World of Warships – Ghostrider

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I can’t help but feel that if a Marvel superhero were to appear in World of Warships they’d choose a better ship than this but hey, if it works, it works.

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  1. Ah it’s Tuesday! Thank you Evil Gnome Overlord! I will work harder in the salt mines now!

  2. Great game made the ship look really good

  3. Good to see the Iron Duke doing well on the opposition. I have to say the Iron Duke was my favourite ship in WoWS. If played correctly it was a monster of a ship easily taking on ships of higher tiers.

  4. To quote Winston Churchill “if those frogs are going to name their own ships in such a manner we shall be forced to sink them”

    • Not to mention the centuries-long public service tradition of capturing them so they can be properly renamed.

  5. ‘Only 27% torpedo protection??’ That’s more than Preussen at T10 Jingles! 😂

  6. I kinda like the Dunkerque. I admit that it trolls you incessantly with shocking dispersion but, every once in a while, the planets align and it gives you a perfect salvo and puts a massive smile on your face.

    Much love to Eddie.

    • My first T8 was Richelieu I had loot of fun on it I got on her my only solo warrior , I love gun set up on some Franch bb (and battle cruisers) , great for tanking , I wasallways hoping to win that one from SC or SG , but I never had luck , 2 years ago WG have made BF bundle where final bundle piece was Dunkirk B , I bought who bundle and I have her , played some ranked battles I like it … unless you get uptiered to T8 then you are F in the A …

    • Broccan Mac Ronain

      I totally agree. My Dunkerque does not do well often but when it does it rocks!

  7. The fact that the New Mexico just parked smack in the middle of a cap and then continued making questionable choices, makes me think it was a bot.

  8. The sep field is an overpowered boost for sure. Ghostryder had to have it tuned to the New Mexico really well.

  9. I kind of liked the Dunkin’ Donuts when I was playing, but that was back in 2018. It’s mix of speed and firepower made it dangerous in mid tier fights, if the play knew what they were doing.

  10. Gotta say, Scuttle_Rebuttal is a great name, the Fuso on his team.
    And Jingles, you’re pronouncing it all wrong, it’s clearly a fancy french word so you gotta say it with maximum fanciness: Dunker-KWAY. Like shopping at Tar-jay (Target) 😉

  11. Good video as always Jingles.

    Our best to Eddie

  12. Jingles: due to the replay bug i don’t know what’s in the enemy team.
    Right after the friendly CV revealed all BBs and CLs on the minimap.
    Good job Jingles 🙂

  13. The DamperVan does seem to have a baked-in “Someone-Else’s-Problem” field as other BBs do often ignore it. I do like it even though its guns are frustrating, but the fairly quick reload does mean it uses the patented “throw enough sh*t at the wall until something sticks” method.

  14. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    If i had a nickel for every time I’ve heard Jingles say “Its not a bad ship ..its just not a great ship” I’d have a lot of nickels.

  15. Anime Profile Picture

    the Dunkerque is not nearly as bad as you make it out to be Jingles
    it’s a great ship

  16. While the carrier kept sending planes, all I could think was “Negative, the pattern is full.”

  17. I love the Dunkerque. It’s one of my most played ships. It’s fragile and will troll you, but once you get used to her, she’s a lot of fun. Top Tier, have a ball. Bottom Tier, spam flaming baguettes.

  18. Hoebee Dienstverlening

    I had a lot of fun with the ship… Dunkerque in dutch ( Duinkerk ). Also for the people who don’t know there is a lot of backstory on this ship. And it wouldn’t surprise you if I say the shaked the words again. Here is the link

  19. Charles Machinist

    I love the Dunker Queue. One of my favorite ships.

  20. Great game Ghost Rider – helped plenty by the enemy team 😛

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