World of Warships – Go FULL CRAZY or go home

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Chat made me play , but MM had my back on this one.
At one point everything went full at sh*t crazy xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Hello Flambas , who reading yours messages , a Lady Sonia ?

  2. Good Morning from NY. Good Luck in ranked. What is your rank so far? Papiren? Torpedos Los Los LOS!!!

  3. Sirocco The Hunter

    Mid rush * exists *

    Flambass: I was made for this.

  4. The craziest thing is that you only shoot down 4 planes in a montana with enemy CV focusing on you. Thanks WG for this CV rework.

    • Emmanuel Medina

      +Ace Arellano AA needs to be tweaked, sometimes its WAY too strong and sometimes you cant kill a single plane. I play Yammy alot and have the AA mod on the t10 slot. Thats all i have as far as AA upgrades and skills. Sometimes it melts the shit out of planes, and simetimes I cant kill a single one, but that is usually tied to Haku planes.
      Even in atago, ibe had 30+ plane kills and survived, without having invested anything into AA.

    • Ace Arellano no need to combine, 1 des is enough if RNG isn’t on your side…. -_- trust me I know.

    • And fking hypocrites in game discussions keep saying that you just have to play DM/Monty/Mino/Wooster and CVs won’t focus you, “100% assured r/iamsmart”… No.
      Enterprise isn’t even a t10 CV, and it wasn’t a 2vs2 CV game, *idk why people keep saying this is fine* ; t8 CV should not be allowed to even look at Monty+DM.
      (Meanwhile only premium ships like Kidd or Atlanta stand a chance, typical WG heh)

    • Ipatchy Makouli well it’s not fun for normal CV player either, try playing a Lexington in a T10 match, T8 premium CV might be annoying to you but it’s the same for free to play CV in a T10 match, even some DD can knock out half my squad, let alone an AA cruisers. To be honest you might as well consider those premium CV to be the old tier 9 CV, cause compared to the normal tier 8 CV, they have every advantages.

    • Ipatchy Makouli

      +Dread lord I am currently playing Lexington to share this cancerous meta, and I have really no issue even on t10 games, doing regularly 100k+ dmg games… The worst ships I fear are Kidd and Grozovoi, tho Kidd is much deadlier. And is T8.

  5. Andres Gallardo Garcia

    This map must be renamed as Flambass Canal

  6. When I get 2 Brothers now in my clan… I say on comms “Are we Flambassing this one?” and they will usually say… “Fucking oath we are”. Mid Rush it is. Plus the dude that called you noobs for mid rushing finished 9th on xp…. Lol.

  7. Although I love these videos and seeing you guys winning using these special tactics, I am also reminded by all the fools who attempt to do the same and fail misserably everytime I am on this map XD

  8. Of all youtube videos, these mid-rush videos, is the best entertainment one can get. Damm you guys are god 👍😁

  9. wait, this is a Monty replay? What happened, Flambass?

  10. 10:07 more damage done in one salvo than I do in entire game

  11. Russell Wishart

    I love how the game has just given up and now spawns you right next to the gap lol

  12. 50Sfumature DiNiente

    I got monty a month ago and i’m loving her 😀 I have 100k avg dmg. I’m also using her in ranked and i’m doing really well (135k avg dmg, 1.9k avg xp and 100% wr with 5 battles)

  13. Another video we’ll probably see in a couple of days on the old man’s channel again. 😀

  14. >bismarck bottom tier game
    >gets 3 base xp and lowest in scoreboard

    thats the first time i saw a single digit base xp not including afk whole match players that get 0 base xp

    • Actually was afk after 5:40 if you look at the map, probably missed her long range shoots then dced for some reason. 3 xp for potential damage of a single enemy shell? little plane damage? who knows…

  15. >flambino team doing usual flambrothers midpush
    >”wtf noobs going mid”

    that guy probably doesnt watch youtube gameplays and or twitch streams of wows to not know a famous cc

    • Emmanuel Medina

      I’ve seen some amazing mid pushes, yet people will still claim mid push is a noob move and will ALWAYS be a bad idea.

  16. That DM waltzing broadside in front of a Monty was hilarious …

  17. @Flambass
    That secondary fire. You should call it the French Cigarettes

  18. And now I’ll lookup the Sailor Moon theme.

  19. Valyera Yelashkin

    why is no-one talking about that reverse though

  20. The Mighty MT. Happy to see you in a “proper” T10 BB lol sorry, American. Love the content Flambass and CREED guests lol. Please keep up the great work man

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