World of Warships – Gneisenau Double Strike

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on Estuary moves to support the western flank, we have a couple friendly ships who are pushing as well. I move to the front of the assault in order to make full use of the ship. A couple enemy battleships move into ranges where the torpedoes can do damage. As the west pushes, the east also finds success and we are left to find a couple enemies near their spawn. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Gneisenau Replay


  1. The Mahan did end up firing at the gnevny, although at that point it was to

  2. That should be a common sense for BBs : oh!!! That SHIP HAS TORPEDOES!!
    But…even a turn did not happened..


    Oh Notser, don’t ever change, please

  4. Just watched your first ever user replay – you voice has changed a lot
    since then if you compare it with this video!

  5. I wanted to like her so much ?? the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau are my
    favourite sister ships.. but alas I just couldn’t play her affectively

  6. The Gneisenau is the most fun I’ve had in this game in a long time. From
    the great maneuverability, to the torps, good reload, and incredible AA,
    it’s the perfect brawler. Certainly going to buy it back once I get the

  7. That mahan’s play gave me cancer

  8. Can you talk about the new crew skills coming up in 5.15 that have been
    leaked on thearmoredpatrol? It really changes things up!!

  9. I thought the Gneisenau was going to be a horrible grind with only 6 main
    gun barrels, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Now if I could only hit
    better with them.

  10. man if the gneisenau is as good as the scharnhorst im am going to murder in
    it. Also since they have historical torps on the german bbs they should add
    the torps to other bbs that had them.

  11. That poor special snowflake in the Texas made a complete ass out of
    himself. What a crybaby. News flash, spending $25 on a ship won’t make you
    a unicum player.

  12. Not that it really matters, but depending on what part of Germany you are
    from changes the pronunciation from Niesenau, Neesenau or with the G sound
    like you pronounce it.

  13. Christopher Matarazzo

    I would’ve listened to you notser if I was him :)

  14. Notser, great game as always! I’m sure rooting for you to chain fire your
    turrets on those fast, elusive, low health DD’s at moderate range. I just
    hate to see you waste a full salvo to a poor lead estimation when all you
    need is a single hit. Cheers man!

  15. That Texas was a disgrace to good Texas captains ever where, I’m just glad
    I got mine for free

  16. Mahan with CV obsession letting itself get killed by a Soviet DD. That’s
    some impressive skill for tier 7.

  17. AP against the Gnevni… be ashamed of yourself

  18. That Mahan was a fucking idiot, and deserved to die the moment he decided
    to focus on the CV.

  19. TX guy really was butthurt; I looked at his stats, one of the worst
    (inexperienced) players I’ve seen blundering into one of the best, in a
    greatly superior ship no less….what else could you expect? Gneisenau is
    an excellent ship, I ended up with a 35% main battery hit ratio in mine so
    I never saw serious persistent dispersion issues like many say. Actually,
    that’s the highest accuracy I have with any BB in the game, with the second
    closest T7 being Nagato at 30%.

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