World of Warships: Gneisenau With Buffed Accuracy?

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I’ve always liked Gneisenau. I guess she’s better now? I can’t really feel it, but playing her felt just as fun as in the past.

World of Warships footage of the tier 7 German battleship Gneisenau on the map Haven.


  1. Ashitaka playing like you would expect.

  2. lol WASD hack’s. Something I should learn instead of my tried and tested ‘Broadside facing foe’ strategy

  3. Im definitely in the minority in loving this ship, because i had always had really good dispersion with the ship. The wonky dispersion would only ever happen like 2 or 3 out of ten times.

    • I enjoyed it and re-bought it. When I played through it the initial battles were fine. Towards the end of the grind suddenly the dispersion went all wonky. Was like playing two different ships. It’s one of the ships where I now let the guns settle a bit after getting them on target. It either helps or just makes me feel better.

    • Owner Of All Deathly Hallows

      I loved it because I never got citadeled once when grinding it lol

    • Principality of Belka

      @Owner Of All Deathly Hallows Turtleback

  4. Only you have an underwhelming game with 150k plus damage and 2.1k XP. When the Germans first came out I loved gne and Bismarck but when others came out gne got powers crept just like the sims. Sims was the lowest concealment dd and now it’s the worse! Gne has only 6 guns. It needs more range on secondaries (just like the graf spee) to be a true German.

  5. Hi Aerroon!
    Try #2: Do you think the 420s in the GK are now more competitive than the 406s with the accuracy buff?

    • I.. I have no idea. I don’t even know what’s different between them. I used 420s cause they reloaded slower and did about the same DPM, so I figured that slow turret traverse synergizes with slower reload if DPM is the same. In other words, I don’t know the answer, sorry.

    • @Aerroon I hadn’t heard once about the turret/reload synergy, so that’s something new I should test. Still… If I was looking for a competitive BB, the GK is probably not the answer. Gonna try both guns. Thanks for the reply!

    • I personally use the 420s on my GK because although it doesn’t help in Overmatch, it makes your guns a bit better at long range due to their slightly better pen which allows you to deal more damage to battleships and don’t riccoche so often (at least in my experience). In addition with a nice german beer, it makes the GK my favorite T10 battleship

    • Yuro used the 420 because of Yamato gun sound…

  6. 100% agree, doesn’t feel like dispersion has been improved

  7. Gneisenau, one of the Best Accuracy after the Good ol Bayern

    Bayern and Gneisenau is worth to keep.

  8. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    I agree with you about the Gneis accuracy being fine before. the games are a bit old and I was playing with a friend but I still managed to hold a 59% wr in my Gneis over about a 100 games. I’ve always said it was the people not the ship with her.

  9. Principality of Belka

    I actually played her right after the German dispersion buff and suprisingly her performance improved. The dispersion of the ship has gotten better and she doesn’t need to get close just to fire an accurate salvo.

  10. I had some of my best games with Gneisenau..I think it’s a very good ship..

  11. I never liked my Gneisenau as RNG really determines how well you do.  I sold her and put the Commander in my Bismarck.  However, I do like my Scharrnhorst.

  12. Manorscape Gardening

    How are you recalling your fighters, Y again?

  13. Can you male a video in the Fdg?

  14. “overmatch bow and stern of T7 and lower battleships”


    • @TubetakerBHV They are fine at high tiers. Their only fighting back armament is AP rounds from main armament. Secondaries are crap, HE is meeh. The accuracy is good under 12km with occasional wtf accuracy moments. The max range is 20km on Kremlin which is the worst gun-range. Concealment mediocre.Their armor is excellent and that is the selling point. If you are good at Kremlin and the Sinop, many like yourself not knowing how to counter one will keep on crying out to nerf Soviet BBs further more. Never go 1v1 against a good Kremlin close-range unless you are a German BB or a Republique. That’s not how you fight them.

    • @Ali dmr Every ship or better.. every nation has its one advantages and disadvantages.
      And russian ships are not build für sniping, so its not nessaccary to have long range.
      German GK may has longer range than Kremlin but he isnt build for long range combat too so you dont hit anything thats more than.. 18km away.
      Russian bbs are made for mid range combat and there they are nearly unbeatable. Immense armor and an accuracy thats often unbelievable. And with these two points you dont need HE on Kremlin or any secondary, because noone should come close enough to use it.

    • @TubetakerBHV Russian BBs are meant to be weared down not blapped in 2 salvos. They are area denial ships. Good Rusian BB captains will not push unnecessarily as they will have to show broadside to someone and that is doom for Russian BBs. By simply staying in front of a Kreml, a GK can burn him to death with secondaries. This is why Russian BBs tend to hug islands to prevent HE spammers, Smolensk, Colbert Haru, Wooster etc to wear themselves out where the good armor comes in-play and enemy BBs cant do much AP damage. They have limited damagecon. Due to the range and the playstyle of the Russian BBs, these HE spammers are the Soviets hard counter because Russian BBs will be more stable than a GK and they will be way too closer than any other ship in game because of that range shortage. So most HE spammers will target a Russian BB if the captain is a potato. Saying they have no real disadvantages is the proof the ones saying that have no idea about the Russian BBs or how to counter them. No offense. Im talking in general.

    • @Ali dmr Im not offended at all. Everythings cool. Just some different opinions. 😉

    • Bullshit Russian bias BBs..

  15. 5:44 that Russian server chat tho’

  16. GG. Merry Christmas Aerroon.

  17. 13:27 i heard
    “i would recommend them a disorder”

    i need to drink my coffee first before listening to anything in a foreign language

  18. Can you play the Bismarck next ???

  19. german bbs are ‘HIM’ male ships

    • Only “BismarcK” and “Tirpitz”. I can recommend Drachinifel’s channel, if you are interested in naval history…..

  20. “”Wargaming have improved the accuracy of the German BBs.””

    Which in reality: %00000,01

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