World of Warships- GK Secondary Madness

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Hey guys, I had a crazy game in my GK where the secondaries just really got to shine, enjoy!

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  1. *WG discretely buffing soviet fire bb duration and armour, after watching.*

    • They already did when they gave them all 50mm deck armor, which is specifically in the game to counter HE shells.

    • Yes comrade Stalinium is superior compared to capitalist trash. People power will always prevail. Ooooooooraghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. is the GK still worth researching???

    • yeah, its just misplayed, people see the health pool and think they should yolo in, then complain when they burn down, you should play it as a sniper/stay away for the start of the game then about 10 minutes in you can brawl

    • I prefer the Tirpitz and FDG over the GK and Bismarck. Mostly because the FDG is a bit smaller than the GK, has more 6″ secondary’s, armor isn’t much different, and retains the anti-yamato gun bow. The Tirpitz over the Bizzy because Torpitz and a 12.9km detection range on a battleship is balans. But the GK can definitely be really fun ship when it’s in the right hands and can do heavy damage when it catches ships alone, especially torpedoless cruisers and lower tier BBs.

  3. well legendary for Gk is great

  4. Whenever I Play Kurfürst I always end up lit up like a candle with 80k Fire Damage taken. Once Im in Cover with 5k hp left and heal on 15sec cooldown the CV AP Bombs me to oblivion

  5. Unicom level game there mate, awesome to watch 🙂 I’ve only got that captain at level 16 atm on my kfurst, btw do you use here legendary module ?

  6. MasterVideoStudios

    Alexa play Rock you like a Hurricane by Scorpions

  7. I think WG is definitely changing things secretly, I’m a BB main and can’t do damage like I used to. Overpens are ridiculous…I over pen and bounce on the same salvo where, a few patches ago, would’ve been citadel hits. Between this and all the HE puking fire ships, BBs are becoming the weakest ships in the game. This is my opinion from my recent game play.

    • If you’re talking about cruisers, then WG did buff their armor. Now most 203mm cruisers have 27mm middle section so guns of 380mm and smaller will bounce when they’re angled. Some cruisers get their decks increased to 30 because WG so guns smaller than 430mm will bounce off

    • @Zako Shoshinsha i just had a match in my Pensacola and I tanked 6 ships, burned to death a BB in CC, instakilled a DD with HE, and citadeled to oblivion a furutaka
      They indeed buffed cruisers a lot

    • @Teren Steel especially Pensa and New Orleans. They increased stern and bow plating to 25 mm so you can tank every T5 BB and some T6 BB

      Edit: They also increased Yorck’s bow and stern to 25mm

    • @Zako Shoshinsha they buffed yorck too? Finally I can start using it, I unlocked it a month ago and haven’t used it since then

  8. Do you have the Legendary upgrade?

  9. How much xp do you have on the GK? I just wanna know to get a rough estimate on the playtime on it compared to some of my own fav ships

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Freden currently around 2 million, but I’ve converted XP before so I should have around 6 million on it, I have over 500 games in her

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten cheers for the reply mate.
      I dunno about you but an option to convert all that xp into something useful, without the need to spend thousands of dubloons doing it would be great.
      Even if its is a massive number of xp into a small amount of something else id be happy to get rid of all that excess xp.

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      @Freden just the xp ships think there’s 4/ 1 t10

  10. Noo, dont use those words about german ship features,
    now WG will nerf it. Thanks for ruining it -_-

  11. Nice game mate.I have full build on my Tirpitz it’s kicks arse real quick.🤙🤙🤙

  12. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    So you didn’t need to use IHFE skill? Nice match

    • ifhe doesn’t add anything game breaking to GK, it pens 32 ad 40 with its 128 and 150mm secondaries, increasing that to 40 and 48 isn’t doing anything

  13. awesome video ,really enjoyed

  14. whats the captain build

  15. I’ve had some great matches in GK this week. A 203K and a 242K. Funnily enough, the 203 match I had no kills.

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      lots of my best game are when I just play for damage letting others get the low damage kills. bad hobbit of running in to fast

  16. I played the Alaska in a Random game yesterday. Two GKs were working together, moving across the map, and just shredding any ship that came within their secondaries range (me included). It was brutal.

  17. I’m still at the Bismark about 10,000 XP to go to the FDG. I have to say the Bismark is a much more fun ship with manual secondaries and a 19 point capt. How about a FDG vid Sea Lord.

  18. Is there a reason for not using the legendary mod?

  19. Jugaloking69 Dope

    my first but don’t got the captain its coming. still just rolling over every tier and ship:) next t10 will be the z cruiser ps
    love watching your channel so calm

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