World of Warships- Gigachad Forrest Sherman, HE Minotaur, & Dockyard Ships in Containers!

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Hello guys, today we are talking about some quite exciting news for Update 11.11, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
0:45 Dupleix
4:24 Z-42
7:26 Brisbane
12:21 Joshua Humphreys (Gigachad Forrest Sherman)
15:30 Kunming
16:56 Admiral Schroder Dockyard
18:42 Carol Clash
20:04 Festive Rewards (Snowflake Event)
22:36 Tutorials
23:36 New Ships in Santa Containers
25:40 Closing Thoughts


  1. Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

    I don’t know about the rewards for Tier 10 Ship’s, kind of sounds like you get screwed with those certificates.
    5x Tier 10 Ship’s only gets you one Mega container
    With the number of Tier 10 Ship’s I have I’ll only get 8 Mega containers versus 40 containers if the rewards were super containers

    • And not to mention that the Santa containers will have a rigged short list like they did last year.

    • Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

      @fluffysnowgryph if I knew what the rewards were for the different types of Santa containers were I’d almost be inclined to just get the regular Santa containers because in the 7+ years I’ve been playing WoWs I’ve never gotten anything but crap drops from them.
      If I get the 40 regular containers instead of the 8 Mega containers at least I’ll get a decent amount of economic bonuses from them

  2. So they’ve made the Mememetard then that Yuro loves with the hydro-radar combo 😀

    • Why is radar hydro combo on the Brisbane mentioned in the video like its a big deal?
      Mino always had hydro and radar available if not going for smoke and hydro.
      I think having radar as standard consumable won’t work the same way on the Brisbane as on the Mino because no one expects radar mino which always had the important element of surprise.
      With radar set as default, it will be like a Worcester. A giant warning sign for every DD to stay away because of its long lasting radar.

    • @An idiot I think you nailed it because its a bit unexpected, and with how squishy the Mino is, it probably indicates that this thing is going to be harder to play because if you get spotted and a BB has its guns pointed at you, then its ouchie time.

  3. U forgot to mention that they took the imperials Nikolai out of the super containers

  4. nahn Z-46 is new boiiii

  5. ShindyausMarzahn 99

    Ah yes finally more he and torp spam. Did we already reach the fact that there are more torps ind the water then shells on the air xD

  6. Watch the ‘solution’ for fixing Siegfried be making Schroder have baked in secondary buffs, lol.

    • If history is an indicator WG will hear the call for a T9 or 10 German cruiser with good secondaries and monetize it on a brand new, expensive premium … much more expensive than a dockyard event.

  7. whats so good about zf 6

  8. would love to see a 50k coal i remember that popping up once a year

  9. You should rethink your opinion on Z-42. Torps are great, you can slot lutjens (2second reload without AR), useable smoke, AP will crush Dds broadside

    • Not to mention the Z-42 can STEALTH HYDRO. Mountbatten missed how broken it can be based on its speed and stealth. Unless nerfed, this thing will be a monster at contesting caps, unlike Harugumo, which is a damage farmer.

      And God damn, did he gloss over the fact that it has BRITISH smoke, aka the best smoke in the game for disengaging and blanking carrier/sub strikes

    • depends on AP fuses, DD AP often overpens DDs, its why the Daring is so strong as it has a shorter fuse.

    • It’s just better in every department than Z-52, honestly even better than Harugumo.

  10. Finally a chance to get the Odin, one of the few ships I want and missed. Good stuff there, though I could understand player’s frustration who did the work for the dock yard event. Maybe a year+ delay between event and the ships being added to xmax ship containers is the way to go.

    • Odin is nice, but HP nerf hit damn hard, 99% of time port queen … its cool Graf Spee on steroids but didnt grow in height. Did I get the value back after spending dubs on dockyard? No
      works pretty well in operations

    • Odin may have the HP of tier 6 battleships but she was one of the few dockyard ships that did not give up more then what is got in return for its gimmicks. ( Hizen I’m looking at you). Odin in return for having lower then average HP, still retains the German deck armor of tier 8 along with great belt armor. hydro acoustic search, spotter plane for extra fun. and the 6 inch triple guns on the mainz and the 55mm AA and the 128mm from the Grosser Kurfurst. pretty much overall a very tanky and compact battleship version of the Graf Spee.

  11. @CAA Reload booster, good AP, short-range but good and FAST torps.

  12. Dude, you glossed over five HUGE aspects of Z42:

    1) Those are the British short duration smokes, with SIX charges.
    2) Slap a concealment build on this and your concealment is less than your HYDRO RANGE.
    3) Z-42 is pretty damn maneuverable (670m turning circle, 36.5k base speed)
    4) Hard-hitting (for Germans) 10km torps.
    5) Gunther. Fucking. Lutjens.

  13. From your video, it sounds like Z-42 was already nerfed. Unless Flamu was over exaggerating some details.

  14. Therapist: Gigachad Forrest Sherman doesn’t exist.

    Gigachad Forrest Sherman: *exists*

  15. The irony in Dupleix being good on paper has to be the most ironic thing ever, because the Suffren class was notorious for terrible armor, they were more like French omahas with larger guns, Algerie was the successor to all of those French heavy cruisers, since she had a 100 mm belt, all suffrens had less than 3 inches of belt armor

  16. I think as a DD it’s well suited for a burst fire mode. You don’t want to be open water gunboating, and you’ve only got so many smokes (especially if you have to use one defensively or otherwise abandon one early instead of getting to farm from it). The burst fire gives you more opportunities to fire, as you can do the old “fire right before going behind an island” trick… but do 4-5x as much damage by unloading a 3 round burst with increased damage… and the long reload doesn’t matter because you’re about to be behind cover and trying to line up your next chance to fire.

  17. Sealord, Z-42 has short burst smoke, AKA UK DD smoke, so it will be covered by smoke MORE than a Harugumo!

  18. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I’m surprised you missed the little announcement under those tables in that dev blog. About the Imp Nikolai 1 getting REMOVED from Super Containers. I’ll NEVER be able to get that ship now. Fuck.

  19. when he said this is a good deal for a tier 9 cruiser at 7000 dubloons, when the Odin was only around 2000 dubloons for tier 8 battleship. Although in regards to the dockyard ships in super containers and santa’s gift containers is a great move, but the chance of getting tier 10 or rare ships from super containers which i believe is 0.06% chance and that is on top of having a chance to pull a random ship from the whole list. I only got one ship from a super container, the Roma which is the middle tier list and that was October of 2019.

  20. I’m very happy to see a Suffren class cruiser, some historical ships are always good

  21. I wanted the Anchorage but was in hospital when it waqs in the dockyard. I was bummed I missed it and there was no way to purchase or exchange for it. So even a chance to get one is great news.

  22. As a Mino player that usually uses the radar…Brisbane sounds awesome. I do wonder though if it will be viable in competitive or run into the same issue as Mino (Des Moines does it better).

    Not that Des Moines is the same ship, but it brings the same radar, anti-DD and only lacks the torpedoes.

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