World of Warships: Giulio Cesare – The Best T5 Battleship

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Giulio Cesare doesn’t feel like a T5 battleship. She feels better. She’s also a strong ship to boot.

0:00 Game
11:50 End Screen
12:36 Captain Skills & Upgrades
13:28 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 5 Italian battleship Giulio Cesare.


  1. am i speed? :V

  2. Nice video Aerroon.

  3. The section under your aiming line is that a mode that shows you what way the enemy ship is facing?

  4. She’s not as good as Genova though.

    • Wargaming gave me the ship to encourage me to come back to the game, and dear god I love her! I’ve found that she can easily hold her own if she gets uptiered severely.

    • You have been lucky through: that Nagato could have erased you with a single salvo. Cesare is a good flexible ship but her armour is weaker the most tier V and has a very vulnerable citadel.

    • @Zumzifero He was pretty well angled, while Nagato has among the best Penetration out of all tier 7 BBs she doesn’t have any improved auto bounce AP angles, + he only fired the rear guns after Nagato had fired hers so I felt little risk taken there. Could be wrong either way it’s just my opinion

    • @Kabuki Kitsune How long weren’t you in the game? I’ve been not playing for a year and got nothing.

  5. My second favorite game I’ve ever played,is in the Giulio, fun ship. 191k. 7 kills

  6. Jingles called that the tier 5 battleship that does not give a shit.

  7. My Cesare win rate is over 68%. Definitely OP.
    If can pick up some premium ships for sub account?
    I would choose Cesare and Kamikaze. Easy win rate booster.

  8. Meanwhile New York fails to hit anything at 5km….

  9. 28 knots?! I am positively salivating from the bridge of my Iron Duke.

  10. For me, the #1 T5 ship = kamikaze, #2 GC 🙂

  11. Very nice of Wargaming to give me this ship, just for quitting there game for a few months! I should quit more often i guess. It holds its own up teired!!

  12. I want this ship so bad. I’d buy it in a heartbeat

  13. Aerroon: “tier V cruisers and below tend to have a rather papery armor”
    IJN entire cruiser line: *laughs in japanese*

  14. Before she got nerfed, 2x and 3x devastating strikes in a single game was not uncommon

  15. When you’re in a T7 game with a T5 BB, it’s not really clubbing, and yes this is the best T5 BB in the game. I got this ship the day it was made available, have over 1K battles with a 62% win rate. Love it.

  16. david and martine albon

    Sorry in advance, but my Italian ties are kicking in. Cesare isn’t pronounced Se-sare, it’s pronounced Che-sare. In Italian a C followed by a E or I is pronounced as Ch.
    Again, sorry, I know most people aren’t here for an Italian grammar lesson, but I kinda felt that I had to.

  17. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    This ship, Viribus Unitis and waifu (Furutaka) are some of the most fun I’ve had ingame I feel bad for those por seals tho

  18. That beatup on the Bretagne was disgusting

  19. I really like your style! I have looked on several World of Warships vloggers and I was skeptic at first but I really like your style of always letting me know your reasoning. I feel I learn a lot. Also your enthusiasm and humor is nice and engaging. Good job! I’m officially a fan and subscriber in spite of the initial skepticism. Thank you for that!

  20. Wtf just realized I wasn’t subscribed after all this time watching your videos hahah!! Sry man 🤦🏼 also the GC is my favorite, I enjoy this ship more than any of my other bbs, I always go to this ship when tiger x is mean to me hahah

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