World of Warships – Giant Ambush

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Super intense fight for A point on , enjoyed the engagement and hopefully you too. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Pan-Asian Replay


  1. Hi notser

  2. While it’s very nice for people who have 4k screen, the result is the nap and it’s icon is now too small for those who doesn’t. So…. fair trade?

    And actually Notser, do not, and I mean, do not ever show your broadside when facing German DD, because there’s a very good reason he’s shooting AP at your flat paddling DD. ( German DD have horrible HE, but in exchange have a really good AP, so if you show broadside to u he will melt you to dead)

    • Battleship Bismarck

      German HE is very slightly worse than the other DD’s purely from damage and fire chance its about 300 damage less the their counterparts

    • the Z-46 does 450 HE damage per shell penetration and my Chung Mu does 540 HE per shell penetration, now I might be wrong but 450 damage is preferred over 300 damage of a over penning AP shell. Clearly if the German can keep the AP shell in the ship it is a massive damage increase but as I said in the video, a Fletcher style ship is too thin for AP on a perfect broadside.

    • i try to aim at the thick parts usually close to the waterline too and many times i get high AP dmg. if the target angles a bit, it becomes even easier. if u still get too many overpens then switch to HE.

    • Hmm. I think there’s more than just pure HE damage alone Notser. Chung Mu not only have advantage in HE damage, she also have superior rate of fire compare to Z 46 ( This is from Wiki btw).

      The Z 46 however, can some what compete with Chung Mu in damage dealing with her AP shell (3000 max according to WIki), so yes, it’s a good move in Z 46 for peping your broadside with his AP imo. 😉

    • its AP does 1000 per shell to a max of almost 6000 per volley. AP works well usually

  3. Why are you plaing only the chung mu n the past 1 month you have posted 3 videos abot her .

  4. Why didn’t Schors hydro at the beginning?

    • Ben Hamilton Schors have Hydro and Defensive AA in the same slot, so most likely he choose DF over Hydro. 😉

    • He probably was a unlucky soul and chose Defensive Fire over Hydro, we’ve all been there

    • Ahhh okay. I keep mixing up the Schors and the Yorck so I always assume Schors has hydro lol. I thought “Now why would you not slot hydro on a *German* cruiser?”

  5. Lol, i just noticed seagal is replaced by john doe

  6. Hey Notser, I just wanted to say I really love and enjoy your videos they really inspire me to play wows more constantly. I have been with this game since the closed beta and if I could guess I would say I have put in about 50hrs into this game which is sad. When I watch your videos I want to play the game more offend. My birthday is coming up this month and I am going to get a premium ship to start the long grind. May you continue to bless us with amazing, quality content. -love, your biggest fan, Teglade

  7. Love Chung Mu, Tier 8 was good just didn’t like the slow Benson torpedoes.

  8. For captain skills you go for Adrenaline Rush at L2, without Last Stand or Preventative Maintenance don’t you find your rudder or engines being taken out a lot? I know you can reduce the problem with upgrades, but that only covers rudder or engines and I find whatever one I have the other gets taken out all the time.

  9. Thank you Notser for making videos! Awesomely entertaining 🙂

  10. Thanasis Anagnopoulos

    09:26 The reason might be your comment on torpedos looking better 😛

  11. Oh rip me

  12. Notser, good content once again. It was a treat to see you in game today. RonRollo says thanks. I enjoy your vids!

  13. I think you are addicted to this ship lol.

  14. Still no man pants, huh Notser?

  15. That Donskoi died to team damage post repair

  16. i have noticed the 4k mini map, don’t like the smaller ship names though. also lost my priority target hot key for some reason and don’t see it in settings.

  17. Get someone who looks at you the way Notser looks at Pan-Asian DDs.

  18. How do you cycle through the different torp views once they’ve been launched?

  19. Clearly dies from the friendly ramming damage… no blaming either, it just happened.

  20. Notser have you still got the distance to target and shell time clocks on your sights. my have
    vanished since 7-2 update. ?

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