World Of Warships – Getting Destroyed In The SEXIEST SHIP! Tier 9 IOWA GAMEPLAY

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In this World Of Warships video we take out the Tier 9 USS IOWA for some fun. Vote in the comments below on the next ship!

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  1. Sibille Bubelhuber

    do you only play co-op battles against bots ? you get much more xp by
    playing random battles against real players. 🙂

  2. FallenBut NotForgotten

    Do you havea lot of subscribers? Do you put up WoWS videos on your channel?
    Those are the requirements pretty much

  3. +FallenBut NotForgotten im pretty famous tho I was the one who found the
    rare candy glitch in pokemon back in the day.

  4. FallenBut NotForgotten

    +Mr Homicidex pretty much yeah

  5. FallenBut NotForgotten

    +Brendan Schultz Nope. IIRC it was a Pennsylvania class, which is not in
    game. Dont really know why since it is the most known American Battleship

  6. Me 163 op

  7. FallenBut NotForgotten

    +Profound Gaming Dank fuel cant melt fried potatos

  8. FallenBut NotForgotten

    +Nikita Hradovych He didnt have time to reload HE shells

  9. In a battleship, when you launch a scout plane, the view changes
    automatically. It changes back as soon as the plane returns.

  10. What button to view the planes’ view?

  11. A1. Press Z.
    A2. You can use a scout plane to change your view and increase your range.

  12. FallenBut NotForgotten

    +KingOfRotterdam16 opinions man. opinions

  13. +John Lee Yeah and punkbuster sucks

  14. Actually there’s a good number of servers on PC, some of them are filled
    with hackers though.

  15. +kisiel051999 yeah is a great game, not so many people playing but whatever

  16. Wisconsin fired the last 16 inch guns shells ever

  17. +MythicFrost murica

  18. Hell yeah!

  19. Richard Gustafsson

    Myogi is a nice ship 🙂

  20. Myogi really terrible. Don’t get phly to play that frustration mobile.

  21. show us the real beast 😉 zao

  22. +PhlyDaily Kongo!!!

  23. +PhlyDaily Well quit talking, get on with those videos rite zao or there’s
    gon be problems zao ya hear?

  24. +Josh Friedman making zao video right zao! or right mao or nao …

  25. +coleton avery ctrl click

  26. +PhlyDaily hell fokin yeah mate 😀

  27. +Sebastian Mroz im a fookin beast

  28. Kancolle! Kancolle! Naka chan da yo~

  29. poi?

  30. Nay, HMS Illustrious.

  31. +Sarge Rho what about the akagi and its escort destroyer hmmm >:I

  32. I know and yes but I do prefer the Tirpitz above all ships in WW2, because
    it was a fortress

  33. +Michael Peeters You know that the Bismarck and the Tirpitz was in the same
    class? Or u was just trolling

  34. +Sarge Rho Tirpitz is still the best

  35. +PhlyDaily I’m disappointed with wargaming, it’s just unbelievable how
    inaccurate US ships are, they should be more accurate by both historical
    and balance reasons, especially the top tiers

    if they have shorter range it would be natural to balance it with higher
    accuracy but the worst part is that historically they mounted superior
    fire-directing equipment (including “computers” and radar) that gave them
    the edge in accuracy

  36. T 10 zao

  37. Would love to see the zao.

  38. +PhlyDaily Yamato!Biggest guns on the sea!

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