World of Warships Go Navy Crates and Team Eagle Worcester Division Play

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A couple of things. First, a new working Discord link. Sorry, we were growing the channel and accidentally killed the old link. here is the new:


  1. First 🙂

  2. Would have been more enticing if they added coal to the crates

  3. Wus-ter. Not Woo-ster. Thanks for the vid

    • And this is why sometimes people get easy triggered over small things. Like what will happen if he didnt pronouce correctly? While yall butchering pan asia name, we didnt go and try and change the goddam way ppl pronouce . Stop crying over some prononciation bullcrapm

    • Or you could show a little intelligence and pronounce it correctly Gummiheng.

    • They’ve come to snuff the Woo-stah! Oh yeah! Hey, here comes the Wo-stah! Oh yeah! You know he ain’t gonna die!

    • Paul T. Don’t like it? Don’t listen ✌

    • Bran Tse Mallory

      Gummiheng You are of course correct oh lord of the litter tray. That’s why I can pronounce your name so it sound’s like ‘Stupid Wanker’. Come to the UK and visit Worcester, then try your shitty attempt at English and see how much you get laughed at for not even being able to talk correctly.

  4. Go Sharks

  5. Zoup.. I’m twitching right now knowing your on twitch .. he’ll yea I’m joining the channel. I go by a different name.

  6. Sharks have had the lead for the last week

    I think all the clans just signing all the members up for the same team sort of wrecks the “balance”

    Go sharks my subaquatic squad

    • should have been random team selection. As it stands there’s little reason to play Eagles unless you want their specific camos/patches

  7. working up to the Worcester, liking the Seattle

  8. A shark Wooster versus an eagle wooster… xD

  9. Thx Zoup, now i know i really don´t need to bother with these containers.

  10. Both Worcester and those crates are not impressive.  I have often wondered about the various crates…  Now I know, not worth purchasing but okay if they were given away.  Thanks for sharing…

  11. Go sharks, by the way there is no Russian bias

  12. I’m just hoping WG adds the US Navy Gadsden Flag.

  13. $70 for 15 crates, no thanks

  14. Sorry Zoup, one of the most useless PSA videos so far… the WG newspost tells us exactly what can be in these containers, 10 tokens for each team are fixed, and either 12 or 24 of the special econimic flags. There is zero surprise to them.

  15. One can play warships without beer?

  16. Eagle has consistently lost. Sharks FTW

  17. sharks ftw, this is a warship game not a warplane game!

  18. bought 15 crates, didn’t get 24 flags in a single one.

  19. That made me feel dirty.

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