World of Warships – Glorious Mikasa [Twitch Highlight]

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Bringing into a Mikasa battle, much crazy, such secondary, very awesome 🙂


  1. It was Glorious!

  2. When are Nautical Tales or fails coming back?

  3. Just about to buy this ship and wouldnt let me proper bummer.

  4. i still love the 2 detinations and my double kill gg guys lol

  5. How are you getting an FPS of 100?! I’m stuck at 50fps…

  6. “weak stuff, like papier-mache… or Raditz”

    +1 +1 +1

  7. +iChaseGaming I played the tog boat on the console version of world of

  8. seriously why lower tier hardly benefit from manual secondaries. it should
    be glorious if misaka can get that 60 more accuracy on secondary.

  9. A Tachibana with AFT+DE would be really good in this.

  10. Hope I can eventually get a Mikasa – I love playing Tier 2 ships

  11. mikasa nerf incoming

  12. I believe the corresponding quote was:

    “Mi kasa è MI KASA!”

  13. Something that you don’t see on the EU server :D

  14. gg… Team Killer :-D

  15. Chase, care to share how you got pinked? :P

  16. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! I completely missed this part of the stream, damn

  17. This was what WoWs needed~!!!

  18. But now it gets matchmaking with T2, so you have to fight Nassaus.

  19. “I hit Wales!” – iChaseGaming 2016. Why yes, Chase, that is about the
    accuracy of the Mikasa’s guns. 1 Country. xD

  20. @ 3:25
    *We could use the whalesssss!!!!*

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