World Of Warships – Getting Destroyed In The SEXIEST SHIP! Tier 9 IOWA GAMEPLAY

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In this World Of Warships video we take out the Tier 9 USS IOWA for some fun. Vote in the comments below on the next ship!

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  1. 3 by 9 is 27 Phly…. not 18, but bad math apart…. great video ;)

  2. you clearly saw just how much better that amagi captain was. Just dont sail
    in a straight line next time ^^

  3. Combined arms! Midway with f2h. DO THAT PHLY. MAKE COMBINED ARMS WITH

  4. USS New Jersey is sitting down in Camden Harbor around 45 mins from my
    house. Took the Firepower tour once when I was like 13, with my dad. We
    went inside the main turrets as part of the tour, the breach on one of
    those guns is massive, and the shell alone is enormousness, let along the
    multiple powder charges set behind each round.

    Cool part about the New Jersey is that it was one of the Iowa class BB’s
    that was recommissioned multiple times, serving in Korea (where it earned
    the nickname “the Black Dragon” from enemy forces who saw it of shore on
    the horizon) all the way up to The Lebanese Civil War I believe. Because of
    her service record the ship was updated with an arsenal of dummy fire
    rocket batteries, Cruise missile capabilities, as well as Doppler radar
    M134 anti ship missile intercept systems. Most of the original AAA
    batteries on the ship were of coarse removed.

    A fun fact I learned was that the Iowa Class NJ was not the first USS NJ.
    The First NJ was a much smaller Virginia Class BB that toward the end of
    her life had her rear guns removed and a mini flight deck added to her
    stern, long enough to launch planes but not land. meant to be an escort
    ship for Carriers. They sunk her in a harbor as a target for bomb testing
    in 1920.

  5. Do you think they should add off shore bombing runs from bigger
    bombers…..have it be like a cool down ability of either the CV or as a
    Captain skill of some sort……

  6. maybe TX RJN destroyer?

  7. Hey man. I’m kinda new and I love ur channel, could you do the Bismarck if
    you haven’t already. Thanks phly, stay classy

  8. In my experience i find the 20% rudder shift time generally better.


  10. Still love the fucking intro, man. So good!

    The Iowa has an SB2C Helldiver, not an OS2U.

  11. Mogami !!

  12. how can I earn more cp because it will take months to reach tear 9 with
    300xp per match

    • Sibille Bubelhuber

      do you only play co-op battles against bots ? you get much more xp by
      playing random battles against real players. 🙂

  13. Yamato Next!



  15. World Of Warships – Getting Destroyed In The SEXIEST SHIP! Tier 9 IOWA

  16. Airidas Šeškauskas

    Try using Q and E to lock your rudder in either 1/2 or FULL as well m8.

  17. man you really got rekt there.. but good game (y)

  18. Play a cleveland, or a North Carolina, or better yet take out the Amagi
    next! :)

  19. literly just went to see ye old BB 61 not more than 4 days ago

  20. Sometimes i think there is a little hack in the game allready! Joined the
    other night and was pretty much 1 salvo’d by a cruiser all citidel hits?!
    Than 2 games later same thing by another cruiser.. from full health…

  21. So you did a video of maus vs light tanks. Can you do one with the t10m?

  22. Yamato or the Montana 

  23. one of the reasons they decommissioned it was the cost to run it every day
    was alot. and they thought it was obsolete. i always wished they would just
    throw on more missile batteries and drop a nuke reactor in it, it was big
    enough to handle it and it would still be on the seas if it had one.
    scareing people all over the world when it shows up in ur harbour

  24. Love the intro

  25. I just watched a crappy b-movie about this ship called American Warships.
    If you like laughing at stupid movies and have Netflix you should check it
    ou hilarious

  26. The intro where the battleship rises from its water grave looks like some
    shit from apreggio of blue steel.

  27. Why 30.8 knots? As far as I can tell he has all ship upgrades and the Iowas
    were capable of at least 32.5 knots fully loaded. I read somewhere that one
    of the ships got up to 35.2 knots when it was chasing down a destroyer on
    light load.

  28. They tagged u at the end

  29. celtibero javier

    +PhlyDaily Kongo burning love!!!


  31. +PhlyDaily There is the USS wisconsin at Nuaticus, in Norfolk Virginia. i
    used to live relatively close to it.

  32. Kongo

  33. Intro gets me every time, resurrect the Bismark

  34. Phly FYI

    90-95% of DMG is repaired using consumable IF light DMG
    5-15% of DMG is repaired using Consumable if Critical DMG

    Your 5 Crits will only be healed 5-15%
    Fire dmg is light/non critcal

    Mechanics explained

    Consumable WILL NOT work if you have not received any NEW damage since last

  35. how to i get an account where all the ships are unlocked? Do i have to be

  36. I just got back from seeing the last flyable SB2C helldiver and B-29 AKA

  37. Best part of the Iowa, wait for it: The bridge! I dunno why, but I prefer
    rectangular widows over the circular ones.

  38. Something tells me that Hatindemthugs was using an aim assist mod. That or
    he’s insanely good.

  39. Is the uss Arizona in the game?

    • FallenBut NotForgotten

      +Brendan Schultz Nope. IIRC it was a Pennsylvania class, which is not in
      game. Dont really know why since it is the most known American Battleship

  40. yes but can those guns get citadels on an alien space/aquatic battleship
    while dropping anchor to do a snap turn for a broadside? :3

  41. Richard Gustafsson

    How’s the economy in tier 8, 9 and 10 sips? Repair and such

  42. Richard Gustafsson

    Do you have a press acc like in wt?

  43. Skate or Longboard

    Love that intro <3 o/

  44. they still have that aim assist mod? that amagi sure was suspisiously

  45. Angus “ang27” Smith


  46. play the Tier 7 US battleship

  47. Cant get over how sexy his intro issss

  48. Btw Phly, ‘ship repair’ only fixes HP lost as ‘light damage’, thats why
    often its so small amount and doesnt fix citadel and critical hits since
    those are counted as Moderate/Heavy damage. At least thats what i made out
    from the descriptions.

  49. Sims

  50. Phly this is a War Thunder question. Should I get the 163 or the 229?

  51. What about a match Phly vs Baron? Yamato vs USS Montana?

  52. I never will get tired of seeing that ship intro…. so sweet

  53. Justnyan Andsmile

    come on bruh saw this ship to much plzzz i begg you YAMATO mother of al

    ps: u have a hole in your right wing

  54. TheEpicminecraft70

    Philydaily can you do the auroa please 

  55. 3×9=18 according to phly math

  56. so i was in my tier 4 cruiser and some dude invited me to a group and well
    he thought it would be fucking funny to get into his tier 9 XD so i fought
    the iowa and won i torped the fucking hell out of it XD

  57. can you do somewhat of a tutorial of shooting with the scout plane im
    finding it really difficult to get hits with ith

  58. phoniex next

  59. FriedDankly?

  60. Nikita Hradovych

    Why are you using ap shells on destroyers??

  61. I only have the New York but I love it

  62. The Iowa gets me harder then a maus front armor.

  63. And Phly if you go to Baltimore you can see it in person, I got to sleep
    and eat on it for scouts :D

  64. Oh on the subject of being in the AA gun assemblies. My Grandfather was in
    the Royal Navy in WW2 in the Mediterranean. He was an AA deck gunner, not
    sure which gun exactly but I’m guessing one of the 40mm cannons or flak
    because he had a loader, he would alternate between loader and gunner with
    his good friend until one day they got strafed by a german aircraft and his
    friend was killed right next to him, he had to continue despite this.
    Through the war he was stationed on several ships, 3 of which were sunk by
    torpedoes. He survived the war. Very quiet man, bit grumpy towards his
    later years but I think it’s amazing to think of the bravery and what his
    eyes saw. He died about 16 years ago now. I wish I knew more about his
    life, he left me his medals, I really need to look at the national records
    or something.

  65. This beauty almost goes as fast as some of my destroyers xD

  66. i really want to see some DD love from you phly. especially my favorite the

  67. you sang “carma chameleon” ;)

  68. couple of questions:

    1) How do you track your shots?
    2) How do you use that aerial view?

  69. Both the USS Missouri and the USS Wisconsin served into the 90s. Missouri
    was a little more decorated but the Wisconsin holds the speed record of any
    battleship at 39 knots, but in shallow not open water. Love the Iowa class!

  70. In the British navy is there a town class cruiser if so can you do it plz:)

  71. I just LOVE your intro it’s amazing 

  72. USS Des Moines because what better way to name a ship then after a city
    surrounded by corn and rednecks.

  73. Did someone count the times that Phly said “Agami”?

  74. i think i only like japs ship

  75. KingOfRotterdam16

    Japanese ships are more sexy than all US ships !!

  76. “it’s just one fire i’m gonna let it burn” you burnt for 10000 ;-;

  77. The Iowa is here. 

  78. Jack k (yankeejackk)

    I’ve been to another ship in its class the USS New Jersey

  79. god damn iowa’s guns sound sexy

  80. Guys should I buy bfbc2 now on PC?

  81. Hey phly! Love your streams dude I was on last night

  82. Karma karma karma karma karma chameleeeeeooooooooon. Thanks for getting
    that stuck in my head, Phly.

  83. Zao, and i swear im gonna lose my mind if you don´t use AP on cruisers.

  84. Want to see some tier 8-10 Japanese Destroyer gameplay

  85. It was USS Missouri (BB-63) and USS Wisconsin (BB-64) Fired on Iraq
    targets. Twho ships fired 52 Tomahawks and expended about 1069 16-inch
    shells against Iraq army positions in coast.

  86. Is it true that Japanese ships doesn’t have armor at the moment in WOW?
    I seem to die in a tier 3 Japanese BB a lot by the south Carolina. (I think
    American ships has armor at the moment)


  87. HIJMS Yamato.

  88. Love to all

  89. Phly! You have played American ship! You must bring back the IJN honor!


  90. Such a sexy ship.

  91. Post ark if it dose not work just stop just post it!

  92. Hey, please sail out in the king Kongo!

  93. furutaka for the pain

  94. Mt. Zao. Chairman Zao! Leslie Zao!

    Okay okay i think I’ve finally run out of terrible puns, can I go Zao?

    If you haven’t noticed already.. I’m kinda voting for the undisputed ruler
    of the seas. The Zao!

  95. how do you desinate AA targets? iv been wondering alot about that

  96. Play more Star Wars battlefront 2

  97. Damn, 2 30 minute-ish video in a day, gg phly

  98. Kancolle 

  99. The Iowa and the Yamato are, by far, the sexiest warships ever built.

  100. The Atlanta will be soooo cooool

  101. The mighty mo

  102. Any aircraft carrier

  103. Target penetrated HAHAAH i lost my shit

    serlsy cant find it, help me

  104. Visited the USS Iowa last week. Beautiful ship and gigantic cannons! Though
    it looks quite small before you get all the way up to it.

  105. Furutaka with AP only! CITADEL BEAST!

  106. Tier 4 Japan cv

  107. Mogami pls


  109. Never been on a video so soon after it was put out

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