World of Warships- Get These Ships Before They’re Gone

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Hey guys! Today we talk about the removal of Gk and Khaba, and go over what you need to know about it. Enjoy!
Ross Rowley:

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  1. Thanks for that, have the GK and will spend some FXP to get the Preusen rather than grind the FDG again as it was painful last time!!!!

    • @The Proceedings Yea, think it was possibly just over two years ago so might enjoy it a bit more now?

    • @stigg Possibly, they kept buffing the guns to bring them up to snuff.

    • Try 406 guns and reload module. 420 full secondary build FdG is shit. But with the other build its great. It even broke my Musashis overall T9 damage record.

    • I will just use my free XP and credits since I have plenty of it. I have not had any real issue’s without the FDG though for me, it plays kind of like a buffed Bismarck.

    • @The Proceedings They buffed the FDG and with the secondary buff its nice as well. go with the 406’s on the FDG instead of the 420’s.

  2. Totally forgotten that they were replacing Khaba and GK since we first knew of the news in close to mid 2021

  3. Presumably the next update is imminent, so if you reckon on getting a full 4+ weeks notice, this isn’t gonna happen anytime soon?

    • I feel like it’s going to drop second week of January

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      It will likely be announced with next major patch when the ships will be leaving exactly. I would put money down on Feb/March. Which would be an easy grind for most players if they start now.

    • It’ll be Feb or March. WG Hasn’t givin us a deadline like they do for all ships leaving the port. Weather it’s for good or to the Armory!

    • The next update will be regarding Superships , Subs , destroyed modules bug changes and stuff like that, so till 20 we are staying with snow giants,then this update and then i think GK and Khaba will happen . I had a game in my stock Shokaku and the enemy had a Preussen. I was like wtf… that guy had a weird Wargaming clan. My bet is at the beginning of Feb.

  4. back in mah day they would give the line ships for free… like with the americans cruisers… but nope, you will need to grind them all over again… khaba was my frist t10, i have no idea how to play tashkent anymore (we used to call trashkan before the buffs)

  5. Patrick Joergensen

    I already grinded the T9’s to have enough xp for both when they launch.

    Though when I was done with Tashkent and FdG, I also grinded about 250k xp on Alsace, because with the difference between Republique and Richeleu/Alsace, I expect the French BB techtree to get the same treatment in the future.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      Shit now you got me worried lol, I stayed at Lyon myself because, meme build.

    • Patrick Joergensen

      @Majestic Hotwings well it’s just a hunch, so only time will tell if the extra 250k grind was worth it 😂

    • Got enough xp for the GK, but I’ll just wait for the Preussen, since that ship just looks like a better GK. As for the Soviet DDs, I’ve hav’nt played any of them, and I don’t really see any reason to do it!😊

    • @Tobias Time True, if you want to torp ppl – Halland, if you want to gun ppl – Kleber, the rest are just meme material now (that’s for tech tree DDs)… As for premium DDs, SOMERS and Marceau just shit on everything. Even SMALAND can’t win a gun duel vs Marceau and there is no other DD that can make the enemy team sh*t bricks in anticipation of the epic ”skill wall” that SOMERS can spam.

  6. when I learned about the gk and khab being removed I went back to my bismark and grinded till I unlocked and went on the fdg to get enough xp for the Preussen and then went to on the Tashkent and grinded enough to get the Delny (already had the khab… but I somehow fee the khab is weaker than it used to be… the shorter range hurt my playstyle with it a lot.

    I was expecting a horrible grind with the fdg, especially since I tend to dislike slow, un-maneuverable boats, but somehow, I ended up liking that tub. the guns, for some reason, felt like they behaved so much better than the Bismark it was like a breath of fresh air…

    Please note that I don’t care all that much about the station paper, but tend to refer mostly on my performance on the ship. If I do well on a ship on a regular basis, I tend to enjoy said ship… even if it’s supposed to be the worse ship in the game. turns out, I could get some pretty decent damage done on the fdg on a regular basis (compared to my average)

    • @Gothia went 406, but a bit of a mix of secondary build + gun reload. it’s one of my best average damage-per-battle ship around… unfortunately I sacrificed the survival skills like fire prevention and the like, so I spend most of the battle being a floating brazier

      My top damage is with my Hindenburg at 180k

    • @Yoshi Toranaga I also run a semi secondary build. But with fire prevention. My answer was just for interested guys who did read your comment 🙂
      FdG is really a underrated ship. Many people just jump on the hate train which is easy instead of trying to make it work. And once you know how, FdG can be a blast !
      Btw, Hindi is also my record holder with 309k.

  7. Since the Schlieffen i did never use the GK, and Preussen was announced with the same (bad) dispersion. Never buyed Khaba, but i’m close to have XP for the new DD.

    • With the Preussen we now have 2 very different lines. The GKs guns kept 8t in that same threshold that the Schlieffen now inhabits as it’s best uses were for the secondaries. Now we have a tanky main gun line and a stealthy secondary line. I’m excited to pick up the preussen

  8. When I saw the title I thought this stream might be about premiums likely to get removed…. which of current ships there is only one likely candidate in the Ragnar. In the case of GK and Khaba they will just be two more snowflake Queens for me

  9. At 7:27 you refer to Tashkent as a cruiser. I mean, you’re not entirely wrong…🤣

  10. TheGuardianofAzarath

    GK was my first T10 ship, and I’m not really a good dd player, so haven’t really gone down the Russian line, so I’ll have to use coal to get the khabab if i want it (and tbh, i kinda don’t), honestly don’t know what my next coal ship will be, picked up the Salem and Oct Rev few weeks ago.

  11. Don’t know the US server, but the EU on a CC and streamer, when he posted a few day ago, he presented the stats on a ship. All the New ships and the bouth ones, it stated 17 Tag and a clock. Tag is the equivalent of a day, so… Don’t quite know what to say about that February or March🤔🤔

  12. Clay C. S. MacWhirter ll

    Took German for 4 years, Preußen (Preussen) Prussia, is pronounced Pr-oi-sen.

  13. Should we buy the premium camos for Khaba and GK before the patch? Does that get us 2 for 1 effectively?

  14. Majestic Hotwings

    Thankfully I’ve already secured my GK and Khaba by researching them over the last few months, but now I’ve got to complete 2 whole other grinds to maintain this progress. At least I’m patient, as demonstrated by the fact it took me going on 6 years to grind GK DESPITE starting at Bismarck thanks to the old “hunt for Bismarck” campaign. I had a free T8 with premium camo on it and it still took me the better part of a year and a half to get to FDG, and from then, like 4.5 years just not playing it and focusing on other grinds to finally reach GK (and only researched, not bought) back in November. Suffice it to say I’m more a Slow and Steady kinda player.

  15. Thanks PQ for the PSA. I have the GK researched but not purchased. I believe I will get it for free and hoping they toss in the perma camo. Cheers!!

  16. MajorMinor Gaming

    What will happen to my GK commander? I’m assuming he will stay on the GK? Although I would prefer an option to move him to the new ship for free. 🙂

  17. They won’t become premium ships. They will become special ships. Premium ships have improved credit and exp income, special ships don’t.

  18. Khaba is a unique ship of its own. However the Delny has worst DPM than the Khaba, worst range as well. correct me if im wrong. But regardless I still play my khaba like a mini cruiser.

  19. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    Well, I am at T8 so, I would never get them on time I think.
    Yesterday I got: Dreadnought, Tachibana L, Yahagi, Mikasa and Perth.

  20. Damn and I just bought both the GFK and the Khab. Used a bunch of Free XP to cover what I was missing since it is now the beginning of 2022. What is worse I skipped the FDG since I heard it was a horrendous gind.

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