World of Warships – Go full WEEB and you are protected

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I’m joking. I took a weeb ship in a weeb port with a weeb captain and weeb enabled and miracles started happening. It works, it bloody works I tell ya, where do I sign xD
Enjoy and have watching 😉


  1. On this episode of The Hans Tour: A cat takes a nap, A Japanese DD wins a gunfight, and Hans butchers the Japanese Language..

    • it’s time to pop the reload booster of chat – of the guns that are pointed at the citadel of fruitful discussion – of the ship that is sailing the conversation channel

  2. NANODA~

  3. Have seen the weeb torpedo for the second time and still LOL.

  4. jennifer stewarts

    you OWE that battleship your life through. The battleship that cut in between you and the enemy guns to take the hits… if not for him you’d have been toast.

    • And not even a thank you or Compliment to be had for the guy! Guess Flamby was too busy sucking on those horseshoes this game to be bothered. 😛

    • it was all on yukikaze-sama nanoda =))) the luckiest japanese ship of the war makes it so it’ll survive by hurting team mates if it has to.

    • +Shadow damn true =))

    • Pretty much a repeat of what Real Life Yukikaze went through. Remember Ten-Go? Where US send 400+ planes to sink Yamato? Yukikaze was there the entire time and she’s pretty much get out of it unscratched while other escorts were sunk with Yamato.

      So, nothing unusual here.

  5. a true yukikaze, luckiest ship in WW2 IJN fleet , go read the wiki

  6. ok game 😉 Wow.. awsome game a weeeeee bit lucky… but great game

  7. *a wild akizuki appears* that moment had me laughing so hard xD

  8. And now just imagine what it would have done for the game if Wargaming had *learned* from previous stupid pseudo competitions like Eagles vs Sharks, and decided *not to repeat the same stupid mmistakes **_again._* Instead, they could have made these personal orders really personal, meaning to sasy: they could have given players tasks that actually rewarded good gameplay. Instead of giving a Yamato the task to light two fires, they could have told the guy to tank amount X of potential damage. Or something. Thereby “spoon-feeding” to casual players the actual meaning of “good gameplay” in small incremental steps so they actually get better at playing the game.

    But noooo…

  9. “I have the power of god and anime on my side!”

  10. Gosh this one game perfectly depicts Yukikaze(-sama Nanoda ! ).

  11. Yukikaze the Best Lucky IJN ship confirmed.
    Seriously from my guess, you played like a blind just to show us how lucky she is….

  12. Fun fact – Yukikaze is Azur Lane has a skill which makes her IMMENSELY difficult to kill. I guess that somewhat carries over to WoWs?





      Yukikaze the Great wins all arguments. Period. End of story. Fluffy tail.

  13. Atleast two things have been proof that match:
    – Kageros guns do pack a punch
    – You, Mr. Flambass, are one lucky mothertrucker xD

  14. “What a potato. Watch the freakin’ mini-map.” – Flambass

  15. Welp, Jingles is gonna have fun with this one, especially with the surprise kitty attack! (Akizuki)

  16. 15:00 Flambass Exe exe has stopped working, would you like to restart the Weeb?

  17. Are you planning to play Kiyoshimo ? 🙂

  18. I love the vids, You always find a way to survive those lul moments. ggM8

  19. “”They” say that you make your own luck when you play well.”
    Watches Flambass fluke a torpedo beat, and narrowly avoid being sacked by two DD’s on separate occasions.
    *Turns to look at “They”*
    “Yeah. Right. What do you know.”
    Just kidding. Nice game Flambass. Well played and importantly you did make your luck count.

  20. “Irish have nothing on weebs, my man.” – Flambass, 2019

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