World of Warships – Ghost Ship 2 Electric Boogaloo

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Paranormal Investigation USS Hornet

Michael and Sean explore the ship and make first contact with ghosts on the ship thanks to the help of the USS Hornet paranormal team. Sean tries to find true love with a ghostly apparition but ends up severly disappoined.

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  1. do vids in iowa or north Carolina

  2. I don’t believe in ghosts. Not to say I don’t believe something’s going on,
    though, it’s just not quite that simple. Maybe it’s some form of maverick
    EM shift, like a breeze, or maybe it’s something going on within the
    ‘haunt’ to cause it. It might even be a consciousness formed by all of the
    humans passing through and going about, such that it’s not any number of
    entities, but one that just appears as many. Maybe, in this case, it’s
    Hornet herself trying to speak with us the only way she can. Or it could be
    none of these things, or all of them. Who the hell knows, but stuff like
    this exists. Too many stories for too long for there not to be fire beneath
    the smoke, there’s just no way of knowing what kind of fire it is. Not to
    say a great deal of occurrences aren’t faked, though, but I’m no expert on
    the paranormal, and I’ve not had enough real experiences to make myself
    one, so I haven’t the faintest clue if this is real or not. I can already
    see ways it could be faked, particularly with the nature of the readings,
    and hence things like this can only be verified by direct participation.

  3. 10:10 was that a Hitler Great?

  4. ghosts are just made up stories to spoke the easily spokable

  5. shows he can set off the k2 with the walkie talkie never shows up when the
    k2 toes off

  6. Andrew Taylor (Nintyuk)

    Ohh, come on. the chaperone demonstrated that he could mess with the k2
    meters with his radio qnd he never leaves earshot of all the questions the
    guys ask. plus we don’t know how much camera crew they have.

  7. Cut the horror movie/ ghost hunter show SFX bullshit and just show their
    experience with the equipment, not tricks to try to make us more scared or
    suspicious of their activity.

  8. Thankyou for getting nightmares

  9. ahh the magical K2 meter that can be hooked up to a walkie-talkie. How
    cutting edge and entirely based in science.. /s/

  10. to be true there’s still some ww2 AMERICAN ships that are actually really
    haunted in the inside

  11. Do USS Alabama

  12. I call bs on spirits in room. Fake.

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