World of Warships – Giulio Cesare – Beautiful Italian Battleship [DATAMINE]

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information and my analysis on it on the Italian , remember anything can change. Our first Italian battleship seems to be an agile battleship with solid protection but wonky guns that aren’t always going to behave.


  1. Italians Gimmic is the abilaity to switch side during the battle when your team is losing, the gmmic is the inform of a single chrage consumable, SI does not effect it LUL.

  2. Was like i see iChase vid, must like now

  3. Such a beautiful ship.

  4. KSR Napoleon Gaming-Bundy

    I appreciate that you are going to continue to review ships, as your videos are the ones I go to before buying a new premium ship. Even without the gameplay, this is a very helpful review. Many thanks iChase!!!

  5. One interesting thing is the original bow section seems to be modeled as internal armor. I believe this will make it impossible for Cesare to get citadeled through the bow. The outer bow will get overmatched and thus you’ll take penetration damage, but you won’t take citadels.

    Context: Giulio Cesare went through a massive rebuild from 1933 to 1937, which among other things lengthened the ship for increased speed. That’s the form that’s being implemented as a Tier 5 premium. While many WW1 BBs had such improvements in the interwar years, Cesare was unusual in that the old bow section wasn’t removed and replaced with a longer one. Instead, a new bow was grafted on top of the old one. That old bow included an 80mm belt section.

  6. iChase, can we get a bit more juice in the audio? AT LEAST AT THE SAME LEVEL AS THE INTRO/OUTRO?

  7. Concealment without/with concealment expert:
    Giulio Cesare: 13.7km/11.8km
    Krasny Krim: 13.3 km/11.7km
    Kirov: 14.2km/12.5km
    Omaha: 13.5km/11.9km
    Königsberg: 12.4km/10.9km
    Furutaka: 12.2km/10.7km
    Emerald: 11.5km/10.1km
    Emile Bertin: 12.2km/10.7km

    This is the comparison needed, though you really wouldn’t notice the difference if Krasny Krim, Kirov, Omaha and Giulio Cesare would sit side by side in the water, would you?
    Wargaming please stop smoking the cheap weed. It doesn’t do you any good nor the players, which have to deal with this bullshit.

  8. I bought the Duca d’Aosta because she’s such a beautiful ship.
    I’ll probably gut the Giulio an the Roma too for the same reason

  9. So the Italian BBs will be great at firing on bow on targets? That’s what it sounds like to me.

  10. the Duca d’Aosta sucks so hope the BB is better but does not look like it

  11. So that then?Where is the Roma WG?

  12. add HE spaming super BBs…then add thin armored BBs in next patch…food anyone?

  13. 1.5 sigma, uuughh…hope this is not going to be a trademark for the whole line.

  14. Sorry man, but this whole stats, and numbers to me is just to boring. I rather see what it can do……still gave it a thumbs up.

  15. What website do you use to see that armor detail?

  16. i played this ship on old navyfield days. andrea doria, i miss that days

  17. Chase,
    Great video! I’ve not seen the data site you are using. Can you share it? Thanks!

  18. What website is this?

  19. GL with this thing when you mostly get tier 7 matches.

  20. very subdued video, not much spunk in it . . .

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