World of Warships – God of War

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Odin, the All Father, God of War. A tier 8 German Battleship with a health pool that would embarrass a tier 6 Battleship. How could this possibly go wrong?

Odin Ship Review by Little White Mouse:

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  1. Sweet, I’m first in the comment, and Jingles thanks for the video for today mate hope you’re doing well over there in England

  2. 40 seconds ago I got the notification, 5 comments saying first; jingles they’re in your house!

  3. I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those darn kids!

  4. Love your work. Keep giving us great content!

  5. this is God’s way of rewarding Americans who stay up ’till 3:00 for no good reason.

  6. I’m an IJN torpedo boat player… I understand the plight of relying on your teammates for the first half of the game. It’s a deadly thing to do.

  7. Odin: Has Tough Armour
    Shikishima: Allow me to introduce myself

  8. From my personal experience, Odin is suprisingly good at pushing into a cap, especially when there’s an enemy DD in smoke and your entire team stop dead in their tracks scared of getting torps, the Odin can take the inititive and charge in. With its combination of german hydro, decent secondaries and a fast reloading main battery you have a higher chance of killing the enemy dd and torpedo beat your way out alive (or die on your way out to a yammy salvo across the map). And with the dd dead hopefully it gives your team enough courage to poke out behind islands and start pushing lol.

  9. i love when jingles posts at 130 am when i’m about to go to sleep

  10. Always the same shit with those games. The “old” factions, the factions that came first in the game get left in the dust by new, more obscure factions power creeping past them. Swedes, Italians and others get nifty tricks to set them apart from the old stuff and for some reasons the Germans always end up being hit the hardest by power creep, because Americans, Russians, Japanese and British get some weird tanks/ships with gimmicky but powerful tricks, while the Germans basically always get “more of the same” somehow.

    The Russians get a few silly, OP Premiums and then, to “compensate” that and to show that Premiums are not all OP, the Germans get shitty ones and that somehow makes everything well in the world of Russian military MMOs.

    • @Tsnelo Not really? The Zao is still an excellent HE spammer and Ambusher while the Yamato remains one of the best ships for screwing over other BB’s

    • @Lystopheles I haven’t played WoWS in a while, but from what you see in videos and replays, there aren’t any German ships in competitive clan battles and the such, which tells us a lot.
      Being a good pinata and being good at point blank range, where half the ships you meet can still torpedo you and the other half still has the option to ram you, just isn’t a very competitive faction specialty, not compared to what other factions have.

    • @Colonel_Klink Yes. I remember how bad I once felt when I outright raped a Tiger 2 in my Emil in WoT. I was hull down and there was nothing he could do to me, while I could penetrate his armor basically everywhere.
      He just kept driving backwards, with his ass against a wall, like a frightened child facing a rabid dog, or something. It really made me feel dirty and that was a tank at the same tier as mine.
      That is just fucked up and a mark of shame for any game.

      I never played War Thunder tanks much, but I have seen enough replays to know how much of a whipping boy faction Germans are there too, where you have to fight tanks from the 1960s era in your Tiger 2.

    • @Lystopheles until there’s a CV who can think and breathe at the same time on the enemy team

    • @Blinks Seven I was thinking more of the rest of the tech tree, i.e. below tier X.

      Yamato is indeed competitive, but feel that Zao’s position is a bit more precarious. Troll armour isn’t as reliable while health pool is still low. Concealment is less useful these days with CVs (not to mention the UU nerf). In general, it seems there will always be a better cruiser to drive than Zao.

  11. Michael Humphrey

    Mad Zebra’s a good battleship captain. Imagine if he had a ship like the Yamato. It would be overkill, no question.

  12. Its good, its not difficult its just a very heavy cruiser that can also brawl

  13. jingles, you’ve forgotten to mention Odin’s party trick! if you spec it right, you can get the secondaries to shoot to within 400m of its detection range. which can lead to some hilarity if you find a DD to bulli

  14. TL;DR : This ship is basically Tier 8 Sharnhorst. *Nothing more. Nothing less.* 😉

  15. Could you do a Ghost of Tsushima playthrough like you did with RDR2?

  16. The thing with the low penetration isn’t so bad, if you shoot at the superstructure of battleships you can actually get full penetration dmg instead of overpens. At least that’s my experience. The Odin is pretty good overall, just play it as a super heavy cruiser.

  17. The enemy team was carrying his victory hard. They have done everything to make it possible, throwing themselves broadside in front of his guns.

    Nevertheless well played Odin!

  18. Odin is not a bad BB by any means, I don’t have it myself but I think it has proven to be a tough one to deal with in the ranked, at least when in good hands. The low health punishes for mistakes pretty heavily though.

    There’s at least one thing it does better than any other BB, bully DD’s. I’ve played mostly Lightning so far, and Odin has been by far the most troublesome BB for me. Great hydro and great maneuverability make her really hard to hit with torps on, and hell breaks loose if you get spotted. She can just rush smokes like nobody’s business.

    That combined with great brawling ability and some of the best armor schemes makes it so that teams with Odin often have the advantage when pushing caps.

    This is my experience against her in ranked with 7 ship teams, her difficulty surely gets to another level in standard with 12 ships. She would probably be an absolute beast in 1v1 ranked.

  19. He took FOREVER to finally hydro that DD in A at the beginning.

  20. Jingles: “that is a question that is going to be challenging philosophers for years to come!”

    I am sure the philosophers were already in chat debating what happened.

    As for PQ17, I think someone in Intelligence noticed that the Tirpitz had rotated its rear turret which the Admiralty took to mean that she was about to sortie. So they ordered the escorts to bravely run away and the convoy to scatter. Meanwhile the luftwaffe and Uboats suddenly found themselves in what we in the military would call a “target rich environment!”

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