World of Warships – Getting trolled by tier XII Le Yamato

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If you wanna blame someone for this, blame my twitch chat and not me, okey? They were the ones who wanted me to upload this game and everything it happens at the end. I take no responsibility for this xD
After all, there is no shame in losing to a ship 2 tiers HIGHER than you, right? xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. There is actually a paper “Le Yamato”.
    It was supposed to have 450 mm guns.
    But Wargaming decided the French T10 battleship had to be a Mega Adm. Graf Spee

    • @Ari Sudewa

      I’ll check it out.

    • There are also better and more historically accurate version (based on real blueprints) of high tier ships there (H39, H42, pr.47, G3, L3) not some crap self-made designs by WG… I personally recommend that game

    • @Ari Sudewa

      The latest travesty from Wargaming is the Italian T10 cruiser.
      The second turret from that ship is UNWORKABLE.
      Eventhough there is a legit and powerful T10 cruiser design from Ansaldo.

    • Артем Бояринцев

      @Ari Sudewa Super Yamato in that game is not the real project. They just took the outdated Yamato and installed 2×3 510mm guns. Which is absolutely not what A-150 was about.
      The real A-150 would come with 20×2 100mm Type 98 secondaries. Upgraded armor, engine and torpedo defense. And only then, the latest two ships out of three in this class were coming with 3×2 510 guns.

    • Артем Бояринцев

      Of course, if you asked about the ships in question a lot, and made your statement clear to WG, like we did with Leopard 1 tank in WoT, you would get what you wanted. But since you don’t actually mind anything they do with ships, you get what they want.

  2. Tier XII Le Yamato – sign me up I want one in my port now ???

  3. I love the intake of breath and then “le terrible no nauh nope lemme fix this” lol hahahahaha

  4. Nishitha Sapukotanage

    Watching the stream and then watching the same thing as a vid? Perfect

  5. They have screwed up base XP’s for battleships. I can do 30k damage in a destroyer and get over 1200 base xp.. I do over 100k in a battleship and I dont break 1000 base xp.

  6. Le Yamateau tier XII French secret weapon

  7. Ma dude – shipnames on the team-overview are always in CAPITALS! – captn capslocks would have known….

  8. So we are up to tier XII now? AWESOME!

  9. Well done Flambass… Your photo shop skills are superb

  10. well, this explains why Flambass’s stats are so good…

  11. And you didn’t even notice that shipnames have capitol letters…..? xD

  12. 8:05
    Get balanced mothertrucker 😀

  13. You get more fires with secondaries with this shiX than my mogami primaries :

  14. Velshyrym the dragon

    Lol flambass getting embarrassed trying to cover it up and halfway failing hahaha ??????

  15. All tier 10 BBs are strong, and then there is GK.

  16. Screw the game. The victory thingy was hilarious ????

  17. Awesome made me laugh. Thanks for the good laugh Flambass.

  18. minority outplays flam. UN-UN- UNACCEPTABLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Hold on gotta edit this out and fix this.

  19. Tier 12 Le Yamato? Love it… What next? Graf Conqueror? Fer de Conqueror?

  20. The edits are probably my favorite parts of your vids.

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