World of Warships- Godzilla Vs Kong Event: Refunds Available

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Hey guys, today we have a surprising announcement that you can infact get refunds for the Godzilla vs Kong bundles, and more, enjoy!

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  1. Amadeo Komnenus

    ”We will do our best to avoid such situations in the future”.
    Oh nice WG. That puts my mind at ease

    • Amadeo Komnenus

      @Azra valencia Oh there’s been a few since then. Btw, Could i interest you in a second hand Makarov cruiser by any chance? 😉

    • @Azra valencia all the dockyards since Puerto Rico have been fine, so a lessoned learned there.

    • @The Bradford They certainly weren’t impossible and at least they told the player base that they’d require a minimum purchase to secure.

      Shortlists on Santa boxes was at least as scummy.

    • ToughAncientSpark

      Until the next time.

    • Yep… there was not way they could have predicted that a legendary creature like Godzilla was not suppost to be sinking.
      Also Godzilla can swim and even breath underwater, how else did he attack Tokyo?

  2. Yhorm The Midget

    It’s not like they care bout commander voice lines being clear and providing tactical information to your team. We have national voicelines, all the weeb commanders speaking elvish or something, the cat, or Jingles speaking well.. Jingles.

    • @Challeon Cap, he is great.

    • “Elvish or something”, that the anime commanders would speak japanese is completely unthinkable aye?

    • Yhorm The Midget

      @Fnn Svnssn Your sense of humour is staggering.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      @Joerg Lange yes jingles’ voice over is great, like when you sink an enemy battleship he says something like “we’ve sunk an allied cruiser.” I have him on my hood for now, but that’ll change once I eventually pick up the grand old lady, herself (and I also plan on getting the commander “Hood” from the azure lane collab if that ever returns so I fill that gap)

    • @Yhorm The Midget Yes. What a great joke you made. Haha japanese is elvish haha, go back to reddit will ya.

  3. And yet most unique voices are Japanese girls. They don’t strive for information, they strive for what sells and animu characters sell. Pretty sure people just wanted a roaring monster since we couldn’t get Kong or Godzilla on the superstructure.

  4. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Normies who cant understand japanese: what about the anime girls?

    Me who did QC for translators: I’m four parallel universes ahead of you

  5. “no it was beauty, bbeauty killed the beast”

  6. This is WG just looking how far they can milk the community before the community pushes back, just like Puerto Rico and the likes.

  7. Communication lol

    There’s a commanders who’s only voiceline is shouting

  8. i would liked if it was just roars, as we have some really wierd commanders that just hums and such, and the azur lane wich speaks japanese etc, we cant understand them

  9. “As a human with a functioning brain”
    Woah, woah, woah… you shouldn’t expect too much from the playerbase.

  10. WG got caught with their pants down with their greed hanging out and are now backpedaling like crazy.

  11. “Refunds available”. Hahahahahah

  12. Don’t hurt Kong’s and Godzilla’s feelings by sinking them with the ship. it breaks my heart. So much empathy by WG and respect for their dignity. I am crying now

  13. SkyRaider Eclipse

    I like to think that big g is in the water swimming around while kong stayed on land outta fear from what happened last time

  14. ToughAncientSpark

    Wow, Flamu shamed them into giving refunds!

  15. CardiacKidsBills2020

    If they had stated clearly what we would be getting and put out a video they can avoid crap like this in the future. Oh wait then they couldn’t put out sham products and try to get away with it

  16. WG: We want our commanders to be clear and understandable
    Jingles Commander: calls ships incorrectly, provides misinformation to the player.
    That animated character from their channel, whatever he is called: literal screeching.
    Suuuuuure WG. Not like you’ve done that for other commanders or something…

  17. Funny how Godzilla and Kong have always required stipulations for their appearances, like two diva boxers trying to avoid fighting each other.

  18. 5:15 Have you seen Flambass video on this? He has some VERY good ideas how that could have been handled

  19. Speaking of characters roaming the decks, are they ever going to bring back “Unsinkable Sam”?

  20. Every year WG tries to rip off the players ,I’m glad Flamu opened up another can of WG worms……..Sea Lord thanks for all you do also.

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