World of Warships – Glass Cannon

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Well to be fair, the Schlieffen’s not really a glass cannon. It’s tough enough to not really be “glass” and the main battery guns have enough problems to not really rate being compared to a “cannon” either. But… I spent fifteen minutes trying to think of a title and this is the best I could come up with.

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  1. The Northern Legionnaire

    Maybe it’s an SEA server thing, but I swear everyone sailing a Schlieffen suffers from “Torpitz Syndrome” and just beelines straight ahead in the first 5 minutes…amusing in Random, highly irritating in Ranked XD

    • Don’t forget gnisenau captains on sea, including myself. Though, it doesn’t help when most of your team doesn’t speak English

    • anytime i have a german bb top tier on my team i just assume it already dead and play accordingly

    • @Andrew CiprianoI’m a bit guilty of contributing to that derp rush Gneisenau trope. But Tbh unless I get an engagement range closer than 14 km, Gneisenau’s guns became so innacurate I contribute little to nothing in the match, so I often tried to get closer (while avoiding bad rush-in positioning as much as possible).
      Prinz Heinrich is much more flexible, I basically play her a bit like Kongo (sit at mid-range and flank the enemies) but with usable secondaries and torps for the late match when most enemies had lost their health.
      I like them both but I squeeze a bit more damage per match in Heinrich on average compared to Gnei eventhough Heinrich’s armor is worse.

  2. Been covering them in smoke pas the hiding island they were, tldr cool ship with just a little help I swear

  3. AcTUaLlY, jINglES, it’s no fun when you correct your own brainfarts, like Z-44 using his hydro or Riga using his torps.

    JK, it’s great to spot a Jingles moment that he corrects himself. Nice vid.

  4. Funny enough Jingles, WG decided to empathize these ships are meant for close range BY, Nerfing their hydro range to 5kms from whatever they where before. So they don’t even get the “German long range hydro” At least they are FUN.

  5. Now who else would enjoy Jingles doing the reading of the books~!

  6. My impression is that Schlieffen main guns are accurate at max range, while GK is never accurate. So less guns hit more often.

  7. Dude I was just watching this with a friend of mine. I now have my marching order. Thank you, sir.

  8. That show was freaking phenomenal. If you want a good mystery/action show, that’s the one for you

  9. Damn your cats Jingles! You had me walking around the house again looking for mine. When I could have stayed on my comfortable couch… 😂

  10. That was an excellent battle – fun as muppetry is, it’s nice to see some proper teamwork…

  11. Good recommendation on the audible book. I was really worried the Amazon series Reacher was going to be bad. Shouldn’t have been worried, fantastic series, looking forward to series 2

  12. I’d love to see how WG would scramble to figure out how to incorporate the real scantlings of any of these ships’ decks into the game. How would it affect the game if Yamato and Iowa suddenly had 225mm and 150mm decks respectively; as they really did historically? Imagine just how violently these ships in-game would just tear themselves apart, with their current paper-thin decks, everytime they fired off even just a single turret . I know, I know! Wows is not a “simulator”. However, atleast try to make some kind of rational sense, please?

    • It’s not deck armour it’s deck plating and the Iowa class had a 38mm thick armoured weather deck plating. The 150mm deck armour is in game but you can’t see it on the armour model but if you go to the Iowa’s armour model and only highlight the casemate armour section the deck of the lower red armour has the 150mm deck armour under the orange armour section.

    • rational sense when the ship models are like 10 times bigger than life? this is an arcade game, at most you could ask for better illusion of realism (e.g. seaworthy looking soviet ships).

    • WG has abandoned all rational sense for years when they’ve been focused on sucking as much money as possible out of players and doing things that players didn’t ask for nor wanted in the first place.

    • @László Németh Non-seaworthy soviet ships is pretty darn historical in the period covered in WOWS.

    • @Isaac Doggart lol, good point

  13. those secondaries are amazing and rapid fire too :O and i did not know secondaries could reach over 12km

  14. 1:03 – I’m a big fan of the Reacher series, and I am happy to report that the new series did an excellent job of following the book. My only gripe is that the character that plays Reacher is obviously a muscle bound over developed kind of gym rat rather than just the huge character in the books. At least it’s not Tom Cruise 🙂

  15. Jack Reacher was excellent. I hope that for the next season they do Persuader (which was book #7).

  16. I’ve read almost every Jack Reacher book, would love to see that show.

  17. I liked this one very well, the way the Schlieffen has many real good points in command of the ‘Thinking’ Captain, When the ‘Cold War’ is opened for the next round of game play.

  18. 8:30 In the case of that BIsmarck all you need to know is the ‘BR’ in the clan tag and you automatically know that he’s not great and most likely won’t do great things.

  19. The German battle cruisers remind me of the Odin. Low Hp good secondaries and torps the main difference is Odin has really good armor

  20. Good recommendation. I’ve been reading the books for years and the first couple are the best but still an awesome read.

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