World of Warships- GK After IFHE Rework

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Enjoy the highlights from Friday’s stream, and stay sanitized!

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Yeah schools here in WV are gonna or are closed, but I dont go anymore cuz graduated so dosent really effect me and my brother home schooled. But I can see how that would be hell for any teacher having so long off, needing to stay on a curriculum schedule and not having make up days for said days off. Idk what other states closed their schools but cuz I live here I only really know about my state. Kinda funny how they say not to panic but in the same day go into national emergency, and announce schools being closed for a extended amount of time, and large groupings to be postponed god knows how long.

  2. When i click battle in my Loyang and later smoke up my team runs away from me. I wont even start on what the Italian ships say to me…

  3. Uhhh, careful with that title?

    I heard YT doesnt like that

  4. We need a tier 11 Chinese Super Battleship in the game! The PLA Wuhan? Just saying….

  5. Here in Italy it’s complete quarantine pretty much everywhere. I’m locked at home, so I’m trying to have fun… playing WoWS. Bad decision. EU server is riddling with idiots these days, I don’t know why, maybe they all have a lot of spare time because of the virus, maybe because of the new directives, but yesterday I had two wins and five defeats. All idiots in my team, apparently. Tl; dr: I didn’t have fun.

    • Over in Ireland we’ve got a fella wearing a cape that’s the Irish flag and a St Patrick’s hat riding at the back of a truck full of toilet paper

    • You had 2 wins and 5 defeats? Really? U concider this bad?? Boy, i had 6 wins after 15 hours straight, a few days ago!!! I did about 50 – 60 battles and i saw 6 victories!! Yeap, about 10 – 15% w/r and this shit is happening for years!
      With 2 wins and 5 defeats u r one of the luckiest men on earth!! You have no idea what bad games and stupid teammmates feels like! Wish i had your luck…!!!

    • I feel it buddy, here in American (Washington) I thought ranked battles would be a nice way to hide away from the virus. Bad idea on my part. Morons everywhere.

    • @DaManBearPig last week I got through rank 10 fairly easily. One star left for rank 9. “Cool, let’s win another game so we get some other steel”. Yep.

      Potatoes, assemble!

      Back to rank 11 in one hour. I quit ranked for now. WG has to stop with this bullshit of t10 ranked

    • it’s so important, especially with f2p online games with godawful players, to have a good mental attitude when playing. every win is an achievement, and every loss is practice gained. that’s how i view things, and it helps keeping me from ever feeling too frustrated, because it’s always progress at the end of the day. also be positive in team chat, pretend if you have to, and eventually it’ll actually change your attitude. it sounds silly, but the concept “fake it ’till you make it” actually works.
      best of luck to you stefano 🙂

  6. I’m still abroad right now and fly home soon. This is gonna get weird.

  7. Hmm, aren’t all coronavirus videos demonetized?

  8. You’re a teacher too? Nice. I’m a teacher, but I’m on medical leave cause I can’t speak, my throat is aching.

  9. UltimaBasti - Potato On The High Seas

    It just hit me. You sound like Chum Lee from Pawn Stars.

  10. Mad_man_savage 45

    Is clan open I need a new one

  11. I have these freezes every game around three times per minute. It’s not my rig, it’s the connection to the game server. Through the wargaming network analysis tool, I found out that there is some node in france that constantly gives me up to 100% packet loss during the game.

    • Gtifighter my internet connection is poor but i didnt used to have such bad issues with freezes and bad latency, maybe this is happening to me too??

    • @Yichen Wu well if you have like 5 second lagg spikes every 20s in the game because the french servercluster has a 100% packet loss then yes, most certainly

  12. 15:15
    Soviet Biased shells right there

    Jokes aside, stay safe, Mountbatten. The CV (Corona Virus) isn’t really that big of a threat yet but some are already contracting it. I guess it’s time for me to finally exercise again

    Edit: typo

  13. I’m waiting for someone to light a funeral pyre for the Atlanta and Flint. First their AA gets crushed and now the IFHE NERF finishes off the only usefulness that they had left. RIP

  14. In my day you went to school even if you were dead.

  15. stilll a bit new to the game . any advice on how to set up a captains skills for the GK with the new changes would be most helpful please 🙂

  16. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Pesticide respirators is a must over other masks. I use them for my job as a commercial sprayer, and filters are 3M with requirements to filter almost all airborne e particles including viruses. They’re still affordable, now much cheaper than other masks. Just a little help for you all 🙂

  17. Can we please have your exact captain build for this captain? Thx

  18. Were you using IFHE on the GK?

  19. This virus has made me ever more glad that I’m an anti-social old fart.

  20. You’re lucky to have salarypay, my wife is a substitute teacher trying to work her way up to a full time position. So being on a hourly basis she will be getting no pay the entire time the schools are closed. ☹

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