World of Warships – Gneisenau – What’s Not to Love?

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A near perfect blend of speed, and firepower, the is a formidable ship, but some are struggling with her?

Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. Guillermo Fischer

    1st? and also the Player YAY!! Ty iChase for showcasing the video! At the
    moment of the game this was the most damage on the ship on NA and EU, but
    now there is a 270k damage. The ship is INSANE!

  2. Tier for tier I still think the Bismarck is the best KMS BB, but that’s
    just my opinion. Thoughts?

  3. Gneisenau + Scharnhorst dream team pairing. They complement each other so

  4. Scharnhorst 9 amazing gunz, Gneisenau 6 gunz which are utter SHEET. Wows
    PayToWin CONFIRMED !!

  5. Gull secondary build, potshots at ranges for first ten minutes then leading
    the charge. works out pretty freaking well for me.

  6. I have run this one with and without aim module and didn’t notice much of a
    difference. if the ship disappears right as I fire the shells go
    everywhere. but in closer and, as u said, well aimed, it hits hard and

  7. For those that don’t know because the guy in the video didn’t: X (default)
    can be used to switch which target you are locked on to.

  8. Target lock definitely has some hidden mechanism. If I am staring at two
    targets close together, like at 4:28, and my locked target suddenly does
    something that makes the other the better target, I will frequently line up
    and snap a shot off at the unlocked target. Weirdly I have noticed my
    shells still trying to head towards the locked target, even more obvious
    when the two ships are crossing each other, instead of sailing together.
    But my shots will try to stick to the locked target even though I manually
    trained my guns on the other and fired before the lock changed. The shells
    will head towards the locked target, but be wildly innaccurate. And
    seemingly the intended unlocked target gets nothing even close. Observed
    this several times when ships get close and I try this. Maybe you can try
    this for us and find out more?

  9. So basically your theory is this:
    – When you fire, the game calculates where the shells will go, given
    perfect accuracy;
    – If those shells intersect the *targeted* enemy ship then the dispersion
    for your guns is used to adjust accuracy and you’re left with a decent
    spread and a couple of hit;
    – If those shells don’t intersect the *targeted* enemy ship then the game
    *increases* dispersion so as to give you a chance to at least have a lucky

    Would make sense from an RNG “Let’s give em a chance” perspective and I’d
    love to see tests done on this.

  10. I have noticed that dispersion on “blind” shots” or even on other ship than
    you actually targeting sometimes.
    I think theres stabilization view on targeted ship in play, as every turret
    gets proper sollution to hit spot you aiming at(targeting computer, kind
    of), whille in free view you shot merely full salvo on centre of screen
    whille moving yourself and every turret gets separate (different)sollution.
    They dont know HOW FAR they should fire. You cant keep your aim perfectly
    still, even on salvo there will be errors.

  11. james ward-gwilliam

    thanks Ichase 🙂 i love this ship to bits and so many people hate her. over
    90% win rate. used to be 100% but thats what i get sometimes divisioning
    with flamu and getting tier 10 games hahaha. just so fun specially with
    full AA captain

  12. are you serious the ship fucking sucks

  13. I dont know about gneisenau since i haven’t unlocked it yet but i adore the
    scharnhorst. I like the battlecruiser gamestyle and it’s guns

  14. Nice aim assist program by the GFischer!

  15. Honestly, RNG loves this guy. If only I would get that kind of luck on

  16. Maybe you should test this: When I accidentally lock onto a ship in front
    of the ship I’m actually aiming at the shells seem to not even go anywhere
    near the distance I aim for and instead go towards the ship that the game
    has targeted.

  17. The King in the North!!!

  18. I found the weakness of most German BBs: their belt armor is narrow, so if
    you aim a bit higher than the actual waterline you can reliably penetrate
    them. You don’t get as many citadels this way, but if you hit well you do
    over 10k/salvo with most BBs. Also in lower tiers you can citadel them from
    sharp angles aiming at the base of front/back turrets.

  19. how can I enable, that it shows my damage down on the top right?

  20. Dont turn and shoot :c

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