World of Warships- Godly Secondary Cruisers Are Back

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the effect of the newly updated pack a punch skill on our favorite secondary cruisers, enjoy!

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  1. I’ve rediscovered my love of secondary graf spee today 😂

    • Outofcontrolsjs Gaming

      Me too!

    • The German cruisers in general get some benefit down the line. The improved pen and accuracy. . . Not epic on Yorck, but worth taking. The Americans, not so much. Those 5”/38 turrets are just there for decoration. (At least at the mid-tiers. Have not tried the skill all the way up the line.)

  2. the good thing about lots of inaccurate secondaries:
    DDs can juke all they want, they still get hit

  3. I have enjoyed this rework so far. Now just waiting for the naval battles when I get home later today and will bring in some of the cruisers to see how much pain I can let fly!

  4. You should try out the Carnot, full detection secondary build, and some survivability to boot

  5. you know it’s funny now seeing all the secondary built Napolis now. Napoli as always been a good secondary cruiser even before the skills rework

  6. I can’t wait to see Michelangelo in action when she releases with these changes, it’ll be great fun!

  7. I can say that I got surprised in a match by a Napoli that had that skill. I managed to survive the experience, but it was shocking how much more I was getting slapped by its secondaries.

  8. I’ll be curious what you have to say about the new dazzle skill. Ive always heard that dazzle doesnt work. Ive decided to try it on DDs because adding 20% to enemy dispersion sounds too good to be true.

  9. I played a few games with Siegfred and 12km secondary does not mean anything if they dont hit anything.

  10. the baiting ships deeper into your secondaries by turning them off until you’re spotted has been pretty funny. works well. napoli owners in glee

  11. Played Napoli with new captainskills this morning. This ship has become a monster! Was Hilarious to see even battleships go into panicmode 🙂

  12. Pack a punch is still very viable in regards to Agir or Siegfried in tandem with top grade gunner but I’d only really run it with Agir since she’s more of a brawler than Siegfried. Your torps on Agir are also more frequently usefull as well so I still argue its a very good skill for her to take.

  13. Anyone else think that wargaming should put a feature into the dockyard where if you complete a ship in the dockyard, you can use a certificate to get any dockyard ship that they released in the past instead. For example if your were to complete the Michelangelo dockyard but your a BB main you could exchange Michelangelo for the Odin or Hizen.

  14. I wish I could get the Schroder, that’s the one ship I regret not having. I do have a pizza monster however 😀

  15. Napoli is a monster now, Agir does great too. Yesterday I took down half of Bismarck and full Baltimore just on my own, cause i have been alone on my flank.

  16. The French Large Cruisers, such as the Carnot and Marseille have a large number of secondary guns and their range is equal with German. Maybe give those a try, see how they do?

  17. Are there any tech tree ships with good secondaries or will they develop tech tree ships with good main armaments and secondaries.

  18. Had I known Secondary Cruisers were going to be viable again I would have bought The Pan-Asian Agir, liked the Paint Job, I like the ship and I have the Pan Asian Captain.

  19. Are the T7, T8, T9 and T10 Spanish ships worth investing the secondaries or even adopting the playstyle? Thank you if you answer

  20. I’ll give them a try tonight. Been too busy going for Black gold on the BF Black ships I’ve gotten.

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