World of Warships Goddess Zao 264K Damage

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World of warships replay , voiced over with commentary 264K Damage

Got any tips for these kind of commentaries, don’t hesitate to help me out on this, as I’m quite new to making YouTube videos for World of Warships.


  1. Today I watched this video at school with one of my classmates and holy
    shit what a carry game! Can I ask tho why is Zao called goddess?

  2. Brian Lock (神通)

    Seo? since when zao get that name

  3. Keep em comming Ferdi…

  4. Great Commentary Ferdi :D

  5. It is me or are you moving your camera angle? 0:15 for example you shift
    from about.. middle (normal) camera placement, to a more frontal position.
    Or is that just the replay?

  6. when you say Zao I think of that one song! Ahoy blabla Ahoy!

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