World of Warships – Giulio Cesare Review – Mamma Mia She’s Amazing

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Beautiful, check, great guns, check, agile, check, FAVOURITE ALL TIME TIER 5? Check. Check out this review of the Tier 5 premium Italian battleship the Giulio Cesare 😀



  2. Woot! Another iChase video this week!

  3. Despite the slower reload, she really reminds me of Scharnhorst for some reason. The speed, the responsiveness, the nimble turrets…

  4. Beautiful ship. It makes an offer you can’t refuse.

  5. Wargaming: “Lets sell this ship for a month then nerf the crap outta it!!! But wait we will release another T5 soon to take its place!!! Then we will nerf that too!!!” -maniacal laughter ensues, WG devs high fiving eachother.

  6. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    I knew this match looked familiar! Didn’t even notice you in the match, Chase! Was too busy trying protect our cap to realize you were right in front of my the whole time lol

  7. The intro music. Love it

  8. AVE ichase! i got it Yesterday and I’m enjoying it a lot. Fully agree with your review of the ship. I suggest you to take expert marksman for your captain skill. This makes your guns able to track enemies even when you turn at high speed.

  9. One of the greatest things about thins channel: You are not an asshole, wich is a great thing. Thanks, man!!!!

  10. in uk the price is 42 pounds….so lets do the math 10000 gold is 30 pounds than 100 papa flags pack with some other flags its around 9 pounds and you get the 10 points captain and some consumables and some modules… the ship is for free if you go for the admiral bundle :))

  11. Yeah, I’ve already citadelled Guilio Cesare with Kongo’s 14 inch guns while brawling. The broadside armour really is quite ordinary and broadsides absolutely should not be risked against ships with big guns, or even smaller Royal Navy 152mm guns.

  12. Looks like I’m gonna have to open my wallet. Was it Roma they were planning to release this year as well? If she handles anything like Giulio does then I will probably invest in her too

  13. I buy a whole game not that shit where 1 of 3 is a moduser.´oh its so fair.
    fuck you wargaming.

  14. Oct. Rev is free, same tier and it’s a better carry due to AA

    Iron Duke is still the king of tier 5 imo.

  15. That Kirov is living up to his name, lol.

  16. The new Italian navy has a glass bottom… so they can see the OLD Italian navy :))

  17. Every time a new battleship gets spoiled and reviewed, everybody praises its compact size…
    So will somebody please explain to me why the Kirov + in the Russian cruiser line *don’t* get a damage repair consumable to compensate for being larger than their equivalent tier BBs and having a turning radius wider than Siberia???

  18. IChase is it possible to do a review on Baltimore? I’ve been on the forums and seems like they cant get used to it either. Its very tricky to use I can do little damage in it compared to what I can do in a Dimitri.

  19. Load the Spaghetti rounds!

  20. Mah favorite Mandolino

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