World of Warships – GneiseNO!

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Did you see what I did with the title there? Yeah, I’m a comedy genius, I know. I’ll be here all week, try the fish and don’t forget to tip your waitress.

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  1. Exodocian's Story

    Love to see that Jingles is still going strong!!

  2. I literally just came to check if you’d uploaded

  3. Oh Dear… Another Gneisenau Video? You all know what’s coming….

  4. Last time I was this early Jingles was doing Flamus job (ship reviews and commentaries) and Flamu didn’t exist…

  5. Mr Saravan the 36

    I read the title as genesis NO HAHAHAH hahaha haha ha..yea I’ll see myself out

  6. Tirpitz: Am I joke to you?

  7. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Gneisenau, armed with 38cm guns, and armed with auxillary Hermelin guns… And Torpedoes. :^)

    Currently nowadays Gneisenau is pictured with Glasses and a beret from a certain Boat Game *wink*

  8. It’s you and Jeremy “Sometimes my genious is … it’s almost frightening” Clarkson.

  9. The only thing more satisfying than torpedoing a DD in a BB is ramming a DD in a BB.

  10. its 4:30 am here in the midwest, still watching every video the minute it comes out:)

  11. How perfect, 20 minutes ago i was just playing the Gneis and i was recommending the Mighty Jingles to my friend during that battle, now he uploads a video on that ship. Perfect timing!

  12. I’m starting to think Jingles spreads misinformation on purpose….Tirpitz was the first German BB introduced to WoWs and she has torps…it’s not just the Shiny Horse and the GneisNo.

  13. I disagree Jingles. He has torps, he used them effectively, but he also used his guns, just as he should.

  14. Actually Jingles, the Torpitz was the first with torpedoes…


    *Firing Squad Noises*

  15. That gneisenau player achieved what is every bb player’s wet dream, topedoing a dd in a bb

  16. Me (who bought my first Gneisenau two days ago and has played 2 matches with it) : Oh God I hope that’s not me.

    Edit: It wasn’t.

  17. Hey Jingles, since you have been making your own post match screens lately when they aren’t submitted and due to the copyright claims when you use the Kraken Unleased clip, do you think you could draw your own and make your own Kitty growl sound byte to play instead?

  18. 05:40 “That sign can’t stop me because I CAN’T READ”

  19. Congrats You found my Channel

    “Being within Torpedoe range of BOTH a Yorck on one side and a North Carolina on the otherside.”

    Ah Jingles Never Change

  20. Thomas Wilkinson

    Saw the title, laughed, and immediately klicken to watch it.

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