World of Warships – GneisenNO

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It’s been a few weeks, must be time to make fun of the Gneisenau again.

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  1. The statement that you made in the beginning of your video is very true and I just want to say how much I appreciate what you do on your YouTube channel for us your viewers it does not go unnoticed and I speak for myself I love you for it keep up the good work and I’ll catch you next time

  2. Well said jingles. For years you’ve been a haven from the world. Thank you

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Fun fact: WW2 Gneis (and Shiny horse) was based on Mackensen and Ersatz Yorck, which is ingame the Heinrich In fact, the 3 ships of the Ersatz Yorck were Ersatz Yorck, Ersatz Schanhorst and Ersatz Gneisenau, as they were meant as replacements (Ersatz being the German word for replacement) for the old armored cruisers of the same name, which were sunk in the Falklands while being commanded by Admiral Graf Spee, leader of the Asia squadron of ww1 German ships

  4. As a long time (been watching for at least 5 years now if my memory serves me correctly.) Subscriber, you hit the nail on the head. And on behalf of everyone here, thank you and akizuki.

  5. I think you forget about how good Gneis is for the small group of players that, like myself, cannot aim and therefore are depending on the dispersion to actually hit anything at all.

  6. OK, I will jump to the defense of my favorite battleship (!) again.

    The Gneisenau’s top speed is 32 knots, which a speed flag and a “Brisk” skilled captain can extend to the point where cruisers may have a hard time keeping up. Which is very useful for pushing for island cover aggressively early on in the battle, which is — in my mind — how you *should* play *any* battleship if you want to actually help your team instead of sniping from the back and watching your teammates die.

    The Gneisenau might have a turret less than the Ruprecht, but if you’re bow tanking, that difference does not matter. And you may have bad accuracy, but you are *supposed* to be closing with the enemy. At typical combat ranges for an *aggressive* player (the opposite of which is not “defensive”, but “bad”), you’ll be hitting your target allright. *And*, no disrespect intended oh Mighty Overlord, but you have missed another difference with the Ruprecht: The Gneisenau’s guns reload a whole 4 seconds faster than the Ruprecht’s, so you’re looking at a much higher potential DPM here.

    And then there’s the *other* Elephant in the room. Tactics. Your job in a 15-inch armed fast BB *cannot* be duking it out with other battleships at mid-to-long range. That’s something that tends to happen from time to time, but your *primary* target — rock, paper, scissors — are the enemy cruisers. With its speed, fast reload, short-range punch, and adequate toughness, the Gneisenau can *easily* wipe whatever cruiser tries to get cocky. Leave the 16-inch armed enemy battleships to your teammates in the destroyers, who usually really appreciate the all-cruisers-sunk corridor you can punch into enemy lines to expose the snipers at the back to torpedo runs.

    Too many players are looking for their ship’s strength in its own. Who hasn’t seen the sniping Nagatos who think that it’s ok to stay at the very back because “my ship isn’t a brawler” (disregarding the fact that their team’s cruisers aren’t either, and can ill afford staying in the open like that)? The Gneisenau can be played, indeed *needs* to be played, as a fleet ship, as part of a combined effort. In that role, it has everything required to shine.

    And if you make it into the late game, your speed and versatility again comes into its own. Hunting down a destroyer? Making that run against the clock for the cap? Playing ring-around-the-island with an enemy BB (and punching their ticket with your torps)? The Gneisenau is *good* at all these.

    I feel the Gneisenau is actually the best T7 battleship around. You just have to understand it, and play to its strengths, which it undoubtedly has. It’s not all about number of shells and accuracy.

  7. Kremlin is far from the terror of the seas it used to be.
    Repetitive small nerfs and power creep have taken that away from it.
    Still a good ship tho.

  8. Also, whenever I do get the Gneisenau’s guns on target, they overpenetrate.

  9. Jingles : ” Who would want to play a warship that can’t hit anything”
    Me : ” Err…. A virtual pacifist?? “

    • Self-replicating whatnot

      I always wondered – if someone is a vegan, would they limit what their character can eat in a videogame too?

  10. 16:15
    Jingles: “In order to kill them all, first you have to hit them.”
    Akizuki: “*Growls in agreement*”
    Perfect comedy timing

  11. Had the misfortune of playing the Gneis in ranked after resetting the line in wait for the Preussen. To be fair it actually performed better than expected. However, it is so inferior to its counterpart in the battle cruiser line it’s not even funny. I think in ranked it could hold it’s own if it didn’t have to fight against them in every match. The hydro, better torps, better secondaries and better guns simply renders the Gneis obsolete, even in a mode where it’s guaranteed to be top tier every game.

  12. I cant argue your points against the Gneisenau, but I fell in love with it on my way to the Bismarck. After 4 years of playing WoW my best games have all come from the Gneisenau.

  13. I hadn’t really thought about making a connection between what’s going on in the real world and a game created in a country connected with current events.
    But now that many people have brought it up, I wonder what effect this will have on Wargambling’s bottom line.

  14. @Seamon have you met a kremlin in last season’s clan battles? If ya have, you probably wouldn’t be saying that. She is still an absolute monster ship that simply declines death itself in every conceivable way and hits like a freight train. The only ship more oppressive than that thing would be the likes of Petro and Stalingrad, with maybe a hint of Ragnar.

  15. Thanks, Jingles. Good to have you here to keep everyone’s spirit up.

  16. Great video. Thank you ! You forget however that these two final Gneisenau’s seemed supremely overconfident and presenting ridiculous amounts of broadside. I think they could easily have won IF they had been better played.

  17. Gneis: 15″ shell
    Target: 15″ taped to the front of the barrel
    Gneis: *misses*
    Guys on deck: *shreds target with small arms fire*
    Gneis: “Victory is mine!”

  18. Jingles is the “gaming-Uncle” we all wish we had as kids..

  19. The extra range and better reload on the Gneisenau is tactically important as you can miss more shots from farther away.

  20. The new battlecruiser are really fun, and, when you figure them out, really effective.

  21. @handgranate2008 : So wait till 0.4km, as mentioned, I guess.

  22. @Jay Werner Drunken sailor’s perhaps?

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