World of Warships- Going Farming In Grand Battles

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Hey guys! Today we go farming in Grand Battles, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. i haven’t even touched the super BBs, having too much fun with HE spam XD

  2. tamas lapsanszki

    Everyone, circa 2016-2018: BBs are too OP, easiest class bla bla
    WhoreGaming: I got you fam, here, have some HE spam
    Everyone: Ok, this is better
    WG: I’m not finished. More HE spam, CV rework, commander rework, even more HE spam and gimmicks
    Everyone: Ok stop, BBs are forced to camp, pls stop
    WG: Ok, here, have some superbattleships to compensate
    Everyone in superbattleships: XP pinata

  3. The no sense of the HE spam and fire killing a steel ship…..

  4. Secondary build Iowa, non secondary build Hannover, kitakaze not using his guns, the first 1:30 minutes of this video shows how full of potatoes this event is

  5. Azu-Nyan あずき

    I think I’ve run into many people who are low tier players doing their one and only chance in a super BB. Hanovers standing still and getting burnt down my conqueror, satsumas rarely ever shooting… its pretty bad

  6. Anybody tried the T9 Italian Yolo Emelio yet? Its going to fun to sink a super battleship within 90 seconds of the start after all that farming they did for 1 lousy game….

    • The Satsuma has good torp protection, 69% in my build, I got torped by the yolo and laughed at him as I unloaded full salvo of HE into him

    • yeah i tried that it is fun indeed lmao
      and i got a moment where i was detected by radar and satsuma in enemy team still focus on my friendly bb, and that satsuma didnt even retreat

    • And I rammed Yolo emilio.

  7. A Hannover without secondary build and a Iowa with secondary build. What a perfect team the enemy has.

  8. the secondary build Iowa was probably being played by the Captain trained for Ohio or Georgia !!! In this meta Satsuma is the better choice you can stay away from HE spam and fight from range !!!

  9. Frankly I’m enjoying using my 21 point Lutjens to punish the punishers

  10. I play the blitz version which is still in 4.4.2 or smth but i really enjoy watching your videos

  11. secondary build Iowa who knows his shell types: That’s a man of culture RIGHT THERE

  12. This mode is actually super-boring… Super battleships are nothing special, just some huge damage pinatas who everyone is trying to farm. Definitely not worth playing, at least as a SB.

  13. Once again, ya made me go play lol. Great watch Monty.

  14. Legendary Henry is the ultimate farmer in this gamemode for me. Or maybe a Colbert in division with some DDs for smoke. It’s possible to farm some jolly good numbers.😂

  15. “allows me to play destroyers”
    US HE bombers:

  16. I’m loving the grand battles in my Elbing. Nuking HE spammers and chipping away at BBs.

  17. 13:38
    As a MC multiplayer player, when people say that I always think “disconnected” lol

  18. 3:30 (it was me sorry for taking the kill on the hannover man no hard feelings haha)

  19. I don’t know how you play against invisible players.

  20. Took out my Yoshino with 20km noob tubes into grand battles. Allmost 360k worth of dmg later they manage to sink me. Freakin love grand battles 😂

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