World of Warships Gneisenau Review

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Today we look at the T7 . Preview, , call it what you want. I give you some pros and cons and tell you my thoughts on it. I liked it. Very similar to Scharnhorst. I think that this ship is going to be very polarizing though, and many will either love it or hate it.


  1. spacekittens47 bleh

    what happened with the old way you review ships. the old way was pretty fun
    but now everything is just like a generic review. just my opinion

  2. Zoup i dont care about Unicorns… I really enjoy your reviews and content!
    Tks for this another one!

  3. That colorado player is clever, use HE against German BB, haha

  4. a lot of super unicum players in a game that focuses more on gathering
    imbeciles than any other wg game out there ?!?!? :))

    PS: and i stated clearly more than any other WG game simply because the one
    on the look for most braindead incompetent players in any title of
    ships/tanks is obsidian with it’s pisspoor AW

  5. Your reveiws are spot on, for us none Unicorn (thanks Titiu) players.
    Cannot wait for the Bismark reveiw.

  6. Umm It’s not Knots per hour, Its just Knots.

  7. what was the German song? I remember it being the victory song for the
    Wehrmacht in CoD World at War, if I’m not mistaken.

  8. I like your reviews. I like the non-unicum part. I am not Flamu or Notser.
    I learn from them but cannot get the same results and that is alright.

    I like your reviews are down to earth and on the short( <10 minutes) side.
    Keep up the good work! (well, except for the "knots per hour" part).

  9. The Nagato has a higher RPM than 1.7, you’re looking at the A hull. Also
    the Colorado only kind of has a range of 16.7km, because any sensible
    person will increase the range with the second slot upgrade (which you
    can’t do on the other T7 battleships)

  10. It is a great ship. It takes a bit more finesse to use it than the
    Scharnhorst though. I try to volley fire the guns at a target. I tend to
    get a better dispersion with the guns than the normal double-tap the RMB. I
    just have to remind myself to double-click the AP key on my mouse.

  11. Thank you for your review. I’m so close to the Bayern all for grinding up
    to the big G and Bismarck. The German line has been an easy grind imo. The
    guns aren’t bad(Kaiser included) and the armor is great. Tbh I was
    disappointed by the review by other players on YouTube for the big G but I
    hope that when I get my hands on one, I will grow to love her.

  12. Prussian Glory FTW!

  13. Why do you launch your torps so early…launch them at 1-2km and enjoy.

  14. It’s lovely how Wargaming gives ships with less guns such shit sigma and
    dispersion . . .

  15. +NoZoupForYou so what’s good about the Colorado now that the gneisenau has
    better AA speed armor torpedoes gun range. Ect at least the Colorado has 8
    16″ guns at least..

  16. Ростислав Несисюк

    Soooo, A hull Gneisenau secondary build. How much of stupidity is that?
    With 2*1+2*2 (i.e. 6 guns) 150mm per side and 3*2 105mm + 1*2 that can
    shoot either sides, it can’t be that bad
    20.3 seconds rudder shift, though ;_; Why WG?

  17. as always , enjoyed the review. keep on doing what you do :-)

  18. The G is silent.

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