World of Warships- Godzilla Vs Kong Event Is INSANELY Overpriced

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  1. Yeah its not just you. Flamu made a video about The Kong and he had the same issue with the Voice cover

    • @Wernerrrrr yeah i can agree to that but he has some good points.

    • @Wernerrrrr but what he complains about are actually legit complains and not just some random rants. WG has been acting pretty shady this past 2-3 years. I have been playing this game since 2016 and WG was totally different back then by actually listening to community feedbacks. The game was so much more fun and relevant back then but now it’s just ridiculous gimmicks and OP ships on top off pulling scams like these. Flamu has been playing this game since 2015 and has been a CC for a long time so his anger is justified on this fiasco

    • @S T On some stuff like this sure. But his opinions on absolutely everything WG puts out and either its “Boken OP” or “trash” not to mention how toxic the guy is in game chat telling people to “uninstall” or that they “shouldn’t be playing at t10 with less than a 50% winrate” – He ach makes great content when hes not being political about the game and his personal grudge with WG.

    • Nicolas Fidalgo

      @The Bradford The thing is now he is unleashed. More freedom to talk about how crap WG is as a company.

    • @Nicolas Fidalgo there basically isn’t a gaming company out there that someone somewhere won’t chat shit about.
      WG do a lot of good and a lot of bad, like every company out there. There no different, if they were as shit as he say they are people wouldn’t be playing the game

  2. 20k dubs for fancy looking camo. Seems about rigth to me!😅

  3. Amadeo Komnenus

    Only non-CC’s are talking about this. Wargamings CC’s are strangely silent, cowardly silent in fact.

  4. You can LITERALLY buy multiple VERY GOOD premium ships!

  5. as soon as i saw the preview of this event it was a “hard pass” for me

  6. 80$ for new camo and commander is insane price.

  7. Filibert Kraxner

    WG’s pricing is insane. Off the chart nuts. And I’m voting with my wallet.

  8. I’m just sad that wargaming disappointed us again. They have this huge opportunity and then they butcher it like this…
    Just sad :c

    • They’ve had so many opportunities to make cool features but always go the cheap and lazy route. Literally the only thing keeping this game alive is few competition and it’s art dept.

  9. I refuse to pay this company any more of my money for just a GAME

  10. Imagine how cool will be if they put a Godzilla on your ship in game and when you press N he will launch the death ray like in the trailer of the movie

  11. Feels like a 1$ T-shirt produced in Cambodia and sold at a GUCCI fashion store for 250$

  12. tamas lapsanszki

    Description: “Yeah……….no
    Hey guys, today we discuss the Duke of York with all of her strangeness, enjoy!”
    Actual video: Whoregaming ripping off the playerbase, episode 69 season 42

  13. Somewehere in Minsk…..”Okay, who blew all the petty cash on goldplated Vodka bottles and a 4 hour lap dance with Tatiana?
    Marketing say, ” No Problemk, we have glorious plan to grab enough cash in 1 week to pay for all the Vodka and infinite boom boom time with Tatiana and all her friends for rest of year”

  14. Scamgaming has set a new high in pricing.

  15. At least, we know that Mountbatten is in the Team Godzilla!

  16. I’m surprised they aren’t getting slammed for false advertising.

  17. League of Legends will sell you a new skin that completely redesigns a champion with new effects, voicelines etc. for £25 and then this game will give you an ugly skin with a roar on the voiceline and charge you £50 lmao

  18. When I first saw these camos I thought it was going to be a free grind event.

  19. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is now ruined

  20. Mountbatten: “I paid eighty dollars for a bright blue Amagi.”
    Angry Joe: *”$80 for blue? FOR FUCKING BLUE?!”*

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