World of Warships – Go crazy or go home

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My chat voted on Genova, which is a tier 5 ITA premium PoS…yeah it’s bad alright. So I decided to go crazy with it and see if I can make something happen. What I didn’t know is that I will be accompanied by a player crazier than me xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. And that is why I like Flambass so much. He can actually compliment other players when they play well, and enjoy it. Unlike some other streamers…

    Plus cats.

  2. How does it feel to be carried for once? :))

    • The simple fact Flambass backed up aggressive play like that was fantastic to see. How do I get support like that when I play DD? On NA server, so Flambass isn’t an option.

  3. I believe that this V was Mr @ppraet second account, LUL

  4. Little jack with barely over 1k games and respectable stats for a beginner and good plays on the map a very rare breed these days

  5. Watching a 3 minute add, just enough time to type this comment. Love your content from a xbox pleb

  6. I haven’t enjoyed the genova myself much, my top damage is about 45k without torps.

  7. Since having additional guns apparently increases a ship’s overall reload time (Genova has 33% more guns than Furutaka, and 33% longer reload), I want WG to make the next T5 cruiser with only a single gun, but scale the reload time down in a similar way.

    Just your normal 203 mm cruiser with 2,5 seconds of reload time.

  8. Does Jacknroll know that he got featured on a Flambass video? That is reward enough…

  9. So that is how butter feels when a hot knife goes through it 😀

  10. My Genova games are the exact opposite of this.

  11. If the Genova is a PoS, then I’m REALLY looking forward to the main line because I LOVE Genova.

  12. Send this to the old man so Jacknroll can get some more acclaim. Also Jingles would like to have a player who’s name he can pronounce and does not have to replace with “Dave”,

  13. It’s a shame that match had to end so soon, you guys were mowing them down like nobody’s business! Well done!

  14. I played the ship a lot and the sap rounds are devastating against a lightly armored Target

  15. Play with Jack then, that’d be the highest compliment.

  16. Hey Flambino i hope u have complimented me too where u met me in my Haku this days. I was the guy who send u the message after the game and i was over u with my Exp 🙂

  17. Why does this feel like WG asked Flambass to be really positive about this ship?

  18. A business like slaughter. Brisk and to the point. Well played. D.

  19. Find the guy and give him a prem or CC container or something. That guy deserves it.

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