World of Warships – GOD has 510mm guns

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Super aka Yashima with her 510mm guns has such a big smack on enemy ships that you need new pants after every score. She only has 6 guns they can sometimes, but when they work they smack everyone like a GOD.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Flambass oughta upload this to another website whose name rhymes with schmornhub because this is NSFW.

  2. This has gotta go to jingles, the amount of “that’s a paddalin” jingles will say, will be glorious to hear please make it happen Flambass

  3. i saw flamby’s “o” face way too many times in this vid 😛

  4. Kremlin: “I’m OP”

    Yashima: “Hold my 200k in 7 minutes”

    Kremlin with Cartman’s voice: “Screw you guys, I’m going home”

  5. I was watching this without headphones and people thought it was porn. Flambass is an “enthusiastic” player 😛

  6. Flambass is liking those penetrations a little too much

  7. The Budgie Admiral

    I have slight regrets watching this video without headphones in the living room.

  8. The Tank Commander

    The Great Flambino literally sounds like he is having a ship-oriented orgasm.

  9. Yea… I’m glad I’m not his gf…
    If this is his reaction to getting damage in the game… imagine how he’d be when he busts his load…


  10. Rated Y, because an X rating doesn’t seem high enough…

  11. This video really needs a NSFW or at least “watch alone or with headphones” disclaimer :O.

  12. 5:24, unfortunately we now know what it looks like when Flambass inserts his dingeling ********************************** (i censored myself, for obvious reasons, but you get the idea)

  13. When the armor of a tier x cv is enough to bounce about 500 tons worth of lead coming allmost straight down you know WG have done their utmost to balance the class.

    • @Alejandro Llerena Technically there’s no way for 80mm armor to bounce 51cm shell with enough detonation power to turn CV in to sinking burning dead crisp in a single hit…
      BUT… after all… we deal with a heavy RNG RIGGED game where destroyer can sink even biggest in game ship just by simple HE spam… 😒

    • @Alejandro Llerena Yeah, 80 mm is one thick damn plate. Especially if it’s armored. But I’m not sure if it holds against 6 small IJN asteroids coming down like the testicles of God. In best case they shove that plating straight down into the kitchen making the ships sushi chef going completely “KURAPPU MO” 😂😂

    • @Gundolf300 yes but cv exist in real life and its overpowered in the real world. Im sure history enthusiasts who plays this game also playing cv.

      I only played T8,9,10 because MM +2 -2 is stupid. I have cv but i got it from black friday container (the premium container that is cost 250 doubloons).

      Graf zeppelin is the worst cv (maybe) but that’s makes her balanced on the game. Imo

      I dont really play cv except in the last match our team cv is stupid.

      And yes most ship need to group to combine AA to take less damage. Defensive AA consumable is a joke.
      T10 cv is overpowered. I dont see any ship beside yoshino and kremlin can counter it with AA

      But yea the main problem to me is the MM +2 -2.

    • @Esteban Grafeuille Well yamato shell was almost 1500 kg and coming in with speed over 2 machs 😀 so these shells would be even bigger

    • @jjarvinen Yashima AP is 1984kg per shell.

  14. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    3:40 I hate the smolensk so much. He does more to the Yamato’s bow in the subsequent shot than he did to to Smolensk which was broadside. FU WG.

    • I hate all cruisers with smoke screens. I was playing ranked and 5 out of 7 ofthe enemy ships was in a smoke screen. Its soooooo anoying

    • @jebes909090 looks like you got all the competent players on the red team.. and the shitheads on yours. Dont worry next time it may change. One defeat, one Victory, its balanced👍

    • jebes909090 you know just cause they are in a smoke screen doesn’t mean they can’t take a hit. Use the spotter aircraft, minimap X-Marks the spot, and the tracers from their ship firing to get a good place to fire at them. I deleted/citadeled several cruisers that were sitting in a smokescreen. And it’s the biggest fuck you to them lol cause you can feel how salty they get.

    • Granted, cruisers and a lot of DDs would melt Smolensk when broadside. But yeah, that mechanic needs to die, fast.

    • @BladeKi11a that’s easier said than done. I can hit maybe 10% of the time in a smokescreen, but it’s the rain of hell and torpedo dodging and if you’re really unlucky, planes too that make it just unnecessarily difficult.

      One or two smoke screens I get and at least when it was just dd’s then cruisers would at least be in limited locations. It was difficult but fair. But when 5 or 6 smokescreens from east to west are spamming with near impunity , it gets really annoying.

  15. 8:00 that demoines must have been thinking Patrick star weewoo in his head

  16. “What do you do to a Des Moines from the front?” Answer: Install a new asshole. XD

  17. 8:24 I wonder if that Yashima shell which overpenned did truly enter Des Moines from the bow and exit through stern, or it was angled that it from the bow and exit earlier.

  18. My gf: looked at me suspiciously and asked me if I was watching gay porn

  19. I can imagine Mrs Citadel standing in the background thinking, “why does he never make those noises for me?!”

  20. Yamato “I’m getting citadelled and chunked down with 20k volleys even though I’m angling”
    Smolensk “It’s cuz your giving him armor to pen, be like me and go full broadside”
    Yamato “Alright, let’s give it a -”

    Flambass “Ahh~~~~”♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

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