World of Warships – Gneisenau Preview Impressions

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Gneisenau in two games, one on Land of Fire and other on North. In Land of Fire we push forward and use a massive island to cut off a good chunk of the enemy. I engage targets that show themselves and try to make use of all the tools. On North I move around the map and try to keep flanking fire up on the enemy. We push into the enemy base and fight the in a . Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII German Battleship Gneisenau Replay


  1. lee christmasgaming

    the fact that German battleships are almost impossible to citadel is a bit
    of BS. A Bismark vs an Amagi the Bismark will win because it cant be
    citadel while the Amagi can.

  2. I love that you torpedoed a destroyer with your battleship.

  3. Mortal Kombat (Georgian Fan)

    This ship is shit

  4. Hey notser, can u tell me how good the max hulls secondary is, I see is
    drastically different, hull A has 105mm and 150mm guns, while hull B only
    have 128mm guns, do u think I should get manual secondary control, I got
    that for Yamato it worked out pretty good

  5. I realy like the germans :3 they look amaizing (like gneisenau, scharnhorst
    and Bismarck/Tirpitz) and they play realy in my catagory^^ I like those
    games where you are close to another battleships and your secundarys rain
    on them while you dance around each other :3 so much fun :D

  6. FUCK SCHARNCHORST. Gneisenau <3

  7. I am starting to wonder why i am working towards the Gneisenau… I think i
    was just enchanted by the good looks. But I am starting to wake up now.

    Do you think the Gneisenau will be buffed? I mean it has happened before
    with ships like the N. Carolina & Colorado.

  8. Just the tip… works every time!

  9. You finally took your own advice. You always miss torpedoes you don’t fire.
    Good work with the toros on this battleship.

  10. It’s true that Gneisenau never received 38 cm guns in real life, but this
    isn’t a ‘napkin design’ dreamt up by WG: when she was essentially abandoned
    after Hitler’s order to do away with the surface fleet of the Kriegsmarine
    her 28 cm gun turrets had already been removed in preparation to receive
    the larger calibre weapons.

    Please don’t say mean things about Hatsu’s guns either. Making good use of
    them is the only way to make that ship perform reliably.

  11. That was neat! Great to see your torpedoes shaking things up!

  12. That NM had 40 hp, and yet you only do 39 to kill him? Half Life 3

  13. Man a shot to the tip, can’t get any crueler to a man, enemy or not .

  14. 16:25 — Any number of reasons against battleships with Germany post-1942.
    Quite simply, the Kriegsmarine got more value out of U-boats in terms of
    strategic importance. How many U-boats are in a battleship?

    Another is that Gneisenau, when she did go on patrol, was accompanied by
    sister ship, the Scharnhorst. That doesn’t double the armament for either
    ship, but it makes their fire more effective, co-ordinated. Replacing the
    guns was the type of luxury the Kriegsmarine wouldn’t get after Allied air
    power forced the greater part of it under water.

  15. I often find that I do best in my Colorado when I play with the B hull.

  16. you couldn’t have butchered that pronunciation worse notser hahaha, try
    saying it without the g next time ;)

  17. LOL.. “The sandwich is going to tighten…” — love your turn of phrase,

  18. ACiD_ “Th3xRaVeNx” ReinX

    Just the tip LOL

  19. grober kurfüst pls

  20. I like wow and play it a lot. I don’t agree with wargaming’s decision to
    put on the 38cm guns. this a scharnhorst class battleship. it never had
    those guns. they shouldn’t have made scharnhorst a premium but rather had a
    ‘fantasy’ ship instead.. it’s like the new York vs Texas. the Texas is
    almost the same as the ny in game. It appears this was more of a business
    reason to ensure the premium ship is always more attractive to increase
    revenue. I’m premium player and I find this insulting. it smacks of ‘pay to
    win’ . I won’t be buying the scharnhorst bed on principles.

    GG as you seem to always post helpful and entertaining vids.

  21. Too bad my wife doesn’t have multiple hull options…

  22. A-Hull and just the tip. what happened to my innocent Notser. :)

  23. Kerspaprog Balceram

    I really wish notser wouldn’t even try to pronounce ship names. It sounds
    so bad.

  24. i guess sometimes overpen will cause high damages becuz the shell pass
    through the engine room, maybe

  25. Midnight Shamalan

    i was thinking about a secondary build for the Gneisenau when i reach it,
    but seeing the dispersion, it’s just not worth replacing the accuracy
    module with the secondary one. not enough main guns for it. Bayern and
    Bismarck on the other hand…

  26. I did fantastic as a relatively new guy grinding out the Myogi so perhaps
    the Gneisenau might be a good fit for me….if I can ever get past the
    Nassau (queue times T.T).

    I absolutely LOVE the Scharnhorst though. Its actually making me regret the
    amount of money I spent on the Tirpitz now.

  27. Saw you in a match last night in this ship and said hello but forgot to
    say; thanks for the content!

  28. Great job

  29. Finandi Amartyadeva

    Yeah, i don’t really play wows like I was before i own my north cal. The
    rearm cost is pain,, and the higher tier u go the pain it gets.. It’s just
    not fun when u can’t play your flagship or ur best ship that u earn by
    playing hundreds of times..

  30. Hey Notser. I’ve been investigating massive damage overpens. I think you
    can overpen the superstructure… and then penetrate the hull, but it only
    shows you the first result per shell. Business6 has an example with a

    A-hole. Love you’re accent! No problem if you’re British like me. Hull
    doesn’t sound like hole

  31. Well, the story behind the Gneisenau’s 380mm guns is a little more than
    that. The ship was in for repairs, about to return to service when she was
    attacked by bombers, which caused a detonation and blew off one of the
    forward turrets, obviously causing significant damage to the forward
    portion of the ship. The change to the 380mm guns had been planned in the
    past, and the admiralty decided that since the ship was already going to
    have to undergo significant repair, that was a good time to make the switch.

    The necessary repairs had been done to make the conversion, however Hitler
    ordered the work stopped. I don’t know that I’d really call it “made up” at
    that point.

  32. Hi Notser was able to have you in a few of my games as team
    mates….watching your play style first hand was fun… love the video’s
    keep up the good work.

  33. Like always…good video. But please…PLEASE as a german fan take the
    advice and stop speaking the german names like something u see in
    television about nazis in america. Our speech or pronounciation is NOT full
    of hate.

  34. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Almost 20k subs!!! Are you going to do a giveaway?

  35. Well, i have seen some vids where ppl cry about how bad the gneisenau is!
    Why u make this look so easy lol

  36. Just the tip?

  37. thats was a good video. i like your comment style. you are one of my
    favourite english speaking channel :)

  38. So the german BBs got the worst range and accuaracy on the guns (while
    germany is/was famous for its engineering and accuarcy), also they have the
    worst torpedo protection (while the Bismarck for example was famous for
    taking 20 torpedo hits that didnd’t cause the ship to sink) and they are
    large and practically become torpedo bait for any destroyer ingame. Their
    only good traits are the good allround armor, the speed and really good
    secondarys (that only hit when you are lucky). I don’t know if that is a
    fair trade by Wargaming and I hope that the ships get some buff on the
    accuarcy/range and on the torpedo protection at least or else it will be
    hard for them to be competitive in higher tiers against the dominance of
    destroyers which would make me sad as a german (and also german ship
    fan-boy). ^^’

  39. i dont get the fuss about the Scharnhorst low caliber guns, im having great
    games even against tier 8 and 9.
    You just need to keep firing, and switch between HE and AP when needed.
    most games i get about 100k Dmg

  40. can we have the dynamic crosshair tutorial next? It’s been mentioned but
    not actioned :)

  41. Imagine if you take damage every time you hit a island…. Noster will not
    finish the games alive. lol?

  42. I really love the Gneisenau. She is a tough, fast fighter, highly
    maneuverable, with great protection. I can live with her gun arrangement.
    She has a higher RoF that makes up a little bit for the lack of the 4
    turret. She will be my go to ship for Ranked.

    However, her 15″ guns were slated to be mounted on her. She was in the
    yards being refurbished. However, the reason she was never completed is
    because old Adolph raged out at his surface navy and order her scraped. So
    all work on her was stopped. She wasn’t scraped until after the war though.
    She sat rusting and scuttled to keep the Russians from getting making use
    of her according to what I read. The only reason she and the Scharnhorst
    had the 283mm guns was do to the constraints put on German from WW1.

  43. Are you going to do a Nassau video?

  44. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Notser it is true that u pulled a Notser in ocean??

  45. 0:04 lol that sounded angry :P

  46. A hole lol PanMan,,you are too funny..Love your vids, always have..Smash
    that like button peeps

  47. Notser if U had the Secondary build instead of the Stealth build U would
    have raped that Hatsaharu. from what
    I have seen the German BBs have fantastic secondaries and extended range
    compared to other BBs.

  48. As far as I’ve done my research, overpens always do 10% of the citadel
    damage. So, if your guns have 11,600 citadel damage (which is exactly the
    Gneisenau!), overpens will do 1160 damage individually.

  49. 9:00 Look kids! It’s a wild Notser in his natural habitat!

  50. Looks good enough to me for a “free” Scharnhorst.

  51. I wish they buff more Gneisenau’s accuracy to compensate. I’m planning to
    get her, is this ship ok?


  53. Maybe Bayern next?
    Also, how many Hermelins does that thing have strapped to its sides?

  54. I wonder if they are going to change the ribbon system. Way too often are
    overpens counted as pens and the other way. Sure I know when it is a
    overpen, but it’s the idea.

  55. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    what chat u use?

  56. Great channel Notser keep up the good work.

  57. 15:20 – what are my neighbours supposed to think when they hear this?

  58. to buy or not to buy…I mean….its 52bucks…(which i can buy the atlanta
    for it) xD

  59. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    notser, u should be awake

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