World of Warships – GneisenYES

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Even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.

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  1. Jingles, it’s German humor

    it’s no laughing matter

  2. What praising the Gneisenau? Somebody call the doctor, Jingles is sick!

  3. Well, actually Jingles, millennials are born between 1981 and 1996, and thus experiences the turn of millennium in their childhood and early adulthood. 1999 would be Gen Z.

    Yes, I know it’s pedantic, and no, I don’t care.

    • @dawfydd As someone born in one of those years, I can confirm this, I strictly avoid identifing with either generation

    • It’s amazing how many people who take swipes at millennials, are millennials. Because everywhere on media they’re talked about as naive youths due for a rude awakening when they join the ‘real world’, despite the fact that millennials are pushing 40

    • What I really gotta wonder is how GenX feels about their computer games being called ‘Boomer Shooters’ 😉

    • @Peter Colson my comment was a joke, i don’t believe any of these tags fit people, as much as people are sheep its just stereotyping that is acceptable.

    • @Peter Colson – I’m 54, and one of the older Gen X’s. Couldn’t care less about the “Boomer Shooter” label. Besides, I know plenty of actual Boomers who play World of Warsheeps.

  4. Thank you Jingles, now I’m returning to carrying this dynamite into the Salt Mines.

  5. If this ship had accurate guns it would be one of the best ships in the game.

  6. Night schedule still has its perks, 15 after upload and I catch jingles vids. Keep up the good work gnome overlord.

  7. The Bismarck is not more accurate than the Gneisenau. It can’t be: it has the same sigma value and the same dispersion formula. It just gets two barrels more.

    • Yep. Bismarck was the biggest disappointment I have ever experienced in this game. It makes Freddie look decent, and in fact, after Bismarck, the Freddie WAS a breath of fresh air for me. That was back in 2019 when I did the German BB grind which just happened to be the very first line I took to T10. I was a very new player with hardly any games.
      Today I mainly use Bismarck in the random operations with a full secondary build – because secondaries work well in operations and co-op but are a shite choice for the current random battles meta. The regulation survivability build is recommended for all the original German BB’s in random battles.

  8. Andys model and stuff

    I allways found myself sitting quitetly in the back of the classroom when Jingles went on to blast the Gneisenau and thought I was the weird one for liking the ship. Speed, rudder shift time, secondaries, torpedoes; she plays alright! Glad to see you are softening your tone a bit! But yea; I would go for the Bismarck 11 out of 10 times after unlocking it too

  9. 3:03 “when the germans start to get organized, thats when you have to worry” XD

  10. Once in a while, even a Gneisenau player will be smiled upon by RNG and get better than average dispersion in a battle and get a great game like this one.

    • …said no one ever.

    • the Gneisenau is the ship that when I sail it, it doesn’t hit the side of a barn from the inside, but when I am in an opposing CL it will citadel me from 15+ km when in a turn, and they do this on a regular basis.

    • RNJesus giveth and taketh away!

    • @László Németh sounds like my history so far with the ship. everytime i used my bayern to progress geran bb line the enemy gneisenau would hit me from any kind of ranges, and as soon as i got the gneisenau i never hit anything that was further than 10km away and only hit reliably at 5km…. now i have the bismarck, and boy am i glad i´m done with the gneisenau

    • -7% dispersion changes the ship in a massive way. Ranked i have a 60% W/R with it.

  11. Just moved on to Bismark from Gneisnau a few days ago. Started getting citadells all of a sudden too. But yeah i´ve at close range. 5 km ish managed to unload all six guns at the center of a battleship and only hit with 2 shells, the rest went in front and behind the ship. Absolutly awfull guns but can certainly tank multible enemys from the front.

  12. Even before the accuracy buffs, I managed the same average hit rate with any of my other ships when I was playing the Gneisenau (maybe because I was playing at closer ranges?).

  13. Gneisenau, first ship i scored a kraken with. Those were the days.

  14. Got to say this is probably one of my best games so far! Gneisenau is probably one of my favourites so far as the Colorado is like pouring salt in my eyes. Got the Bismark a few days ago so that should be fun with a secondary build!

    • Colorado! Urgh….I’d rather play New York even at that tier….. 🙂

    • I see a fellow Gneisenau appreciator, she’s a fun boat once you get used to her and I can highly recommend using her in ranked or brawls if you ever get the chance. Just keep in mind, you must not roleplay as a DD just because you have torpedoes 😂

    • Well done demonstrating how well Gneisenau can perform.

      I learned to love the Colorado too, though. It’s tanky in a brawl at same tier and below (excluding torpedoes) and it’s firing arcs are consistent making it an excellent sniper/ citadel buster.

    • @MKang 87 I won´t hate you for that, but she has hillariously inaccurate guns. If you compare Kansas to Gneisenau here:
      – Gneise is fast, Kansas is sht
      – Gneise fires 6 shells every 25s, Kansas 12 every 40s. Kansas has higher caliber, but not hitting anything with most doesn´t help either
      – Gneise has torps, secondaries, small turtleback armor. Kansas is fat and lazy.
      – Gneise can face only T9s, therefore only T8 CVs. Kansas regularly has to face T10 memery with everything that belong to it.

      All this above makes it for me really unpleasant experience to play that ship and while I tried, it was a pain to get over it, while Minessota was a pleasant upgrade and Vermont is my favourite Death Star 😀

    • @AA cannon man yeah, that is tricky to grasp for some. Even more tempting with “I have secondaries, I better use them as fast as possible”, which isn´t greatest of concepts either 😀

  15. Judging from the limited range of his secondaries just around 8km, I think he’s equipped the aiming system modification rather than the secondary battery one. Hence why the guns are a bit more accurate than usual.

  16. Been playing 2 years, GN is my favorite ship, it’s so much fun to play and the speed when the brain is working is a weapon in its own right. .. but when the brain gets too “clever” for its own good.. embarrassing / shameful quick death is the stick the GN uses to beat humility back into you . That’s what I love about the game play on with this ship , I’ve played games where I looked like some omnipotent battleship god … then the very next round … get literally just one shotted during some out of the box thinking and having to apologize to my team for being a clown. Hahaha

  17. I actually like the Gneisenau, because the main guns are not too inaccurate at short to mid range, and with its armour scheme, secondaries and torpedoes it makes a good brawler.

  18. I’ve never had that much of a problem with this ship since I got it many years ago, Jingo, m8 . . . it’s not my favourite naturally – but I still usually manage to do at least 100k damage in it even when at bottom tier . . .

  19. A few things to corret there.
    For T7, Gneisenau has damn good armor, is actually one of the best armored T7 BBs in the game.
    For T7, her secondaries are among the best you can find and since the relevant captain skills don´t change with tiers anymore, they got even better.
    For T7, when she was introduced, she was one of the very few BBs that could overmatch other BBs combined with one of the fastest hulls around.
    Also, all german BBs have, for quite a long time now, the EXACT SAME dispersion formula for the main guns that the american line usses and they compensate less barrels with faster reload.
    Last but not least, comparing different tiers NEVER WORKS.

  20. gurk_the_magnificent

    The story of Germany trolling the old man over two separate episodes is why I tune in

    Also, please let “sea sausage” be a technical term from your time in the RN

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