP
    +100% Free XP

    Kudos to BigData 2 for pointing this out

    While you lose the -50% reduction in post battle service you gain another 25% in credit earnings. Meaning you’ll still be earning 1Mil+ on decent games with these ships with it. The service cost of T8 and below is low enough to still make this profitable. This is obviously much better than the new T8 permacamo bonuses that will be attached to the Kobayashi camo after the update.

    • @Darth Aragon 130 games? If you make 1 million a match it’s only 10 lol. If you make 600k it’s like 17 matches.

    • I’ve made some math assuming you earn 451k credits on Kii (~105k dmg + win), a 48k credit ship service and 25k worth of used ammo.
      My objective is to see if it is worth spending the 7.000 doubloons or not (on Kii). Because of this, I am only going to consider the post patch Kobayashi (+45% credits) and not the current one (+20% credits and -50% ship service)
      This is also assuming that the initial post-battle credit earnings calculations remains the same after the patch.

      Earnings 451.000
      -48.000 ship service
      -25.000 ammo

      a) Kii without flags
      net earnings = 378.000
      net earnings with post patch Kobayashi = 580.950
      Increase of 53,69%

      b) Kii with flags Zulu, Wyvern, Basilisk, Scylla and Leviathan
      net earnings = 1.031.950
      net eanings with post patch Kobayashi = 1.234.900
      Increase of 19,67%

      7.000 doubloons = 10.500.000 credits
      If you buy Kobayashi, it will take you ~19 matches (post-patch) to be even with those doubloons without using any flags.
      If you don’t, it will take you ~28 matches.

      I think it might be barely worth it, but consider that Puerto Rico is around the corner and you might want to save your doubloons for that.

    • Hey Sealord, I’d like to ask for a quick clarification here. Does Kii earn these 1million credit matches with an average 80k damage game independent of signal flags?

    • @Joseph Only if you pack the shit out with flags

    • @Pipe Páez Thanks for that, but trigger already pulled. Couldn’t resist this is long haul for me anyway, so number of games immaterial really. As I said many thanks for the calculations though.

  4. HandsOn KeyboardandMouse

    Thanks for the thought-provoking video … a comment and a question …

    Comment: DDs are going to feel increased pressure to farm damage as spotting and screening torps gain no XP and service costs for low damage dealers are going up.

    Question: Is it confirmed that the 3800 cost for the tier IX set of camos is for ALL of them or EACH of them — the credit, XP, CMDR XP, etc? There’s a serious jump in cost if you have to pay 4×3800 = 15200 for the four bonuses vs the current price of a single tier IX camo that has multiple bonuses attached.

  5. I wonder if those of us on the NA server that were playing at the time and received the Military Month Contributor flag that grants a flat 5% bonus across the board for Commander normal XP and Credits will finally have that bonus taken away from us. I know for the longest time they’ve been trying to find a way to change that since no other server got that flag or an equivalent.

  6. One thing to be sure. If WG makes a structural change to its economy, it’s certainly NOT in favour of the player. Never has been (see commander skills rework)

    • @Gene Hazard There is also the lighthouses build which was not present previously now yes the last two points are very difficult to obtain but most builds are 95% complete with 19 points and the last 2 points just go to t2 skills which don’t impact the build that much.

    • @Gene Hazard out of the 4 point skills all but 1 have truely viable use cases, of the 3 point skills all but the AA skills are viable, of the 2 point skills you have 4 good options, and 1 point skills there are good options too

    • @halostryke they also gave you 2 months of free respecs to do all that, if you missed the window, its not my problem, nor the devs, they also did an all captains forced reset when they did it so even if you missed it, your captains should all be reset to let you respec to make it work. they also gave you 4 unique skill trees so you can use your BB captain on a premium dd or cruiser that plays differently than the inline that you have and dont want to respec for, what they took is still missed, but what was given was well worth it in the long run. (in my opinion)

    • @halostryke That’s fair too. The only good thing out of it was the ability to change ship type skills per commander and move them onto any premium ship. But I would have preferred that just added onto to the old commander skills. (I still miss the ability to put FP on super cruisers)

    • @halostryke I’m very happy that I can use the same commander on multiple ships (obviously mostly premium or specials) without sacrificing utility.

  7. This change is a huge nerf to credit earnings via co-op mode.
    In co-op you earn lot less credits and your battle costs are the same as randoms. So a 50 boost to credit earning will not be enough to clear the entry costs.

    Right now you would need to kill 4 ships to break even on a tech line tier IX in co-op. And, now this will be the new reality for tier 9 premiums. This is a greedy nerf, ladies and gentlemen. There was no need to ‘modify’ anything, its a thinly veiled bid to create ingame famine.

  8. We have WG assurance that this will be better for us, just like the the special deal where OG MO will print the same credit (which didn’t happen whe it came out), just like the commader rework will keep secondaries as good as they ever were (not), just like the CV rework (BARF), just like Subs won’t drastacally change the game, just like you can’t play Petro or Kleber in the present CBs, because their OP, but you CAN play T11 superships. I sense another screwing of players on the horizon.

    • I have a more specific question. Say you paid money to get Special flags and you have 100 Dragon flags which give +333% Commander XP. Then say this new system goes live. What happens to those 100 Dragon flags? What happens to the +333% Commander XP boost. Same question with the Happy Pi Day Camouflage that gives +314% Commander XP boost? If you have 80 of those, what happens to them and their Commander XP boost?

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      Sure looks that way.

    • I agree, I think the are going to raise the maintenance cost for every war x10

  9. When you hear: “I’m a WoW developer, and I’m here to help!” it’s time to hide your money and back up from the gambler’s table.

    • Well if you are a Developer , stop NERF all gamers then , don’t remove or camo or flags that we have – Like or Italian destroyers that we urn with or Italian token ( DD ship + tier 10 captain ) you stolen or tier 10 captains from some Italian DD’s that we urn with or tokens !! And first after all this years start once with fair matchmakers !!!!!!!!!!!!!! All what you want all is that we open or wallet !!

  10. Imagine being all tagged up ready to earn credits and you keep wasting everything as your team faulters in the first minute and you are detonated.

  11. i have the kobayashi yamato camo, love the skins
    just gonna hope wg won’t butcher economy

  12. Well, this sucks mightily. I guess my G.K. and Des Moines will be headed to the mothball fleet. Was bad enough when they removed the -10% repair costs flag.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      GK shouldn’t be affected to badly since she got turned into a premium and has a permanent camo now. Des Moines on the other hand. My advice is to get Salem. One of the primary reasons I have that ship is because she is a better earner than Des Monies.

  13. Vaughn Blaylock

    Does this mean that the ridiculous “detonation” mechanic is going away?

  14. ill be blunt…., to me… its mostly a nerf to overall high tier credit earning… given the choice between extra credit bonus vs service cost reduction, id take the latter. the former is better only if you perform well, the latter is more consistent. how often do most players get those good matches? usually its average and in some cases u get bad matches, and honestly we know… we know that sometimes this happens because of bad luck; coz chemistry with bad team, bad rng, bad MM etc etc…. i want the bonus to service cost reduction as an insurance against bad luck.

    ive sit thru with the game since the time when there were only 2 in game nations, US and japan, and frankly its this changes that has made me think of quitting more than all the others (cv rework, commander rework, subs etc etc). i hope it wont turn out as bad…. but one never knw

  15. I wonder what would be the bonuses for Ashitaka kobiashi camo and Shinonome special camo. Anybody have thoughts on that?

  16. WG has made no bones about trying to reign in their in game economy. I sincerely doubt that any tweeks to the economy will benefit the majority of the player-base. I get that the company needs to make money to keep the lights on, but looking at their track record on how they go about it (loot boxes, ships for sale for ridiculous amounts of real money, the dock yards, etc.) I don’t have much faith.

  17. Wow, XP in tier X and superships, both XP are worthless. They should just make every war in a tier X/supership award 17 trillion XP. It would be just as worthless as if you get 0 XP.

  18. Vlad The Impaler

    So what I’m getting is, net value of credits earned is basically the same, but the cost of losing is increased, regardless of whether it was your fault. Im worried they might go full War Thunder and make the grind so long and hard that you’ll just cave a buy your way to tier x

  19. And FAR AS I KNOW, NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS! And knowing wargaming this will just screw us over even more. Still, nice to have the camos be separate from the bonuses i suppose, ONLY so you dont have to use the default camos! Seriously i have SO MANY camos i just haven’t bothered to use due to the bonuses (not yet at the stage where i just grinding resources).

  20. What about Steel Camo with 50% Service reduction? is that included? So glad I collected Signal flags (eyeroll)…I have 3000+ of many of the economic flags, and 200+ of every special economic flags.

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