World of Warships – Ghost team wins YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE

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Well I didn’t think this was possible and I have seen a lot of strange things but a ghost team to win??? That’s a bit odd.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. As a member of your viewing audience…. I have now seen everything.

  2. Are you serious game

  3. 18:46 it has deducted points for the last ship being destroyed. you didn’t reach 1000 points.

    • On his local machine, I’d venture. The server calculated the victory, hence not the death of the carrier. It’s equivalent to the situation when you drop torps and explode, and the next second you’re still dead, but torps vanish.

    • you can see the +2 just over the -65 so they reached 1000 points so they won. Even if the game deducted the 65, they reached 1000 before

    • +Quentin Deleau yup that happened

  4. Working as intended.

  5. I have rewatched the clip of this on 0.25 speed with multiple pausing and still could not see 1 tick before the other. But judging by the numbers over numbers I think you can see what’s up. Still this has got to be the shortest time I have ever seen in between win and defeat, not to mention the end is bizarre.

    • I thought I made it clear: How could sinking the carrier reduce the points to 963 – the last score shown on the screen?

    • +Frank Müller i dont know

    • +Fanatik, pausing the video shows the carrier is hit and reduced to 0 health before the +3 (immediately followed by -65) is seen. Basically, there is likely a race condition within the code. Points from caps seem to get priority to points removed from ships lost. This makes sense as the cap points are directly at the server and shots fired come from the client side and have to be transmitted over the internet. Client side is subject to communication delay. What I also suspect is that ship graphics take priority to counter graphics when it comes to overlays. Viewed this way, the timing is tight, but everything makes sense EXCEPT the final score of 963. However, there I suspect it has something to do with the timing. Flambass’s team has 2 caps. Everything happens in the fractions of a second between when Flambass’s team gets credit for having 1 and 2 caps. The points from the second cap are delayed from the points from the first. During this brief delay the carrier was sunk. The game was just playing out the bit of data before winner was declared. However, that was enough time to register the kill and update the score.
      In any case, Flambass is correct about the close call. The win is by microseconds.

      OK . . Crazy thought at possible explanation. Interestingly 28 = 3 + 25. The 3 would come from the second cap the team has. The 25 is suspicious as something a human would come up with and makes me think there may be some extra code to avoid a bug in the code. This is likely not the case, but I thought is would be fun to throw out. 🙂

    • Love the minute it took you to realise you still won with that team of retards.

    • u can actually see behind minus points there was +2 added as well little bit on the background of -65 🙂

  6. As the old saying goes: YOU CAN’T CURE STUPID. That was so painful to watch.

    • Potato is as potato does

    • I don’t play this game, so, Can somebody explain why he just sat there and let four ships come around the bend and open fire on him, why he did not react or try to move and why he ceased firing on the Battleship that was doing to most damage?
      This game seems to me to have a LOT of silly features. Turning away from having your broadside to the enemy, which is the complete opposite of actual naval tactics. This is complete bollocks.

    • Because he was stupid as an ass.

    • I meant the carrier was stupid.

    • +SvenTviking He had his guns in the front and not giving broadside means that he makes a small target thats hard to penetrate, when it comes to target priority main goal is to take out the easyest targets first to have less guns/torpedoes firing at you.

  7. Okay that was a strange ending. The Musashi & Donskoi on the enemy team both had Krakens, so I can imagine they might have been a bit salty about that.

  8. Oh man that Bismark. These are the people that don’t know why you are yelling at them after they cut you off in traffic. I weep for humanity.

  9. u got some special potatoes on your team…..

  10. Yeah bro looks like a normal game to me, should have been another episode of ” best random team ever ” happens all the time to me………………………………..

  11. What I love was RNG doing it’s best to cost you the game, having a bunch of potatoes throw it and then some random crap at the end making it look like you lost and WoW giving you the win because of latency. Priceless but WG all over.

  12. The only explanation that I have is that there always a small pause between the last ship dying or reaching a thousand points. The game still goes on for like half a second after one or more of the victory conditions are achieved. My guess is that you reached a thousand points a split second before the Essex dying, so the game saw it as a victory. But still, that is the weirdest victory I have ever seen.

  13. Some BB players…. Sniping in a german BB on full hp and gets blapped broadside. Wow… Nice use of heals…

  14. Wargaming logic working.

  15. Yep computer got to 1000 but there was a posting lag. Then the software registered the hit and deducted points, but the result was already sent. It would be interesting to know for sure that the other team saw a defeat posted on their screens? Does this go to Jingles for the bizarre ending? Too bad for the other team, looks like they had a double Kraken!

  16. And people responsible for such a trivial race condition are working to overhaul CVs … guess what the outcome will be …

  17. Imagine losing to a team with no ships left xD

  18. I just removed all the German numbers from my phone. It’s now Hans free.

  19. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!?! ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS TURN SLIGHTLY!!!! Wait, how did your team win?

  20. hilariously painful. oh, wait. what?

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